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🇨🇦🇺🇸. Health Engineering @ 🍎. I post about #software #rustlang #cats, #rabbits, #housing, and #disability. Feminist. He/Him. Tooting via #hamradio @ N6DAC. SF Bay Area. Ask me about Usher Syndrome.

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julie, to random

My revolution has begun. I just posted this from .

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@julie please explain!

dcreemer, to Rabbits
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Well crap my bunny died :-( . Emma was about 8 or 9 years old, and had a good life with her best friend / arch enemy our cat.

dcreemer, to random
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https://bringatrailer.com is dangerously fabulous to browse via @Flipboard (or maybe its fabulously dangerous)


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@JsonCulverhouse don’t need another 911 😜

mustikkasoppa, to random Finnish
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Sain vihdoin eilen käsiini tämän Cochlear implanteille tarkoitettu langaton induktio/TV-lähetin.

Kyseessä on kuulovammaisille tarkoitettu apuväline. Sen tarkoituksena on helpottaa TV lähetyksien kuuntelemista. Ääni tulee suoraan langattomasti televisiosta sisäkorvaistutteiden prosessoreihin. 🦻👌

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@mustikkasoppa do you have a BlueTooth connection to your phone or computer? Do you find the TV streamer to be easier or better to use? Thanks!

dangillmor, to random
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@hiltzikm is one of the consistently best business commentators in daily journalism. Here, he pulls apart the corporate sleaze -- and gross mismanagement -- that pushed Red Lobster into bankruptcy.


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atomicpoet, to random
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I just unfollowed 80 dead accounts. Which sucks. Some of these folks I legitimately miss seeing on the Fediverse – but I don’t think they’re coming back.

Damn it. Now I need to find new friends. 😐

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@atomicpoet is there any reason to unfollow the account, other than cleanliness?

davidho, to random
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This Google spinoff aims to remove 500 tonnes of CO₂ per year from the atmosphere, which is a time machine that takes us back less than a second each year. 🙃


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@davidho @robpike thanks for the link. I always refer friends to The Juice Media’s succinct summary https://youtu.be/MSZgoFyuHC8

Rachelk, to random
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Okay to all you people interested in home automation, I've got a loaded question for you. How would I go about being able to ask my Smart speaker whether it be Google or Amazon, what the temperature is in each room? I remember hearing that someone had this in their home, but Never heard how it was set up. Amazing what some blind people can accomplish, but I definitely wouldn't have a clue. There's not much that really interests me in a home automation, because I don't use lights most of the time, and I'm happy to play my music from my current sources, but I would have always loved to be able to get my Smart speakers to tell me the temperature of each room. Now that would be amazing! Would this be quite costly to do that sing alone? thank you very much in advance for any advice.

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@Rachelk @Fragglemuppet the Apple HomePod and HomePod mini have temperature and humidity sensors. You can ask “Siri, what’s the temperature in the living room?” etc. I’m not sure about other devices

dcreemer, (edited ) to random
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This closing is an unmitigated disaster. I’ve eaten at Jing Jings for 30 of its 38 year life. :-(


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Went there tonight for takeout dinner. Happily full now!

GrimmReality, to random
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HI YOUR EXTRA-NOISY MOTORBICYCLE MAKES YOU APPEAR VIRTUOUS AND AWESOME seems to be something some people expect people to say probably 100ish percent more than they do.

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@GrimmReality “loud pipes save lives”, says the idiot not wearing a helmet (or only a beanie helmet).

stux, to random
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I need your help ❤️

Over 4-5 days new server- and media storage bills are coming in for this month

Currently I am still over €428 short this month😿😟

For upcoming weekend I have a server migration planned to scale down the costs by another €200 on the main servers but that will only take effect next month

If you can, please help out 🙏


Thank you ❤️

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@stux sent a bit. Keep up the great work!

jutty, to RSS
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I have this blog set up and ready for writing using a bare, classic web stack with no framework, no static site generator, just html/css files and some short scripts in JS and OCaml.

The only thing I feel is missing is an RSS feed. Presently I am feeling very inclined to just rolling my own RSS using the very same stack (a text editor and scripts) instead of switching to some SSG just to get an RSS feed. Something tells me that this is a sinful, heretic thought.

Ideas welcome on how to avoid such heresy. Encouragement to just do it also welcome.

#rss #atom #blogging #javascript #ocaml

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@jutty @stefano roll your own! Just check it with one or two RSS feed validators

futurebird, to random
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Concept: An app that trolls your social media feed for links to videos and complies them into a playlist. (with the ability to set restrictions to exclude videos that are over/under various lengths.)

Concept2: A 'widget' box on mastodon's web app where part-time developers could put features such as the above. And a panel with an easy way to add widgets for nonprogrammer end users.

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@futurebird Flipboard, connected to your Mastodon account can soft of do some of this.

simon, to random
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Scraped a pass of my ham radio general exam this morning!

KM6PFR (I remember it as Pretty Fluffy Raccoon)

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@simon congrats from N6DAC !

dcreemer, to vancouver
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#vancouver #aurora , from my daughter (long exposure iPhone 13)

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This one without using “night mode” on the iPhone


dcreemer, to Texas
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Quoting from the #University of #Texas web site:

“We treat students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds with dignity. Different experiences and perspectives in our community matter, so we check in regularly, seeking input from all. We blend classroom rigor with meaningful out-of-class support in ways that have helped to make UT a national model.”

Empty words apparently, and referenced in an email I (an alum) sent protesting police presence and actions on campus.


timonus, to random
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Bye Ring! No more overpriced subscription

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@timonus Thanks. I tried scrypted with my non HKSV devices and didn’t like the results… Hope to hear more


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@timonus same. I think the ecosystem has lots of room for improvement :-)

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@timonus yeah I used an RPi 4 for scrypted. I probably needed something more powerful.

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@JsonCulverhouse @timonus random nighttime animal videos are pretty much the main reason I have cameras

JsonCulverhouse, to random
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One more cat for testing….

Posted into FEDIVERSE @fediverse

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@JsonCulverhouse @fediverse something is broken with that cat

abraxas3d, to hamradio
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Last week's @RATPAC panel had several memorable quotes that I really hope we follow up on.

The one about professional emergency services people avoiding people and actively discouraging incorporation of hams into plans was hard to hear.

There was a strong consensus that the way forward was "more training" and "appear professional". A quote was "don't show up (to volunteer) dressed like you live under a bridge".

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@alper @abraxas3d @RATPAC this is a good essay. I especially liked this:

“From search and rescue perspective, any operative would jump to faster, dulplex-er, instant high bandwidth solution in a heartbeat. Emcomm/prepper type would not since the main purpose is not to solve the problem but solving the problem with specific tool that is emotionally being invested in.”

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