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It’s not the same thing.

Judging behaviour and actions is entirely different to judging people for who they are.


Some traits are inherent / congenital, historically these were used to judge and “cancel” people

Still are at times


Oh really? I wonder if a religions have ever used gender to define what roles a person can have and who gets a platform?

I’m not sure if we’re just definitely terms differently or you’re lacking an understanding of history here.

The religious right has always given a voice to a small number of people and cancelled everyone else


As much as I love modern films, I love the 90s most of all. Action films, especially. Films from that time seem cheesy and dated now. At the time they weren’t cliché, they were cutting edge and building the cliché.

So many classics


I don’t think there’s any period in history when it could not be written.



What’s the takeaway from that?


Yes, I’m aware. My question was about the inflatable really?


Ah yes, raising awareness The 20th centuries answer to climate change.

I am so old and cynical. But then I’ve seen people raising awareness for 40 years and I’d say the results have been uncertain.


It helps the joke that Florida looks like a rotting wang on that screen


Unless it’s fluids being discharged from a body. Not so much then.

Is there any medicine that can give me happy hormones and does not need a doctor's prescription?

Things are becoming more depressing every day and I can’t afford for professionals and don’t want to jump to the last resort or drugs. Is there a medicine that can make me happy if I take it in proper doses and does not require a doctor’s prescription?


I dunno about drugs, if you’re in the UK I can maybe signpost to some affordable counselling options. Relationships are a good place to get happy chemicals


Wish you all the best then.

Do checkout options for social and support groups, it only takes one good person to make a difference in our lives


Damn dawg.

That’s a feeling.

Android users who have a keen eye for design and detail, how is the whole stutter/lag situation? Esp. after a few years of use?

I haven’t used an Android device since my last one, the Galaxy S8. Beautiful hardware, beautiful design, but it was plagued with animation stutters and dropped frames. I switched to an iPhone and an iPad around 6 years ago. And the animations were buttersmooth. It was almost unthinkable to achieve such a fluid interface on any...


I been using android since version 2 and never encountered this. I guess it depends on the device a lot, as I’ve worked a lot in the mobile industry I’ve tended to have the more powerful devices.

Which makes sense, smart phones being small computers and all, the slower ones are slow sometimes and the faster ones tend to be faster.

Androids diversity has always been it’s strength and weakness


Save you a click.

Disney is bad because They don’t give streaming TV the same money as films So the special effects are not as good and starwars series look cheap


Deep impact was the better film, it lent itself much better to Porn parody.


T I thought it was that one with two hands on either side of the circle


This is a good question.

Been wondering the same thing, upvoted for visibility.

Let’s hope we get an answer.


I’m pretty sure it’s 300,000 per account shared between devices.

As the other guy said, ask their support for an authoritive answer

Is there a nice way to tell someone they need more friends?

I have a relative who I don’t want to cut off, but it’s obvious they need me more than I need them and it’s exhausting. They want me to drop everything and spend time with them at a moment’s notice, usually eating out which is super expensive, and they constantly have mental health crises and text me that they “need”...


They probably know a lot of this.

They may not know it’s a problem, or if they do know, then they probably don’t know what to do about it.

So that’s how I’d go about this. Rather than saying they need to expand their support network, I’d ask them what stops them from expanding their range of friends, support and opportunities for connection?

Means you’re not pressuring them or saying you know what they need better than they do. It’s asking about them, what they think and feel.

Private sale of Covid vaccines will only serve to perpetuate health inequalities (

Covid vaccines will go on sale privately in England and Scotland from 1 April for all those aged 12 and over. In the US, they have been available to buy commercially since 2023, with the private sector already accounting for a substantial proportion of vaccine sales. It is likely that a growing number of countries will follow...


I’m fine with using the flu model.

Free for the vulnerable, small cost for the rest of us.

Really annoyed me that I couldn’t get a COVID booster last winter. Aside from the genuine health risks even for people like me with no particular issues, I’m self employed. If I get sick I can’t work.

A COVID booster could be the difference between me paying my mortgage and buying food, or not.

Happy to pay for one if it means the system is less stressed financially and therefore better able to help those who need it most.

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