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Reproductive Scientist. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Interested in science education, books of all sorts, science communication, and reproductive biology. Opinions my own. Boosts may not be endorsements but for stimulating discussions. #ReproSci #Science #ReproMed #HigherEd #Reproduction #Scicomm #fedi22 #PretermBirth #Curiosity

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dmacphee, to H5N1
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Bird flu and evolution.

“The more it spreads within mammals, that gives it more chances to mutate. As it mutates, as it changes, there is a greater chance it can infect humans. If it gains the ability to spread efficiently from person to person, then it would be hard to stop,” says Nita Madhav, a former U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researcher”


dmacphee, to Canada
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MPs 'wittingly' took part in foreign interference: national security committee

Investigate to the fullest of the law.


dmacphee, to ukteachers
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Sask. teachers narrowly reject province's latest contract offer

“"The result of this vote is a message to government and the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) that teachers need to see real changes to classroom complexity and compensation. In feedback from members, we heard clearly that their priorities haven't been adequately addressed."


dmacphee, to Canada
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University of Alberta arts faculty council passes non-confidence vote on president's leadership | CBC News
#Canada #HigherEd #Alberta


dmacphee, to Canada
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Canadian Universities and growing financial problems.

Meanwhile, higher admin is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds. Like the new ad for Vice Provost of Strategy Realization at USASK. ??????

Right out of BBC W1A.

#HigherEd #Canada #Universities


dmacphee, to Birds
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Canada’s bird watchers have a front row seat to climate change - The Globe and Mail
#Birds #ClimateChange #Canada


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The artificial-womb revolution is coming

“Ectogenesis raises a slew of scientific, medical and technical questions, but frankly these pale in comparison with the social, moral, ethical and political challenges the process poses, particularly if it is used by the state to raise population levels without the participation of mothers in baby birthing or parents in child rearing.”
#Canada #ArtificialWomb #Reproduction #cdnpoli #Science #Ethics


dmacphee, to Dogs
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Make sure to do tick checks and if you can use a tick preventative like a chewable from you vet.
#Ticks #Dogs #Canada


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dmacphee, to climate
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dmacphee, to Canada
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Good morning from baby goat land

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@sundogplanets Bit late to the thread due to too much admin stuff this week.

Consensus on this revolves around evolution and animal breeding for specific characteristics. An interesting article can be found from a public radio link:


dmacphee, to ArtificialIntelligence
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dmacphee, to Canada
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Carbon capture is a waste of money and essentially a scam. Reducing emission production in the first place should be the focus.


dmacphee, to Canada
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Syphilis increasingly displaying severe symptoms

“Cases of infant syphilis have been soaring recently in the United States. Earlier this month, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) urged syphilis screening for all pregnant women.”

With Saskatchewan having one of the highest increases in Canada, screening would be important here too.


dmacphee, to Canada
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Alberta’s Secret Pandemic Study Is Led by COVID Restrictions’ Critic

“this is a more serious effort to gin up research supporting conclusions the government has already reached, since the report is clearly intended to appear to be a legitimate study. Then again, this kind of thing happens all the time with research by economic “think tanks,” so really all that’s new is it’s being extended to medical research. “
#Canada #Cdnpoli #COVID19 #Alberta #FactsMatter


dmacphee, to drama
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This is a shocking and important story to tell…currently on PBS. Hopefully on CBC Gem soon.


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@alexanderhay Perhaps if enough propagate it online it will help…hopefully.

dmacphee, to random
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A damning finding but not surprising. failed citizens.

“Newly obtained internal data shows the Saskatchewan government knew COVID-19 was spreading at an "exponential" rate in the fall of 2021, providing new insight into what officials knew before a devastating COVID-19 wave hit the province…days before the provincial government publicly declined to re-introduce measures doctors said were urgently needed to stop the spread of the virus.“


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Fetal personhood rulings could nullify a pregnant patient's wishes for end-of-life care
“Recent abortion and IVF cases have highlighted the constantly changing landscape of medical decision-making and what that means for medical care. Given this shifting terrain, it is impossible to predict with any degree of certainty how a pregnant person’s end-of-life care directives will be interpreted”


dmacphee, to Ukraine
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Just finished watching 20 Days in Mariupol. This is a shocking but must watch documentary showing the war crimes of Russia and the suffering of Ukrainians. How can Republicans in the USA and some Conservatives in Canada try to stall financial aid and thus deliberately assist Russia by not supporting Ukraine?
#FreeUkraine #Ukraine #Fascism #Democracy #War

dmacphee, to ukteachers
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Challenges in Academia

A pointed article about what is going wrong, in part, with academia.

“The growth of managerial and administrative grades responsible more and more for controlling academics rather than supporting them is one of the most important trends in the modern university. That structure emits a constant white noise and static of demands that don’t seem connected to lecturers’ training or aims”

#AcademicChatter #HigherEd #Education #Academia

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