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working in
soil #microbiology
#agroecology #agroecologia
sustainable #agriculture #agricultura

But aware that science alone is of no good for society or the planet. We have a lot to do. Together. #anarchist #anarchismus #anarquismo
#refugees #refugiados
#antiracism #antiracismo
Pronouns [they/them/earthworm] Abolish gender roles!

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SiR_GameZaloT, to climate
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Folks, Risham and I had a !

We got married in our home town of last Sunday & decided to use the opportunity of our friends & family gathered under one smog-filled sky to raise awareness about the & platform local climate activists.

Its going to take time to get our own snaps sorted, but heres a thread of the highlights with links to sites/socials:

Link - https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3h91V0I7rS/



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You two are absolute awesome!
I wish you all the best for the whole of your lifes! :anarchoheart3:


Sherifazuhur, to palestine
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Palestinian factions to meet in Moscow on Feb 26 — Palestinian Authority PM @palestine


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Not sure how good these news are...
Putin has no interest in resolving this conflict (actually, I think he is the biggest winner).
And bringing Fatah closer to Hamas will make it only easier for Netanyahu & co to continue in the West Bank what they started in Gaza. Not that they seem to need much justification, though.

earthworm, to random
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Setting up an alternative event calendar in your town might be one of the single easiest things you can do to boost local counterculture and grassroot organization. :anarchism:

Here the example of Barcelona:

  • easy to use
  • privacy-friendly
  • everybody can post an event (approval by mods), registered collectives can publish directly

Plus: the underlying software (@gancio developed by @lesion :anarchoheart3: ) is FOSS and works with ActivityPub!

pvonhellermannn, (edited ) to random
@pvonhellermannn@mastodon.green avatar

Highly, highly recommend this Politics Theory Other interview with Naomi Klein, about her recent book Doppelgänger. So many half articulated thoughts and feelings i have been having (about how the left critique relates to the popular right’s rejection of “the system”; and about the Holocaust/antisemitism in relation to other genocides/racisms) discussed with such clarity. Honestly, really , really recommend this. 1/3


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Haha. What a productive weekend you had !😉

Thx for sharing, will put the podcasts on my list.

ErikUden, (edited ) to random
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To all Fedi Admins currently being hit with a spam wave:

I've just released v2.0 of The Mute List! I'd be very happy about a small donation because I have very little time and I cannot really justify working on this list with my current schedule :D

Without further ado...

Limit these instances:

[Full List of Affected Instances Here]

Just get the list to download and import here.

Simply import this list and you'll mute the 63 worst spam instances currently known to me! I've worked on it since today 11 AM (9 hours) verifying all lists sent to me manually.

Limit first, defederate only in worst situations!

Reconsider re-federating with any of the mentioned instances once the spam is mitigated. The admins of some of these may have just been asleep when this all started.

Ban Spam Accounts via their E-Mail Domain

Block the following E-Mail Domain and whatever temp Mail provider it resolves to: chitthi.in

Just to be safe, block these ones too (same provider)

  • mailto.plus
  • fexpost.com
  • fexbox.org
  • mailbox.in.ua
  • any.pink

All our spam accounts came from these E-mails.

Since you probably have some of these accounts sleeping:

https://[your-instance.tld]/admin/accounts?email=%25%40chitthi.in there just select all and press “Ban”.

Find Remaining Spammers

I've seen instances that fixed the spam issue but began being hit later again. The spammers might use new E-Mails, so here is a way to find and block them anyway:


IP Bans and TOR

These spammers seem to be using the TOR Network as all of their IPs are TOR Exit Node IPs, hence an idea (with some collateral damage if executed) would be to ban all TOR exit node IPs for sign ups. I am personally against this idea as you'd also prevent users who simply wish to stay anonymous online (political refugees, leakers of important documents, etc.) from using your platform. For now, simply banning every user using a particular Spammer IP will not help and will merely ban users that try to stay anonymous! Not necessarily the spammers.

How To Block All Temp E-Mails in the Future

If you want to prevent this from ever happening again, you should block E-Mails from Temporary Mail providers all together:

Because of this, hessen.social, for example, was not affected by the spam attack! They had already banned the email domain the spammers used ages ago.

In future updates on Mastodon, maybe Admins can simply click a button that says “Ban Temp E-Mail Providers” Automagically from the E-Mail Menu? There could be E-Mail categories that can be banned, such as temporary mails.

Why did this happen?

We're probably all looking for answers as to why this spam wave happened to begin with. As much as I do not want to believe this was the real reason hundreds of us spent hours of our day today on mitigating this issue, here is a real explanation on why this spam wave came to be:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

As noted, @cappy is working on a full exposé regarding the origin of the February 16th Spam Attacks. I'm patiently awaiting their work's publishing!

Good luck, everyone!
Thanks for participating in the Fediverse Experiment!

#FediBlock #FediAdmin

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

I advise to be careful with quick defederation (except maybe for instances where you don't have any connections with).

All connections (follows) between your instance and the blocked instance will silently disappear, and people even won't even notice.

It's really hard to rebuild the connections afterwards and some peers will be lost forever.

This spam wave is the result of admins having open registration. Although it is nice and welcoming if people can set up an acc on your instance instantly, it opens the door for spambots.

So please, dear admins: switch to account request "appproval needed".
This will save us a lot of headache.

(Not a solution for the bots that are already present in the current wave).


MnemosyneSinger, to random
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I found this discussion interesting and I'm wondering what y'all think.

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I think it makes toyally sense to use such open anarchism concept.
There's a lot of stuff going on that has anarchist elements, but not the label. People helping out each other, questioning authority, rejecting power and organizing for their interest in non-hierarchical groups.
Additionally :anarchism: narchism is also a very western-bound concept. There are many different ways to live these core values, exemplified by antiauthoritarian movements all over the world and human history.

It's what we do and live, much more than what we claim as our label to be. Sometimes it makes sense to show the banner, as it might make it easier for interested people to know where to look for more info. Or sometimes I identify myself as anarchist in the hope that somebody thinks "ah, such nice people are anarchists?". But as you day, there's no need to put a label on the granny that cooks at the food not bombs if she could feel uncomfortable when her neighbours ask her why she's with the anarchists now...

I have to admit that I happen to find myself trying to spread the word and make people see what wonderful ideas are and were out there (I was today in a very cool exposition about anarchism before and during the spanish civil war and am still impressed how progressive these people were (culture, education, basic income, commons, women's rights). Nearly 100 years ago. And many ideas are still in the collective mind and comvert into actions.

Daojoan, to random
@Daojoan@mastodon.social avatar

Dudes will literally lie to investors, get fined by the SEC, dig pointless tunnels, blow up rockets, waste $44b on a dying social media platform, embrace anti semitism, alienate their kids and start a blood feud with Disney instead of going to therapy

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

Fixing men:

  • therapy is ok
  • you don't need to be the best/smartest/strongest
  • talk about your emotions
  • take care of your shit
  • take care of the shit of people you are responsible of
  • yes, this includes keeping in mind doctors appointments, shoe size and being in the schools whatsapp group
  • be aware that others might feel uncomfortable by your presence
  • learn to shut up
  • love your anus
  • to be continued...


[Edit: fixed typos]

dmacphee, to Canada
@dmacphee@mas.to avatar

Not All Fossil Fuels are Created Equal.

“Fortunately, reducing methane emissions — and, by extension, methane intensity — is dirt cheap. A Dunsky report found that a 75 per cent reduction in upstream oil and gas methane emissions would cost as little as $11 per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent.”


@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


Methane is the so-absolutely-fucking-lowest-hanging fruit of greenhouse gas reduction (low cost, no "you all have to shower cold" citizen cooperation or change in the economy required, few responsible but also affluent players involved... ) it is insulting to humanity that our politicians and corporations don't even achieve this.
For me this is the proof that both of these players are absolutely not capable of habdling this alone. They need us, the civil society to kick their asses and start using their brains to .

ml, to sustainability
@ml@ecoevo.social avatar

Extended deadline for Abstract submission.

III International Symposium on Greener Cities: Improving Ecosystem Services in a Climate-Changing World (GreenCities2024) @plantscience


@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

@ml @plantscience

#GreenCities2024 :ecoanarchism_heart:
25-29 Sept 2024 in Wesley, UK.

Do you know if virtual assistance to the conference will be an option?

earthworm, to random
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🕯Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. 🕯

Elie Wiesel, survivor

Nowadays we would need to add:
"But resist the propaganda, as the ones that use the image of an enemy, the "other" to consolidate their power, use history and victimization to build a narrative that favours their position."

livinghell, to random
@livinghell@kolektiva.social avatar

stupid is ableist, mediocre is elitist. fuck, english give me an insult (not asshat) an actual insult i can use.

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


Wait, asshat is not good as an insult?

If you find something non-ableist, let me know :anarchoheart3:

eunews, to news
@eunews@mastodon.social avatar

Ukraine to start building 4 new nuclear reactors this year

Ukraine expects to start construction work on four new nuclear power reactors this summer or autumn, Energy Minister German Galushchenko told Reuters on Thursday (25 January), as the country seeks to compensate for lost energy capacity due to the war with Russia.


@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


What could possibly go wrong?

MeanwhileinCanada, to random
@MeanwhileinCanada@ohai.social avatar

You can be both.

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


Although I do not doubt a second neither the oppression of Palestinian people and the fact that Hamas committed a horrible massacre on 7th October: Do you notice how biased your perspective is?
You don't hesitate to make a claim about "genocidal actions" by Hamas, but when somebody says the same about Israel, you argue that this should be determined by the ICJ ?


Konzeptwerk, to random German
@Konzeptwerk@digitalcourage.social avatar

Wir haben heute ein Video von unserer Kunstinstallation "Robbi der depressive Geldautomat" auf dem #37C3 gepostet.

Wir hatten uns darum bemüht, das Einverständnis aller im Video vorkommenden Personen für die Verwendung auf Social Media einzuholen.

Das hat scheinbar nicht in allen Fällen geklappt - ebenfalls sind Personen im Hintergrund zu sehen, deren Einverständnis wir nicht eingeholt haben.

Wir haben das Video deshalb wieder gelöscht und bitten um Entschuldigung.

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


Gibts da nicht inzwischen irgendwelche nicen anonymisierungs/verpixelungsprogramme um einfach Gesichter im videos automatisch zu erkennen und unkenntlich zu machen?

Also ich finds gut dass ihr die Privatspäre der Leute respektiert 😎

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

@jr @Konzeptwerk

Welche photopolicy meinst du? Vom ccc oder was gesetzliches?
(Nur zum verständnis)

mc, to random German
@mc@toot.houbahouba.de avatar

ich habe mir 7 Minuten des inhaltsleeren Gesabbels gegeben und dann auf Kaminfeuer umgeschaltet. Es ist eine intelektuelle Beleidigung. gerade nach diesem Wochenende lag meine Erwartungslatte ein Mü höher!

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

@mc @bookstardust

Ihr dürft denen gerne euren Eindruck der Sendung mitteilen:


StillIRise1963, to random
@StillIRise1963@mastodon.world avatar

The members of the Israeli government need to be locked the fuck up forever.

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

I love your capacity to resume important issues in one sentence! :anarchoheart3: 😃


dgar, to random
@dgar@aus.social avatar

OverSimplified has finally uploaded The Second Punic War - OverSimplified (Parts 1 & 2).

If you’re not familiar with OverSimplified, they do animated videos that cover wars and interesting historical events. I particularly enjoyed their telling of The Emu War, and after seeing their two-part series on The First Punic War which ended on a cliffhanger, I’ve been eagerly awaiting his version of the Story of Hannibal.

Find his YouTube channel here and have an explore.


@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


I made the mistake to first watch his video about Napoleon before going to the cinema.
During the two and a half hours of the movie I was thinking the whole time "but Oversimplified got it so much better"

Toastie, to portland
@Toastie@journa.host avatar

TIL my kitchen tap water has 0.12 parts of lead per billion. The EPA says you're cool up to 15.0 (!) parts per billion.

Really not sure how to feel about any of this.

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

0.12 ppb is indeed quite low and I would say "safe to drink".
Although we are getting intoxicated by corporate greed and must be careful, think also that laboratory methods are also developing, thus allowing for lower detection limits every decade.

0.12 is over 100 x lower than the EPA limit of 15 ppb (micrograms/liter) (in Europe the limit is currently 10 ppb and will be lowered to 5 ppb).
So I would say that your lead is not an issue for concern and actually good news.
If you feel still worried about drinking water quality, get a filter with ceramic or if you have the cash a reverse osmosis. However, I am often unsure whether the filters have more to do to give us a sense of control than with real necessities to filter the water.
On the other hand to paraphrase the Clash (?) " only because you are paranoid this doesn't mean that they aren't poisoning you"...

Take care 😘


indianewswatch, to india
@indianewswatch@kolektiva.social avatar

Centre withholds ₹7,000 Cr funds to West Bengal for not displaying PM photo at ration shops

The Centre, on several occasions, asked the state government to put up signboards and flexes with Modi’s photos and NFSA logo at all ration shops.


@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

How ingrateful.
Modi harvested all the rice with his own hands, the only and completely innocent thing he wants in return is that his photo hangs on every wall so that people can know who to thank (and vote).


Here you see how important these populist PR measures are, since they allow people with really nasty politics to get votes.


andrewstroehlein, to random
@andrewstroehlein@mastodon.social avatar

Calling for ideas for today's "Readers’ Recommendations" section of my Daily Brief going out in a few hours. Any links to suggest?

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


I am not sure what you are looking for, but I subscribed recently to
Sham Jaff's newsletter who curates curate news from Africa, Asia and Latin America and puts it all into one email.

And here on Mastodon I love the reports by @b9AcE for news of forgotten regions of the world.

Both are really cool to be aware of what happens outside the eurocentric media.

Alon, to random
@Alon@mastodon.social avatar

When you read any critique of the military written in a Blob publication (in the US it's RAND, War on the Rocks, the Atlantic Council, etc.; in Israel it's every media org's defense beat), you should not use it to support your general anti-military stance, except with utmost caution. These critiques are not written in dialog with the international radical left, and so don't feel the need to explicitly rebut any radical left interpretation of lines like "we should do fewer expeditionary wars."

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

@DiegoBeghin @Alon @Colinvparker

You ask what positive offer the US can do to the "Death to America" guys?

I have some ideas:

  • Like giving the people less reasons to hate the US?
  • Resolving political conflicts with bombs and drones (I get it, a 842 billion $ military budget that funds the most expensive industry in the world needs to be spent somehow) combined with an obscene hypocrisy regarding whose human rights deserve to be protected at all cost and who is regarded as dispensable barbarian/collateral damage are not really good strategies for making friends...
  • The argument would be somehow valid if human rights were really at the core of the US foreign policy (and not something less glorious, like... economic interests and geopolitics*), because yes, there are evil people that will hate you, especially if you fight for universal freedom and well-being (the Ayatollahs are not really cool people either, just saying).
    But the people in the global south absolutely don't buy our western saviour shit anymore. Not that the current alternatives seem much better, but our politicians could really try harder. If they'd care.

*Yes, I am looking also at you, dear EU 🧐

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


Yes, you are right. I oversimplified.
Sorry for the tankie vibes :commie_peek: 😅

Heck, I am not even sure whether things will improve as the US hegemony is sinking. Maybe in the long-term, but at least during the process there will be a lot of suffering from all the power-hungry dictators sensing an opportunity.

And the Houthies for sure aren't guardians of human rights either (although they are showing an astonishing level of swollen reproductive organs by attacking the superpowers).

I would be really interested in how the Red Sea blockade by the Houthies is perceived in the non-western world (e.g. India).

If anyone reading this has info about it, please give your impression.

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar


Re: politica situation in India 🙁

Edit: that said, the article is far from trying to appear neutral...

hope_n_beauty, to random German
@hope_n_beauty@mastodon.world avatar

#Bauern noch mal aus 'linker' Perspektive:
<..aus der ehemaligen „ZKL“ +der Borchertkommission(Zusammenschluss versch Bauernverbände + Umweltschutzverb)gab es sehr weitreichende Forderungen. Da wurde gefordert 19 %Mwst auf Fleisch zu erheben und dafür vegane Produkte von der Mwst frei zu stellen. Auf solche Maßnahmen haben sich auch die konservativen Bauernverb. eingelassen, um ökologischer und klimafreundlicher zu werden. Die Politik hat allerdings gar nicht reagiert.

@earthworm@kolektiva.social avatar

Pfff... kennt ihr das wenn mensch rumrantet und nachher denkt "das hätts jetzt auch nicht gebraucht/ich habs nicht wirklich gut hinbekommen, mich auszudrücken" ?

Naja, schönen Tag noch 🙃

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