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Earthling. Original analogue mid-century heritage version. Person of interest.
#music #knowledge #sustainability #compost
Hug your loved ones often 🥰

Banner pic: Rapid Bay SA 2004
Cartoon by the late Don Martin

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If there is any doubt that Coles and Woolworths are a duopoly, then how else did both CEOs give outstandingly poor interviews?

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@glent 18 hours after watching #4corners I’m still chuckling at the thought of the #Woolworths CEO facing his next Board meeting 😆 And the other one, what a POS.

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"Approx 75,000 strikes were detected within a 100km radius of between 11am and 2pm today."
is in town 🤔

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An index of advancing years is how many times a day you forget the cup of tea you made 😬

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I can see clearly now - all users.

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I'm sure I'm not alone in having questions. And my list of questions keeps getting longer because I'm not on Insta or FB to send them in to
For example I am puzzled by this one; In his great book Soil Matthew Evans advocates not disturbing your soil because it breaks the established network of fungal mycelia. So won't a tumbler do the same each time you tumble your compost to aerate it?

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Completed my post festive season 2+5 fasting diet. Great for breaking the snacking-between-meals habit 😋

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Increasingly I am embarrassed to be an Australian. Why? Falling standards of political leadership. We should all be demanding better


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Cross-posting from the other side (in two senses)

⚛️ If you're wrong, admit it.
⚛️ If you're confused, ask questions.
⚛️ If you're stuck, seek for help.
⚛️ If you make mistake, learn from it.
⚛️ If you learn something, teach others

  • Richard Feynman RIP reprised by @ProfFeynman
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The forum where the word 'floofy' was born 🥰

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Sad that has been silenced and it now seems unlikely anyone will get to the truth of the affair.
I migrated here from a country which was (and still is) ruled by fear. I hoped that would be better.


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Two things I absolutely love have come back and I'm so glad 🥰

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Good morning glories 🥰 A delightful blue sky in this morning

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If you're buying try and help the artist get a good reward for their creativity and hard work.
I always buy on

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Have blocked so many 04 mobile numbers lately - all the usual scams. Comforted by the thought that there are theoretically only 10^8 numbers and hopefully most are owned and used responsibly.
🤔 But what do mobile networks do with all those blocked numbers when they see a pattern?

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It is a wonderful thing that authors can still reduce their readers to a state of apoplectic tears-running-down-the-cheeks mirth years after they have passed on.
RIP #CliveJames you beauty

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Further evidence that the litigation-fearing world has gone completely bananas yesterday. Tried to get my son a trial #scuba dive, which takes place in an indoor pool about 4m deep in suburban Adelaide.
The paperwork was simply ridiculous 🤦‍♂️
When I did the same (40 odd years ago) it was just 'Come to the pool at 9am mate and we'll do it no worries'

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This is your reminder that the republican leader is a rapist.

"I’m embarrassed for my country that this serial sexual assailant is the frontrunner for the Republican Party presidential nomination in 2024 rather than a federal inmate."


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@skykiss I am completely mystified by the USA. It's like people have been brainwashed that crime doesn't matter.
And on top of this there's the question of did he deliver the economic recovery of the rust belt he pledged to so many hopefuls who voted for him in 2016?
Or do promises not matter either?

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Captain James Cook was not the problem. It's more systemic than that #AustraliaDay https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-68090094

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All eyes on #CycloneKirrily this morning. I was delighted to read that one of the BOM meteorologists on the case is named Patch Clapp. Made me think we need more diversity in naming our children 👏

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This is moving very quickly and governments and world decision-making bodies haven't even left the starting gate 😬
#AI #AGI https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2024/jan/19/mark-zuckerberg-artificial-general-intelligence-system-alarms-experts-meta-open-source

hankg, to random

It wasn't until digging into Musk background after the whole going after the guy who criticized his cave rescue submarine stunt that I realized how many times he just made shit up as on the verge of existing or 1-2 years away tops to have it be total BS. Good news, now there is a site that tracks it. It is truly mind bending that people take what he says at face value any longer. He is more grifter and charlatan than "real world Tony Stark" tech genius. The data is all there for you to see for yourself. #ElonMusk #MuskIsADick elonmusk.today/

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@hankg Excellent 👏 This needs to be widely boosted.
Why? The man is turning out to be a danger not only to himself but also to the #USA and world order.

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