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Sweden is not like Finland where NATO has had an 80% support since Russia started their war against Ukraine. For understandable reasons – mainland swedes have pretty much never been at risk from Russia whereas Finland has no risks except Russia.

But I think still a good 60% support NATO, right?


It’s so sus that our own defence has been dismantled for 20 years

Yeah that was a big fucking mistake.


More like Finland told you to join and you obeyed.


If someone is confused: NPD are actual unashamed nazis. Nobody likes them in Germany.

AfD are populist alt-right creeps, but they are enjoying a >20% support in Germany. I find it unlikely that their funding will be affected.

21 Israeli soldiers are killed in the deadliest single attack on the army since the war began (

On Monday, Israeli reservists were preparing explosives to demolish two buildings in central Gaza on when a militant fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a tank nearby. The blast triggered the explosives, causing both two-story buildings to collapse on the soldiers inside.


Why is there no kind of information on how many Hamas operatives have been killed in this war? Is this because there’s no way to tell them from civilians? Does Hamas itself even know?


If it was a phone supplied by my employer and I used it only for work, then sure. Otherwise fuck no.


But … they cannot just withdraw that money after they gave it to charity, right? The money isn’t theirs anymore.


Autogynephilia might not be the most healthy mental state, tbh. But as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, y’all do you.



Is he shilling a web3 crypto thing?


Perhaps they’re referring to this:…/americans-divided-involvement-m…

But I think the phrasing is a bit vague here.

Roughly four in 10 each say the U.S. is doing “about the right amount” (41%) or “not enough” (39%), while about two in 10 (19%) think the U.S. is doing “too much.”

It could be that those 39% think that US should be doing more to hinder Israel.


Why did anyone pay, and keep paying, 1,950 or 1,200 euros for such a shitty rooms in the first place?


Yeah, zoning laws mostly exist to keep property prices up by restricting supply – which mainly benefits the already well-off.


Which EV maker has a model whose range doesn’t diminish in cold weather?


Government influence in housing markets would solve these problems.

You can argue about other points about bureaucracy and taxation perhaps but government influence in housing markets literally creates the problem in the first place, consistently every time it has been done. And all of these instances have been documented and can be verified from data. It’s completely uncontroversial.

Also, you have a rectal issue. You should look into that.

fosforus, (edited )

No. I’m in fact with you on the notion that we should work (as in labor) as little as possible. I think I just disagree with you on how much “as possible” is right now, and what is the best route to that future.

I think automation should eventually lead to a place where no human is doing low- or mid-skill labor. But I have no idea what we’ll do to the people who are unable to do anything else. Perhaps they’ll thrive, but it also looks like they might just turn into zombies. That’s what happens to many people in scandinavic countries, where people practically can just stop working and live off welfare.


If you can live without working, go ahead. If not, you work.


Seems pretty selfish to me





I’m now freelance musician and teacher and I’m on track to make more than any employer paid me.

That’s great! Is there some part of this that you think doesn’t fit into free market capitalism? Seems like you’re living the original american dream there.


Clearly more than the average, but not “most”. Last I remember the figure was something like 12%.

In a small company it sure makes a difference if your senior management are sociopaths, but if the company is large enough that you’ll never see the CEO I’m not sure what difference does it make that he doesn’t care about you personally.


Everyone should prioritize life over work.

I agree. But also: nobody should expect others to carry them. You have to balance these two things in your life.

Since many people here are American, I feel like I need to clarify a bit. I live in a country where almost nobody works over 7,5h per day. And when they do, every hour is compensated for, sometimes with 150%/200% surcharge. I find it extremely weird that some people in a 1st world country work overtime for free, or generally speaking “work” over 8 hours per day in intellectual work on a regular basis.

fosforus, (edited )

I see my whole generation being burnt out of this however.

I see that happening too, but at the same time I’m also witnessing their workload and demands on them being smaller than what it used to be (already at school), and their work conditions being greatly improved compared to previous times. There’s clearly a systemic problem somewhere, as I don’t think whole generations can suddenly be simply worse than previous ones, but at the same time it’s crystal clear that the problem is not “too much work”.

Jonathan Haidt has written about this a few times before[0], and his latest book[1] is coming in a few months. Should be interesting.



fosforus, (edited )

Millennials are some of the first to have to be “always on” with constant emails, and Slack, and companies monitoring their every move on their phones and laptops,

I totally agree. And in addition to “having to be” always on, we very often also choose to be always on. This is one of the biggest problems of our generation, I think, and I’m not seeing any attempts at fixing it. If anything, we’re trying to make it worse.

fosforus, (edited )

His ideas don’t look plausible to me at all. It sounds like he just wants attention.

Perhaps read the book first? I’m sure it’s available from piracy sites if you don’t want him to have your money. Ignoring a thing you disagree with initially is a great way to never improve intellectually.


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