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Web hobbyist • #SvelteKit, #Rust, #EdgeDB.

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hq1, to neovim
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Does anyone have a working formatter config for #sql in #neovim? preferably through mason/lsp, idk. Thanks!

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@hq1 sqlfmt can be installed via mason.nvim, and then called on save by conform.nvim. I'm using conform for all of my formatters, and it's a great experience.

cctechwiz, to php
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Anyone have a good config for coding in with in ?

I’ve got intelephense pro working but it keeps trying to reformat the default/generated laravel file formatting and it’s bugging me super bad.

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@cctechwiz Are you saying that you don’t want any autoformatting? Or that you want to use a different autoformatter, like Prettier?

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@cctechwiz I’m not a PHP dev, but I have fought with Neovim formatting a lot. I suspect that Intelephense is not handling the framework-specific code very well, because it’s really just aimed at generic PHP. Not sure if you are calling Intelephense via CoC or native LSP, but I would disable the Intelephense formatting and try using stevearc/conform.nvim to invoke Prettier, using @prettier/plugin-php, and possibly shufo/prettier-plugin-blade if that applies. Good luck!

dpom, to neovim
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So Neorg has moved exclusively to LuaRocks for installation. I wonder if this is the general direction of Neovim packages, or if this is just an outlier? I’m very hesitant to switch, as I’ve only just gotten used to Lazy.

dpom, to random
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Every 10 years I have some reason to download Virtualbox, and every time I think “Wow, the website looks exactly the same as last time.”

b0rk, to random
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i've been hearing a lot from folks on here who are frustrated with git (for many good reasons!)

but I'm curious about the opposite perspective: if you've worked with more than one version control system over the years and you prefer git, I'd love to know:

a) what other systems have you worked with? (hg? svn? p4?)
b) why do you prefer git?


  • please no replies about why you think git is worse
  • interested in answers other than "because I have no choice"
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@b0rk Most of the challenges with git are UX-related. I replaced my git CLI with jj (without changing the git backend) and all of my git struggles disappeared.

mhoye, to random
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Lazyweb, a question about learning CS algorithm fundamentals.

CLRS, the classic text, is 50% perfect and 50% dire slog, assuming that you know nothing whatsoever about code but are comfortable with kinda mid-to-high-level math.

I have no doubt this made sense when it was first devised, but I suspect that for most people seeking to learn algorithmic fundamentals today, the opposite is the case.

What text am I looking for? Does it exist? Challenges to my reasoning are always welcome.

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@mhoye @gvwilson Marcello La Rocca's book is awesome:


I have no CS background, but the book is very approachable. Also available as an audio book, which is rare, and really helps reinforce concepts.

dpom, to random
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I'm considering moving to nix-darwin, and the lack of consensus around flakes is a real stumbling block for beginners. Absolutely no idea if I should start out with them.

dpom, to random
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Yesterday, I bought Omnifocus 4. It is the 4th time I've purchased Omnifocus since adopting it in 2008, and if you are interested in making software that stands the test of time, it's a case-study with a lot to offer: Narrowly focusing your product, knowing your audience, avoiding feature creep, paying off technical debt, tight user feedback loops, avoiding churn (incremental changes, walking back mistakes), seamlessly marrying desktop and mobile... ♥︎♥︎♥︎ this team.

cc: @kcase

dpom, to rust
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This one stings. Olympic levels of productivity loss over 3 days. Mysterious nightly build failures only with debug = 0 or —release. Inscrutable references to failed custom build commands without specifying which ones. Took me ages to work it out.

fasterthanlime, to random
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@fasterthanlime Are you for real not using a monospace font? Or is this a random image from the interwebs? That arrow is piercing my soul.

dpom, to webdev
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TIL that if you use boxShadow to underline links, lighthouse treats them as not being underlined, and dings you on accessibility.

dpom, to rust
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What a great introduction to parsing in #rust:


It introduces the concept of parser combinators and the nom library, in a simple and clear way, in like 10 minutes. Just enough to get you fired up.

dpom, to rust
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So I just looked at the chrono internals. Yikes, it’s all bit magic, storing the entire date in a single i32, for example. I wonder how much of a perf benefit that offers.

GottaLaff, to random
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@Gargron It's been days now, and I'm still having terrible issues with the advanced interface. It's virtually unusable without constantly refreshing.


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@GottaLaff If you're on macOS, Mona Pro is worth every penny and very customizable:



mia, to random
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What views do you need for a slide deck? there's the view that gets projected, maybe another view on a confidence monitor? another view for seeing the big picture while you work? are there others? one for reading the presentation later? for taking notes during?

which do you use, or wish for? what do you call them? what do you call the main one? what do you need to see in each?

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@mia I would say:

thumbnail view (overview)
compose view (work on a slide)
slideshow view
presenter view (slideshow with notes)

dpom, to random
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I keep having to look this up, so in case you are in the same boat, the syntax for ignoring a file or pattern in #git diff is:

git diff -- ':(exclude)*min.js’ ‘:(exclude)pnpm-lock.yaml'

(double quotes on Windows)

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@salcode Looks like caret also works :) Wild.

dpom, to rust
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One thing I struggle with in is that I understand a lot of things conceptually, but not quantitatively. I can tell you that there is a runtime cost to using dynamic dispatch, but I don't actually know how much it costs. I have the feeling that the difference in many cases is probably not significant, but even if I were to profile the code in question, I'm not sure I’d be able to translate the results to real-world impact.

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@ekuber What kind of workflow would you use? Make the change, cargo flamegraph, and repeat?

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@ekuber If you wrote the function with dynamic dispatch, I can imagine an attribute macro that would create a monomorphic version of the function and an accompanying concrete type, running the perf comparison as part of your test suite, with the assert being some threshold for the difference in perf that you would be happy to tolerate to keep the function dynamic.

eliocamp, to rust
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What's the easiest way of drawing pixels on the screen interactively using rust? A quick search reveals a lot of different crates and not knowing almost anything about the language it's very hard for me to judge the relative merits of each one.

#Rust #Rustlang #LazyWeb

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@eliocamp Bevy is gaining traction very quickly, but it’s still in an early stage of development. I think @janriemer was working with it recently, so maybe we can get a quick review on the current state of affairs. People are certainly building real things with it.

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@janriemer @eliocamp In 2 hours, you went from not knowing which crate to use, to posting a working simulation of a satellite on your feed? Whatever tonic you're drinking, I'm ordering a case :)

dpom, to elixir
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Congrats to the Elixir/BEAM community for making progress on their type system! Elixir was the first language that really gave me the sense I was in a community. In truth, I never built anything meaningful in Elixir, but I submitted my first 1-line open source PR in that community, and it still has a special place in my ♥︎. José leads in a way that brings out talent in everyone around him—it's great to watch.

(PDF): https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/2306/2306.06391.pdf

dpom, to rust
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Just finished migrating to a new Rust config for Neovim:

switch from rust-tools to rustaceanvim:

add taplo for TOML LSP and formatting:

add crates.nvim for dependency management:

If anyone needs help getting the config right, all of my changes are in this commit:

#rust #neovim #toml

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