Chaotic Good... I think.

Lvl 46, chronic #migraine, #neurodiverse mess with #ADHD and possibly #autism, #artist in training and wannabe #gamer from 🇩🇪 #Germany.

Games are keeping me from losing my mind entirely. I'm either obsessed with something or I don't care. There is nothing in between. Except DA. I'm always obsessed with DA. #fedi22

My fave #videogames are:

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dreadfulsanity, to random German

re: Anzeigenpreise

Liebe lokale Zeitung,

habt ihr Lack gesoffen?

88 mm x 50 mm
204 Euro


Mit unfreundlichen Grüßen,

green, to gaming

Hello everyone - I require some assistance! I want to start making my way through my gaming backlog (over the next year or so) and have discovered it's a lot bigger than I first thought... Not only do I want help trying to shorten it a bit, I also want to know what else I need to play! I assume I haven't played anything, however I have played (most) mainstream titles from the last decade or so (Portal, Half Life, recent Mario/Zelda games).


@green I think the Bioshock games are all worth it, though Infinite is different from 1+2, primary the location. I would totally put 1-2 on your list.

dreadfulsanity, to random

Husband had his first appointment today with his handler from assisted living. Since I was awake and pain free we decided that I'd drop in, so we can get to know each other. Since she is my handler as well. That was four hours ago. I haven't talked to a stranger for four hours in... forever. Took a bit, but after we got talking about our late doggo, the walls broke down. I think we're a pretty good fit. 👍

dreadfulsanity, to random

So... my mum went from "going to be released today" to "emergency surgery and ICU" in less than 24h.


It's looking bad. They are going to put her into an induced coma and on a ventilator right now. She still has a chance to pull through, but we also need to face the possibility of having to arrange a funeral in the near future. 😢


Heh... didn't think I'd cry. Seems like there's some love lost after all.

dreadfulsanity, to random

So, who is Jeff Grubb and why is everyone out of their mind because he made some statements about the release of DA:D? A quick Google search showed he's an author that has nothing to do with the game? What am I missing here?


dreadfulsanity, to random

Whatever reason the universe had to have us not have kids, I'm starting to be grateful for it. The more I look into the world the more I'm like "What the hell is happening?"

How are measles back? What's next? Polio? (Don't answer that. Please.)

dreadfulsanity, to random

I just want a tiny 1% of the confidence of a man without any medical background whatsoever going on the internet, claiming that periods aren't natural, and that's all just "your diet".

Sir, if a woman manages to stop her period through a diet, she needs to see a doctor, because that is NOT a good sign.


The fucking audacity.

slaggymcwaggy, to indiegames

I’ve been having so much fun as a , and in an effort to explore a wider variety of games, I’ll be branching out a bit!

I’d love to hear your recommendations for (every other Sunday) and (every Saturday)! Drop them in the replies!



@slaggymcwaggy How indie and weird is it allowed to be?

The Cat Lady and its sequel Downfall explore mental health (or the lack of it) in a point-and-click, sidescrolling adventure.

On the lovecraftian side of things I'd say Conarium and Call of Cthulhu, which are both kinda story-driven walking simulators.

Survival horror? In space? I would describe Prey as Bioshock, but on a space station. And I mean that in the best possible way. I really need to do a replay.

dreadfulsanity, to random

Saw a rant from a "conservative" the other day about how Rage Against The Machine could be the best band in the world if they wouldn't write these leftist lyrics and join the left. If they made music for the-people™ they could be the best band in the world, but they are sell-outs.

Like... what? 🤦‍♀️


@dkozlov We were knocked into a different dimension, weren't we? 😩

dreadfulsanity, to illustration
jynersolives, to random
@jynersolives@mastodon.social avatar

🎶 There's a shadow on the sun🎶
Finished my replay of #Cyberpunk2077 and yep, the Sun ending after going it alone with Johnny. But damn, that's not happy, that's sad as fuck in my view. V's alone, Judy left, her friends feel somewhat abandoned from her, and here she's going on a frackin last hurrah mission.

Johnny grabbing my hand, ready roll.
V in a space suit, flying out of the airlock.
V flying towards a space station.


@jynersolives I hate how they portrait the relationship with River in the Sun ending, especially compared to male V and Kerry. But I do like it. After I mulled over it for quite some time.And with some head-canon. But almost all CP77 endings aren't good without some head-canon.


@jynersolives It's pretty devastating with River. <sigh> Though for Kitten I've just rewritten it. And the other V's that got the star ending were with Judy, so it played out. Though I'm always sad to my core that Saul dies. Wish we could do the Don't Fear The Reaper ending and then chose between sun and star.

dreadfulsanity, to random

Why are people around the world mentioning the German train schedules in the same breath as punctuality?

Trains running late is a running gag in Germany. 🤷‍♀️


@grrrr_shark Thanks for the insight.

I wish we'd have a general tempo limit, but try to take that away from Germans and feel their wrath. Morons.

jynersolives, to VideoGames
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  • dreadfulsanity,

    @jynersolives Tried the other path?

    dreadfulsanity, to random

    If I have to hear one more time that "women only play mobile games and those aren't real games" I'm gonna lose it!

    ramsey, to random
    @ramsey@phpc.social avatar

    I am so pissed at #BaldursGate3 right now for this condition that happens for Astarion whenever he has advantage on a roll: it will consistently roll double 10s. Every time. The random number generator must be broken.

    jynersolives, to VideoGames
    @jynersolives@mastodon.social avatar

    @jynersolives I did the other paths for the trophies and I felt so icky. And, up until the tram ride, it is So Mi, who holds the cure, not the NUSA. Myers can fuck off. I'm sad that Reed is such a stubborn bastard, but better him than Alex.

    WhyNotZoidberg, to random
    @WhyNotZoidberg@topspicy.social avatar

    What was the first thing you had to wrap your head around when learning English?

    As a Swedish kid it definitely was the idea of having three different words for "är" ("am, are, is").



    1. False Friends
      Example: Gift, in German it means poison.
    2. Where and who. Why?
      Where = Wo
      Who= Wer
    3. V is more closely pronounced like the German W and it's one of the things I automatically pronounce wrong if I'm not thinking about it really hard.
    dreadfulsanity, to ADHD

    Me: "Why do I have a headache?"

    Also me: realizing I haven't had anything to drink in over 3h, because I was hyperfocusing on stuff and forgot everything around me.

    #ADHD #AuDHD

    dreadfulsanity, to random

    Hubby's bestie thinks that communism is the best form of government, but it has to be run by a computer and not by humans.

    Listen, I don't want to argue politics. I'm not that deep into it. But I do wonder... if he has seen Terminator. I, Robot? Matrix?



    @Melpomene Or Mass Effect. To save intelligent life from itself, let's harvest it every 50k years and make more of us.

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