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Dumb American disgusted by his own stupidity

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Dude is incredibly stupid, because he’s been ordering under-cooked burgers without any conception of what he’s requesting for “Bob”-know-how-long.

He might like medium-cooked burgers, but he has no idea what that even means. The food at the hotel isn’t less-safe than other places. They just didn’t assume he read the fine-print at the bottom of the menu and were the first to inform him that it’s not safe.

Yeah, they delivered the waiver at the wrong time, but dude should’ve already known what he was ordering wasn’t safe. I order over-easy, soft-boiled, and sometimes sunny-side-up eggs. I know the risks, and I accept them.

Unless you put an a ton of effort into it, ground beef is only safe well-done. To get safe under-cooked ground beef, you need to discuss your intentions with your butcher and grind the beef yourself. Even with grinding a single, quality cut of beef, you’re still gambling.

Also, fuck you, I’m not your friend guy, here’s a rocket ship ().():::::::::::::::::D~~~~~~~

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Nah, the disgusting part is the consequences of factory farming and humanity’s domination of the planet and desire for meat.

Well-done burgers are the band-aid for the deeper problems.

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To be clear, please continue to enjoy your food the way you want it. Just know what the words that exit your mouth mean. Life shouldn’t be safe, and many of life’s greatest pleasures are not safe.

Is it a Canadian beef problem? Nah, it’s just a problem with the definition of “safe food”. If the food is not cooked to 165F, then any bacteria, fungi, and parasites that are present could still be alive. There are no guarantees that the beef didn’t have tapeworms, and since ground beef is usually from multiple cuts, there’s a larger chance that a tapeworm has been ground up and spread throughout. It’s a tiny chance, but it’s still a chance. Steaks are less of a risk, because it’s a single cut, and the chef can visually inspect it.

The waiver is stupid, but it has less to do with capitalism and more to do with the legal system. People sue for anything and everything, and I don’t blame companies for trying to defend themselves from that. They asked the dude to sign a waiver, because they’re afraid he doesn’t understand the risks and might sue if he gets sick.

Funny thing is: in this case the guy didn’t understand the risks. He thought they were saying their beef is sketchy. What they were really saying is: all ground beef not cooked to 165F could be sketchy. I think he’s dumb, because he doesn’t know that a medium cooked burger involves risk but has been requesting it everywhere he goes. If he had known what a medium burger is, he would’ve just said “yeah yeah yeah”, signed, and ate the burger like an adult.

I’m not you pal, buddy. (but we might be friends now)

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Yeah, this is one of those constant annoyances that you kinda just live with. It doesn’t matter that much, because compound words were at some point not one word, and there may be separate words that you use today that will join together during your career. Electronic mail became e-mail became email. As long as the casing doesn’t hide the meaning, you’re doing it right. Also be consistent. Don’t recreate such monstrosities as XMLHttpRequest.

"The West turned its gaze away from Iran, but the cruelties continued" - rights activist reminds the world on a regime still torturing its citizens (www.euronews.com)

“Prisoners have been tortured into confessing, and if physical torture didn’t work, interrogators would threaten their families. Many women have reported being raped whilst in prison,” writes civil rights activist Nasrin Parvaz.

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Yet, we need to continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the women and people demanding the basic rights we take for granted and enjoy every single day.

We must try and save the lives of those sentenced to death by raising the political cost of their executions and making sure that those languishing in prisons are released.

I’m calling on the international community and media to keep shining a spotlight on my country to demand that the regime stops using torture immediately.

Why must Matrix (Element) be so damn complicated?

Title. Key management is so not intuitive at all. You have your session verification key in case you have no access to another session. Fine, i totally understand. Then you have E2E room keys you can either backup on your homeserver or in a file. Fine, except not so much. I exported my room keys to a backup file and deleted them...

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Let’s hope MLS solves some of this, but there is a certain amount of necessary complexity with syncing encryption keys for groups as people come and go.

I’m very annoyed by issues decrypting messages in private conversations. Nothing is changing, so it should just work after the first message, but no. Random messages can’t be decrypted unless I refresh. Very frustrating.

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When you realize that you should not have smoked before the presentation /s

It is honestly tragic and infuriating to watch elected leaders rot while refusing to stop governing.

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On Tuesday afternoon, researchers’ fears were confirmed. The pod of almost 100 long-finned pilot whales rushed to the shore, stranding themselves on Cheynes Beach near Albany, in southern Western Australia.

By Wednesday, 52 of the whales had died, the authorities said. A team of local volunteer and conservation officials managed to move the remaining 45 back into the water and attempted to herd them back out to sea, using boats and kayaks to guide them. However, that afternoon, the whales re-stranded themselves further along the beach, the authorities said. The Australia Broadcasting Corporation reported that the whales had again formed a huddle before drifting back to shore.

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Wildfires driven by an extreme heatwave have encircled Palermo after temperatures in the Sicilian city climbed to 47C (117F) on Monday.

But while the heat stifles the south, northern regions continued to bear the brunt of bad weather caused by the arrival of cooler air from northern Europe, with more torrential rain and gales forecast in Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of Milan, said residents endured a sleepless night as winds exceeded 63 mph (100 km/h).

Sala said: “What we are seeing is not normal. We can no longer deny that climate change is changing our lives. We can no longer turn a blind eye, and above all, we can’t not do anything.”

The civil protection minister, Nello Musumeci, said: “Climate change is not just a contingency and Italy must realise that it now has a tropical climate. On one hand, we are paying the price of climate change, for which we should have paid more attention several years ago, and, on the other, of infrastructure that does not seem to be totally adequate for the new context.

The COP28 will certainly be interesting.

Justice Department sues Texas over floating barrier in Rio Grande River (thehill.com)

The Justice Department sued Texas over a floating barrier installed by Governor Abbott in the Rio Grande River to deter migrants from crossing the border. The DOJ argues the barrier violates federal law by obstructing navigation without authorization. The buoys pose risks to migrants and public safety, according to the DOJ....

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Won’t work. In Texas their God is white.

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Lyrics: genius.com/Punchmade-dev-wire-fraud-tutorial-lyri…

From my understanding:

  1. Buy a bank login
  2. Buy a SIM swap
  3. Change location w/ RDP server (I don’t fully understand this one; maybe pay to RDP into a pwned PC in the right location)
  4. Find a fall guy and give him a good cut
  5. Wire money to fall guy
  6. Fall guy withdraws money
  7. Get money from fall guy

Looks like it’d be better getting into the darknet businesses that facilitate the wire fraud. Always better to be selling pickaxes than digging for gold.

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No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun - for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax - This won’t hurt.

Then the sound like someone dropped a heavy book.

Large number of Hells Angels expected across Lower Mainland for gang's 40th anniversary in B.C. (www.cbc.ca)

Police are warning people in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia to expect to see a “huge” number of bikers and police officers around the region this weekend as Hells Angels gather from across the country to mark the gang’s 40th anniversary in B.C....

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50 C would take a lot of roasting to get to; we’re pretty far north and there’s a lot of vegetation. It might be a couple decades. With the heat domes hitting Texas, they’re still just peeking at 45 C in non-desert areas, but low 40s would be devastating up here, and we could see that in the next 10 years.

delial, (edited )
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Well fuck me

EDIT: You’re actually underselling it. It hit 49.6 C

So, it pretty much already has hit 50 in BC. It’ll probably break 50 next time a heat dome hits.

Lytton really shouldn’t count when talking about BC as a whole though. I still stand by it being a couple decades before we see 50 C across large regions.

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Well, I can set an appointment in my calendar, if we can agree on terms. We might as well have some fun at the end of the world. 🙃

I like 5 years for timeframe (that would be end of summer 2028), and >50 C vs. ≤50 C for temperature.

I’m good for up to 100 CAD.

I’d be good with defining the measurement as monthly average high temperature for the southern half of BC, but I can’t see anywhere that does that. I feel like including the top half tips things in my favor.

timeanddate.com seems neutral and has good averages for BC as a whole. 10 years seems more fair if we’re doing the whole BC average.

What are your thoughts?

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Sounds great!

And I think we can define the a fair win condition thusly: if timeanddate.com reports an average high for a month in BC as a whole or in any regional district greater than 50 C before October 2028, you win; otherwise I win.

The loser donates 50 CAD to a food bank of the winner’s choice.

Historic weather links that’ll be useful for checking the data (change the URL for the month & year you’re checking):

I’m referring to the “High & Low Weather Summary” table. I’m sure we’ll both just be watching to see what happens in Thompson-Nicola regional district.

This seems fair to me, because we both of pretty good odds of winning. With how extreme the weather events are getting and how rapidly things are accelerating, there’s a good chance that we could see a 5C increase in the high for Thompson-Nicola by October 2028, but maybe not, and any of the other districts could surprise us.

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lol, I love you, bro.

40 C high for Thompson-Nicola in August so far, so this bodes well for you.

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That’s a great idea! I’ll look for one next time I’m out thrifting.

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