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Vet, progressive, fact checker. You don't need religion to be moral. Climate change is real. He/Him/His

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denniskoch, to random
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I found today that Labyrinth has a Rotten Tomatoes score of only 77% and I'm a little disappointed.

thestrangelet, to random
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Want to get enraged? Read @pluralistic 's latest on Private Equity and the US healthcare system. https://pluralistic.net/2024/02/28/5000-bats/#charnel-house

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@thestrangelet @pluralistic When I see "...files for chapter 11..." or "...adopts surge pricing..." or anything else that resulted in degraded service, the loss of a product, or a dramatic rise in price - I look at the controlling interest in that company...

Most of the time - it is some PE or a set of PE firms with a controlling interest in the company.

A former prosecutor has written a book about it.


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If a company has layoffs, particularly many rounds of layoffs, they are a shitty company with poor leadership. The are even shittier if they are profitable and do this and then pay their execs lots of money afterward.

Fuck those companies. Our money shouldn't be going to companies like this - unfortunately, so many of them do it now that it is tough to avoid them.


cynblogger, to random
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At least one elected Missouri Republican is on the cutting edge (😜) of modern American culture.

(How do these people get elected, one wonders?)


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@cynblogger I just can't anymore... I guess this is what happens when you don't need any qualifications for a job, you can just get the job by enough people knowing your name and/or having the association with the right organization/party.

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I live in what would be a normal middle-class suburban neighborhood. The house prices here are now almost triple the average house price in the U.S.

Last year or the year before people were up in arms about a project to build low-cost housing nearby. Nimbys threw a fit and the project didn't happen.

Yesterday I noticed 3 tents on the canal behind our neighborhood.

If you are afraid that low-cost housing will lower the value of your house, just wait until you have houseless people living on the streets nearby instead.

Just fucking try to take care of people already, FFS.

  • Build low-cost housing
  • Stop corporate and fund purchases of homes
  • Fund mental health services
  • Help addicts
  • Fix health care costs
  • Stop investing in companies that lay off people to make numbers
  • Support people escaping violence and domestic abuse

We are all one fucked up event from being on the streets if we don't have a solid support system.

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There is a bill to stop investment funds from buying up single-family homes. 5% of homes are now owned by institutional investors. In 2022, 28% of all homes sold were sold to institutional investors - we are pricing people out of a place to live and for what?


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denniskoch, to random
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I love the idea - but congress will never make this a bill and even if they did, that bill would never become law:


gwynnion, to random
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What the Texas Supreme Court ruled -- admitted, actually -- is that exceptions to abortion bans are fake. They're not real and they will never be accepted.

There exists no circumstances under which a woman will be allowed to legally have an abortion in Texas and other such jurisdictions because the point is to force pregnancies and to punish and kill women who do not produce a viable birth for whatever reason.

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@gwynnion In another case they are stating that fetuses don't have rights, I'm actually surprised in this case that they aren't charging the woman with anything:


denniskoch, to random
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I think the GOP should double down on attacking Taylor Swift and other pop stars, musicians, actresses/actors, writers - and see how well that works for them.

StillIRise1963, to random
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If we knew each other better, everyone would see how much they have in common.

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@StillIRise1963 I agree. I think there are outliers (of course) but most people want the same basic things. Politicians, religious leaders, and corporations just like to convince us differently.

ElleGray, to random
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seventy rom-coms and a musical are now furiously being written as we speak

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@ElleGray 😆

I think this is super funny and super dystopian but I had to google it - it felt very satirical to me and was originally from a TikTok or FB post that got picked up by sensationalist rags.

Whenever I look something like this up and only see it listed on the India Times or NY Post I wonder the veracity of the story.

I do look forward to those rom-coms and that musical though!

Miriamm, to random
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Folks, taking down billionaires might be easier than we thought. JUST BOO AT THEM, ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE

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@Miriamm I just read another article that talked about SpaceX employees taking Adderall and sleeping in bathrooms to hit his crazy deadlines - the fucking guy is a menace.


verdantsquare, to news
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@verdantsquare Me: "I smell fuckary, like private equity fuckary."

looks for who owns G/O Media

Google: "Oh yeah, that shit is owned by Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm."

Me: "FFS"

We are experiencing a period of time in humanity where everything is getting worse so a handful of rich white dudes can make a couple of extra bucks. They add no value, they use creative financing to put their debt onto the companies they take over and then drive the companies into the ground with shitty decisions. They still get a return but good companies with good products that we all enjoy or benefit from slowly disappear. They kill jobs and slowly destroy choices for consumers.

#EatTheRich #EatTheBillionaires

foone, to random
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You know you're getting old when a job listing asks for 3 years experience in a technology you've never even heard of

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@foone I like the ones that ask for 3 years of experience in a technology that is less than a year old.

realTuckFrumper, to random
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@realTuckFrumper Who wants to take bets about when some fucked up story comes out about what that guy does behind closed doors?

the_etrain, to random
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Honestly, who says "porn intake"? Am I monitoring it like my saturated fat intake? What is the recommended daily allowance of porn based on a 2,000 calorie diet?

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@the_etrain the National Average for the US is 9 min 41sec/visit (though I'm not sure how many visits one would have in a week, month, or year).

This is based on P-Hub's 2022 insights (which is always entertaining).

I'd assume that there is a certain level of passive exercise that goes along with "porn consumption" that would help one meet a calorie deficit if they were looking to lose weight perhaps? Particularly if those visits we more than once/day.

denniskoch, to random
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Me: reads about the Geneva Convention

Me: reading specifically about Protocol I and seeing that a lot of the bullshit Israel is doing is against this specific Protocol

Me: looks at a picture of Blinken shaking the hand of Israel's Minister of Defense and promising US support

Me: "Wtf?"

Me: re-reads who ratified Protocol I and notices the US and Israel DID NOT

Me: "Ahhh... can't be a war crime if you didn't accept it right? If only laws actually worked that way. Fuckers."

lednabwm, to random


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@lednabwm Narrator: "They weren't actually archeologists"

What's crazy is that story is old as shit - it is hard to believe click baiters keep regurgitating it. Click-baiters and scammers have succeeded in making the utopia of the early internet into a burning garbage heap.

More info on that "discovery":


More info about awm:

AWM bias and credibility diagram from MBFC. They are listed as far right with mixed factual reporting and are listed as a questionable source.

RickiTarr, to random
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What do you sleep in:

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@RickiTarr 17 in case I have to run outside in case of emergency. That being said (and this is rarely) 18 if I'm feeling like this night won't require any emergency dashes into the street.

It is sleep insurance so I don't upset the neighbors. 😆

denniskoch, to random
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Just in case you didn't realize it before - there are 3 major religions in this world that all follow the same God but have different interpretations of wtf happened after they split from the original texts. Their God didn't change, they just did.

The first one decided that they're right, and no other prophets came along after their prophets.

The second one said, "we accept most of your religion but this guy showed up and he's the son of God"

The third one said, "Look, we're all brothers, that guy was cool but he wasn't the son of God. We have a new prophet and we got an updated rulebook from God and we're gonna follow that."

Now all 3 of them (plus the 4 versions of the first one, the 6 versions of the second one and 7 versions of the 3rd one) all argue about who's right - and have spent centuries letting political leaders use their faith to inspire each other to kill one another for their faith.

And there is no end in sight for this bullshit.

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Even among each of the sub-branches of the 3 big guys - they will fight and kill each other over interpretations of their own religions.

Now, from an outside perspective (mine) - this seems fucking stupid (and I think I'm right) but when you are in the middle of it - it doesn't seem like it.

Case in point - I have an evangelical friend who believes the apocalypse is gonna be a great thing who believe that because those other two don't accept Jesus - that their God is NOT the same God.

How the fuck do you reason with that? That's like saying my 1980's lego spaceman can't fly in the 2023 lego spaceship because he isn't a spaceman - it is that arbitrary - both are legos and both are in space sets.

Honestly I just fucking can't. If y'all can continue to let yourselves be convinced by people who pretend to follow your religion to fuck up other people because they don't believe your same interpreted version of a bunch of oral traditions from over 3000 years ago then have at it.

Vylar_Kaftan, to random
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The car parked next to me has 5 different scented tree-shape air fresheners on the rearview. I have questions. 🤔

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@Vylar_Kaftan Sorry, I fart... a lot.

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Actor Richard Moll, Bailiff On The Original Sitcom ‘Night Court,’ Dies At 80 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ap-ent-obit-richard-moll_n_653c3aa5e4b032ae1c9b0a65?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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RickiTarr, to random
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What is your first experience with the Internet? How old were you? What did you look at?

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@RickiTarr in '87 (pre-internet) a friend of mine showed me a BBS he used to log into on his Amiga.

In '96 (about) was my first step into the internet with my 486 - I looked at just about
EVERYTHING. By the next year, my friends and I were playing Quake II online together and I was getting in trouble for emailing them dirty pictures.

By '99 (maybe 2000) was my first taste of internet cable instead of dial-up and I've not looked back.

Sorry, too much of an answer for a simple question.

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