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Monsters from the Id! Fish from the Wardrobe! Or something.

(TTRPG/Coding/Linux/Politics/Snark/Woo/ASD, in no particular order.)

Boosts are almost certainly an endorsement of something. Possibly not literally the post in question, though.

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dgar, (edited ) to random
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Comic by @mcfadden

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@dgar So if enough people believe in magic, then science stops working? Okay.

Roadwarrior29, to random
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Feck me, carnish in the Commons, democracy died there tonight.

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@fkamiah17 @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @Roadwarrior29 One small saving grace is that internationally, no-one gives a f*** about the text of us calling for a ceasefire. This is just about us looking foolish.

fishidwardrobe, to homeassistant
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Just lost 30 minutes of my life trying to pair a Zigbee bulb with #HomeAssistant … when it turns out they sent Bluetooth bulbs by mistake.

renchap, to random
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I said it several times, but with Ivory's latest announcement, let me repeat it: we (the Mastodon team) are working on implementing Quote Posts. This is a much more complex feature than showing a preview for a link to a post, which is done at the moment by multiple clients.

It is a complex task and we have been working on defining the feature and the protocol-level details for some time. We are moving forward, and there are fewer hard questions to answers, but progress is there.

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@rolle @tess @renchap
> the same way that user can no longer view or interact with any of my posts when blocked.

Bad news: that's not entirely true.

simon_brooke, (edited ) to random
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There are (at least) three groups of voters whom is alienating with his continued tacit support for the :

  1. A majority of Muslims;
  2. A substantial number of Jews;
  3. A much broader community of people with a strong commitment to human rights and an ethical foreign policy.

These groups are not individually electorally significant, but taken together they may be.

#1 of 9

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@simon_brooke I think it's going to take a lot to make Labour swerve left. They're fixated on winning the votes of folks that would have voted Tory before they swerved right.

Of course a whole new party actually doing well is a lot. But historically no new party does that right away.

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@simon_brooke Again, true – but I think the majority of the UK has always, at least in the last forty years or so, considered Labour as useless.

Perhaps I'm just more cynical, though

edit: apart from a brief spike when they voted in Blair, obvs.

kyonshi, to random

folly, bayreuth, may 2014

Should I even tag it as #ruins if it's a #folly?

#monochrome #blackandwhite #bayreuth

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@kyonshi If it's a ruined folly…

callunavulgaris, to actuallyautistic
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@actuallyautistic #ActuallyAutistic Can we talk self-diagnosis? The penny dropped for me last year. I'm only mildly autistic but that's enough to have made me wonder my whole life where I go wrong with social things, why others seem to know the rules and I don't, with predictable consequences. Because I am self-diagnosed I feel I can't be open with anyone beyond immediate family, esp work, as I don't have a doctor's note to back it up and I'll be accused of jumping on a bandwagon. Familiar?

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@callunavulgaris @actuallyautistic Yes. I got diagnosed basically so I could tell doctors 'no, I'm not okay, I'm masking.'

But before that I had worked through how it was a part of me. Took a while. Worth it.

skinnylatte, to random
@skinnylatte@hachyderm.io avatar

One of the reasons I very much dislike some of the anti-progressive candidates running for elections this year, is that for the entire six months they were campaigning to recall Chesa, their (not Asian) campaigners were yelling at ME outside Trader Joe’s constantly and telling ME I was anti-Asian for not wanting to recall Chesa. So the ‘lean into AAPI race politics and make it conservative’ angle is very obvious to me

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@skinnylatte – and sometimes there are no good intentions.

luis_in_brief, to random
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I remain mystified why anyone takes the UK seriously as a policy center for AI. #SiliconFlatirons

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@luis_in_brief Does anybody?

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@luis_in_brief I know the UK govt would like us to be some sort of centre of excellence for "AI", but that's just another half-baked fantasy.

dgar, to random
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Imagine saying hello to a dog in a normal conversational voice.

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@dgar I tend to sound like Tom Baker offering you a jelly baby.

ljrk, to discworld
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Can someone explain why the various publishers of #Discworld books change the default covers by Kirby and Kidby to something blank or non-descript? In some cases it's even the same publisher using perfectly fine cover art in the first ePub edition of the book and then republishing it with... this?


Seriously, one should just get all the epubs (preferably the Transworld/Corgi editions and not the edited HarperCollins editions), re-do them using the #standardEbooks (https://standardebooks.org/) style guide (but with the original cover art) and upload them somewhere :tm:

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@ljrk There certainly used to be two separate sets of covers going around. I think it was thought that the plainer covers would appeal to a different audience.

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@ljrk I think I was thinking of the black covers.

You should know that authors have little control over cover art — less so when deceased, I suppose.

Floppy, to random
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Anyone have an idea for a rule of thumb for converting GHCR docker pull counts into actual installs? Would a nightly update check without changes get counted, for instance? Or is it counting actual complete pulls? #Docker

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@Floppy Just learning Docker here, and given that containers by design can trivially go up and down, I'm not sure how you could have a useful metric.

I tried seven different Python images the other day, then bounced the container with the one I chose another dozen times. I have no idea how many pulls I made. No live install yet.

matt, to random
@matt@oslo.town avatar

My first and only wife, @ine, has informed me that “the second wife is the more saucy wife” (in the bedroom).

I’m not sure if she is subtly hinting towards a divorce or whether she just wants to discuss the wives of King Henry VIII.


(The latter, I hope)

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@matt @ine Divorce and re-marry?

fishidwardrobe, to random
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A common inner dialogue:

"What's the correct term for X? I'm going to have to talk about X with people, and they need to know what I mean.

…Oh. Wait. I'm going to have to talk about it with people. Never mind the correct term; what would they call it? And, throw in some swears, that usually helps."


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@Floppy :ptptpt:

though, definitely throw in the swears in that specific case…

BlackAzizAnansi, to random
@BlackAzizAnansi@mas.to avatar

So did covid just do a number on everyone's ability to think critically?

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@courtcan @BlackAzizAnansi I think this is exactly right. In London in 2020, when it was thought that homeless folks might be a vector, suddenly we found a way to solve the homeless problem! We could have done that at any time! We could carry on doing it now!

But, no. Those with the power to fix these things don't care to. That's a constant.

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@notGordonAllport @courtcan @BlackAzizAnansi Meh; I can't "do anything". The list of things I have the resources to do is far shorter than the list of things I don't.

I can't, for example, give up my job in order to look after my disabled wife and daughter – even though I would like to, more than anything.

We mostly do not have agency.

HelenG, to random
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  • fishidwardrobe,
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    @HelenG I thought "that's not a new story", but it turns out it's a different mouse, different shed … but the same guy

    djsundog, to random
    @djsundog@toot-lab.reclaim.technology avatar

    new rule: if your company puts a LLM bot on the front lines of your customer support effort, your company should be legally bound to adhere to whatever the LLM bot states on your behalf.

    oh, you put a lying machine at the front door and it's telling people your product does things it doesn't actually do? and now you're stuck making your product do these things? maybe you'll think twice about deploying lying machines...

    @fishidwardrobe@mastodon.me.uk avatar

    I'm absolutely not a fan of corporate personhood and there is no way so-called "AI" will become anything like an AI any time soon. But maybe it's time to call their bluff on both counts.

    What would happen if an actual person lied so blatantly for the company they were representing? Or plagiarised works on a massive scale?

    For that matter, what would happen if a company had an employee that they didn't pay, worked 24/7 and couldn't leave the premises or change job?

    baldur, to random
    @baldur@toot.cafe avatar

    I see the punditry commenting on the NYT lawsuit is is pretending that current era LLMs aren’t specifically designed to memorise and regurgitate answers in standardised tests as a marketing ploy.

    (Memorisation and verbatim copying is pretty much required to pass, say, a bar exam)

    @fishidwardrobe@mastodon.me.uk avatar

    @baldur Tangentially: isn't it finally time we stopped judging people's skills based on their ability to memorise things?

    JustineSmithies, to voidlinux
    @JustineSmithies@fosstodon.org avatar

    If all goes well with my install tomorrow I might be tempted to give a try instead of my usual trusty ?
    Anyone want to chime in with reasons for and against zsh ?

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    @JustineSmithies Theoretically completion is much better but you spend ages fiddling with it to get it just how you want it.

    The killer feature for me was file completion on remote computers when typing an rsync command…

    mike, to random
    @mike@thecanadian.social avatar

    I think a simple change in nomenclature could help Mastodon incredibly. Servers is an inaccurate term and instance is unfamiliar and vague. Both create tension for new users.
    Why not simply call Mastodon instances what they are: Communities.
    Ask users which Mastodon community they'd like to join. Have community rules, community policy, and community leaders. Not server rules, instance moderators and administrators.

    Let me start. Everyone is welcome at our community, https://thecanadian.social

    @fishidwardrobe@mastodon.me.uk avatar

    @chris @mike I consider myself in multiple communities already, though. I'm English. I'm a programmer. I'm an SF nerd.

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