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Oh absolutely! Riddick 2 was a “bad” movie that I could get behind. It captured so much of WH40K worldbuilding without actually being one.

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Minecraft has been suggested here but there’s also Minete St, free/open source version. The experience isn’t exactly the same but the basics are there. Works with PC and Android. You can also run one of the computers as a host and you can do multiplayer. Absolutely no microtransactions.

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I was thinking more of Pinky and The Brain.

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Nice nice. I like the neat juxtaposition.

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Anecdotally, I am writing this comment from a 7-year-old Chromebook. Owing to software updates, it’s not as snappy as it used to be (therein lies the irony), but it’s still usable up to its Linux container. The battery is dead but I don’t want to get rid of it because the screen is still nice and bright and the hardware build is otherwise fine.

I just wish, though, I could boot proper Linux off of it and I could upgrade memory and storage.

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Try “The High Crusade” by Poul Anderson. According to ISFDB, it was published in Portuguese as “A grande cruzada”. Good clean fun almost with a touch of slapstick. Another one would be “Three Hearts and Three Lions”, also by Anderson. If he likes them, Anderson has a huge body of work that you can get into.

“The Mansions of Space” by John Morressy might speak to your Dad’s religious sensibilities. However, it’s a little known title and I don’t know if it ever came out in Portuguese. It’s epic in scale but meditative to a certain degree of how God works in mysterious ways. Might be a hit or miss with him, depending on his theology.

A recommendation for "Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations" (sciencefictionruminations.com)

The site is a wonderful resource for classic science fiction. Actually the author / historian is more specific about the period he covers, 1945-1985. Posts always have fascinating cover art from books and magazines, making it an invaluable time capsule. i discovered the site via the author’s Mastodon account, wandering.shop/....

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