I love creating new software.

"All problems of humanity cannot be solved by another level of inaction" - (what David John Wheeler really meant)

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treyhunner, to python avatar

Today I wondered whether I could generate Fibonacci numbers in a list comprehension using #Python's walrus operator.

It turns out that this is possible... and I do not recommend it. 😬🤭

>>> a = b = 1
>>> n = 15
>>> fibonacci = [(old:=a, a:=b, b:=old+b)[0] for _ in range(n)]
>>> fibonacci
[1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610]


@treyhunner Somebody writing such code I would first complement them for their IQ of 200 and then give them a good talking to: don't pull the hairs of your playmate. #python

keithwilson, to bluesky

This is a nice statement of why #Bluesky exists and how it differs from other social networks like #X, #Threads and #Mastodon. It’s also an amazing technical achievement. 👏


This statement looks misleading to me.

For example, the first half of the article: "[...] you would have to leave that social network and lose your existing connections. It doesn't have to be this way!". Sounds like they invented that idea, as if #mastodon / #activitypub didn't exist.

Or: "On Bluesky, your experience is based on what feeds and accounts you follow, and you can always participate in the global conversation [...]". That's the same for #mastodon.


folkerschamel, to threads

New statistics about #threads joining the #fediverse:

The small minority of #fediverse users on servers that don't want to #federate with #threads (fedipact/suspend/block) has slightly shrunken further from 11.17% to 11.11%.

Numbers from (probably manually curated) and Pie chart motivated by @mialikescoffee Previous statistics #python source

#fedipact #fediblock #meta


@tze @mialikescoffee

Yes, and if the trend continues, in 3 years you will be the #fediverse original #mastodon, everything else will be conquered territory. But they still have time to confront it and federate with you again.

So let's keep optimism up! 👍

shrikant, to threads

The whole #threads fiasco is a no-win situation for #mastodon, IMHO.

If a majority of instances #defederate with #threads, then #meta and zuck can claim mastodon is hostile and move on to the #extend part of "embrace-extend-extinguish" and create proprietary features.

If a majority of instances #federate and accept threads, Meta and Zuck will embrace it but continue to #extend and eventually take defacto control of the #ActivityPub protocol.

@Gargron, good luck threading this needle, man! 👍


@BeAware @shrikant

But only 11% of users are on such instances
A fracture yes, but not affecting the vast majority of #fediverse users.

samid, to threads

so, I learned that can not only get your posts, even if you blocked them (via different servers that didn't and that store your posts cus people there may follow you or interact with you), they can also monetize those posts by showing ads next to them. Thus making money off of you. Put that together with all the genocidal and fascist and other harmful activity. It makes me think that the of the has begun. The cycles seem to move faster and faster. I love it here and I've had many elightening convos and beautiful connections. Today I read that 41% of servers have blocked threads. Maybe there is still hope.
Esp. the neurodivergent community on here is the best I've ever experienced.


@samid @actuallyautistic @ophiocephalic

Yes, seem to be smaller instances. And yes, there seems to be no rock solid information.

mialikescoffee, to meta

The discourse in the last few days regarding #Meta and #Threads gives the impression that the entire Fediverse is already blocking Threads. I wanted to take a look at the numbers and they speak a different language. The data source for my calculation is

Measured by user count, 76 % of all users are federated with Threads. Remaining instances with 24 % of users either block Threads or are limited (e.g.


@mialikescoffee @73ms

Yes, it seems that includes only a subset of servers.

aral, to random avatar

Those of you caught up debating the technical minutiae of federating with Threads are missing the forest for the trees.

This is about one thing: Affording social capital to/normalising/legitimising Meta/Facebook/surveillance capitalism (and thereby delegitimising those who oppose them).

Hey, if the author of Mastodon thinks Meta/Facebook/Instagram/surveillance capitalism is socially acceptable there must be something wrong with you if you don’t.

So thanks for that, Eugen.

(Yes, I’m livid.)


@rriemann @davep @shadowsminder @john380 @aral

I would agree that user level domain blocking of #threads should be interpreted as withdrawal of consent.

chris, to threads avatar

Consider this: If a large number of Mastodon/Fediverse instances block not out of ideological 'purity’ (never a good test anyway) but rather out of true and obvious poor moderation, spam, sources of harassment, etc. Perhaps Threads joining the Fediverse will improve Threads through force of de-Federation?

There have been plenty of keystrokes committed to how powerful Threads is... but don't discount our power.

#SaturdayThoughts #Threads #Mastodon #Fediverse #fediblock


@sepfeiffer @chris

Well, what about the scenario that #mastodon users happily interact with #threads users (if they want) without #mastodon becoming #threads-like?

For example, I'm exchanging emails with people using gmail without becoming google-like. At least I think.😁

rwg, to TeslaMotors avatar

Thought experiment: #Musk announces that #X/#Twitter is adopting #ActivityPub and will federate.

How many of the instances who would federate with #Threads would federate with X? If not, what's the difference?


@rwg If #musk announces that #x/#twitter is adopting #activitypub and will federate, then most instances would announce level 5 full self federation with #x until end of the year.

#musk #twitter #threads #x #activitypub #fediverse

NatureMC, (edited ) to threads avatar

🧵1/3 Tested for you: If I an or people privately, I can no longer interact with them after a short wait, even though I can still see the profile. But I have tried this with and it does NOT work!
Regardless of whether I block the whole domain or just one account (test with Insta-Boss), I can still interact and comment (he probably, too?). So I will have to move to another instance with ▶️ @Gargron


@NatureMC @Gargron

Blocking prevents the other user or server fetching and seeing your posts. But since #threads isn't fetching your data right now, blocking #threads makes no difference in that regard.

Blocking also means that it does not actively show you content of blocked users.

But it does not prevent you from seeing them. That's natural because you can always access any content of users you have blocked by using a different server or logging out.



@NatureMC @Gargron

According to @Gargron server-level and personal domain blocks behave the exactly same way when it comes to fetching and delivering content:

How sure are you that this is not the case for you? If not, this sounds like a serious bug. Can you report that bug so that it will be fixed as soon as possible?


@NatureMC @Gargron

Usually directly approaching a open source developer does not have much effect. Especially lead developers like @Gargron get plenty of messages directly directed to him, they won't read all of them. Open source projects work differently.

As far as I know reporting a bug in is the right approach.



Welcome to the world of open source software! 🙃

That's exactly the reason why commercial software like #threads is usually much more successful, because far most people prefer convenience over nerdy technical stuff.


@NatureMC My understanding is that the delay of the #eu launch is exactly because #meta needed the time to make #threads #eu law compliant.

Anyway, I didn't want to criticise your knowledge. Open source software development just is a nerdy thing.🙂 But I admit I wanted to encourage you a little bit to contribute to it by reporting the issue you have encountered.

#mastodon, as every open source projects, lives from people giving back and contributing to it.

faassen, to python avatar

People complained about semantic indentation in #python as an unsurmountable barrier of syntax, but that and other things didn't hold it back from becoming the most popular #programming language in the world


@faassen Who is complaining about that? And why?

18+ andthisismrspeacock, to threads avatar

Ok, here is my #Threads thread, which I'm posting in the middle of the night so it doesn't clutter up most of my followers' feeds. Buckle up. 🧵


@kytta @kindspells

What you call "miracle" is simply that EEE is not a thing here. You use a lot of loaded but vague language like "bad actor" and "may just be a start" and fantasies of how things may play out in your view, but I still don't see how this matches reality.


@kytta @kindspells

Blaming the failure of an #opensource project on an open standard and thinking that a walled garden would have saved it is naive in my opinion and also harms the open source community because it avoids addressing the real reasons discuss and draw conclusions from it.

folkerschamel, (edited ) to threads

Statistics related to #threads joining the #fediverse:

Only a small minority of #mastodon users (11%) are on servers that do not want to #federate with #threads.

It's roughly the same as four month ago: Main change seems to be fewer unlisted instances.

That's based on (probably manually curated) together with

I'm not sure how reliable the data is, but it gives an idea of the mood.

#fedipact #meta #fediverse #python


@kinetix @Natanox @me_the_fl00f @Gargron @trumpet @stux

Of course, as larger an instance as more moderation work for that instance.

What I mean is that moderators of a small instance don't have to moderate the full #threads content, but only the tiny fraction of what is coming to their server due to their users interacting with #thread users.



Good idea!
I did it for the original post. Did it work? Does it help? I can see it in the tooltip, but don't know how to get it out again.


@kinetix @Natanox @me_the_fl00f @Gargron @trumpet @stux This is the same for all instances.

mcc, (edited ) to random avatar

[POLL] (Part 1 of 2— if you vote in one poll please vote in the other— if you boost one poll please boost the other)

How do you, personally, feel about an app owned by the company that calls itself "Meta" (the operators of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and now "Threads") soon federating with "Mastodon"/"The ActivityPub Fediverse"?


@mathew @SallyStrange @mcc

Interesting, thanks for the link.

Here's a more recent report:

Unfortunately #mastodon and #threads are not included. #instagram and #facebook are the safest (or least unsafe) of the (largest) social media sites included. As you suspected and as expected #twitter decreased significantly.

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