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We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable – but then, so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings.

He/him. TERFs and Nazis: DNI/DNR

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MattBinder, to random avatar

an incredible tweet from Musk

the funeral assistance that AOC is referencing here is re: COVID-19 deaths

…something that Elon Musk himself consistently spreads massive disinformation & anti-vaccine sentiment about

contributing to the very deaths he’s telling her to prevent


@MattBinder I guess could say Musk ran his own sort of COVID funeral assistance program

fediversereport, to random avatar

Mark Zuckerberg: "the more that there’s interoperability between different services and the more content can flow, the better all the services can be"

The Verge just released an interview with Mark Zuckerberg about a wide variety of topics, including Threads and ActivityPub.

You can read the entire interview here, with some of the most relevant parts for the fediverse down below:


@fediversereport @alexeheath

Sincere or (IMO) not, the fact that he is saying these things is proof that we've built a community he sees as formidable.

dnc, to random avatar


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  • datatitian,

    @dnc new #BaldursGate3 romance option just dropped

    jonny, to random avatar

    it's a bad sign when your thing that randomly assigns experimental conditions to people was broken in your paper about how people must be telepathic because they were able to predict their randomly assigned experimental condition


    @jonny wait does that say they were calling people's phones 120 times to try to get them to answer?


    @jonny 2 buttons sweaty guy meme:

    Respect for persons

    Calling someone over a hundred times until they finally pick up to get a good follow-up ratio

    jarulf, to bookstodon avatar

    I fully support the #Radchaai position on coffee.


    @jarulf are you reading Translation State, or does that come up in the earlier Ancillary books as well?


    @jarulf just finished Translation State myself. Absolutely loved it.

    thomasfuchs, to random avatar

    1980s computer magazine ads without context, a series


    @thomasfuchs US politics 😢

    Are0h, to random

    The Tusky situation isn't a big deal, but it does expose the level of entitlement many people have in this space because they have a certain background in the industry.

    People are not perfect, and the fedi is still a new frontier where many of us (who were not run off by racist pieces of shit) are here trying to answer some hard questions with no clear solutions.

    A lot of people need to take a breath and calm down.


    @caoilte @Are0h
    Jesus Christ you really cannot post any opinion on the fediverse as a Black person without someone popping up to correct you. Sorry for bringing this into your mentions, Ro.

    Caoilte, maybe stop to consider what made you assume that Ro wouldn't already be familiar with Nik's technical contributions. Then reflect on the Glue presentation again and how that relates to why Nik's contributions seem to you be so significant compared to others


    @Are0h yeah I blocked too to save everyone I boost from getting bothered by that person. I only even saw that because I was tagged in the reply.

    I've thinking lately how much Mastodon's "anti-virality" choices may actually be harassment-enabling. Like how many times in the past has something I've boosted gotten a reply like that that I didn't see because Mastodon doesn't tag boosters by default?

    nikclayton, (edited ) to random avatar

    I've posted an update re the #tusky invoices and financial situation at

    This addresses notes from:

    @kevin, @datatitian, @UncivilServant, @wraptile, @whvholst, @maloki

    Thank you for providing commentary or asking questions.



    In your first post, you claimed to be wholly unconflicted and thus trustworthy, but, in this follow up, you accuse someone of "DARVOing" (after digging up their post that did not mention you). So this indicates you consider yourself to be the victim of abuse by Tusky. That's a serious allegation you're making.

    Hopefully you'll clear this up in the next update

    cosmicallyf, to random

    Me: It's difficult for me to say.

    Her: Go ahead, let it out.

    Me: Worcestershire.


    @cosmicallyf Roy's sister Shiree

    nikclayton, to random avatar

    I am stepping back from the #Tusky project with immediate effect.

    I discovered severe lapses in how the Tusky project's donations (received via #OpenCollective) were being handled. When I reported those to the project's private "Tusky Contributors" Matrix channel the financial admins tone policed the feedback, refused to engage with the concerns I and others raised, and demanded the discussion be stopped.

    There is too much detail for a thread, so please read


    @nikclayton so, to summarize, you found a payment to a contractor suspicious because you couldn't find any code from the work, and then you talked to the contractor and found the code, so your suspicions were in fact unfounded.

    And also you think it's a conflict of interest for the person who does the accounting for the org to also be on the payroll for he org... like an accountant


    @lightnsfw @dingus
    You really think the people currently running your company are any different from those other coworkers?


    @prachisrivas @academicchatter
    Oh no something is up. Thanks for letting me know

    siderea, to random avatar

    Proposed: it is completely, utterly, gobsmackingly horrible that Mastodon users - even smart, highly engaged ones that read documentation and understand federation - cannot tell just who is going to be shown what they post or what the various privacy settings mean in practice.

    There is an animated conversation going on in the comments of the poll I just posted where we're trying to reverse engineer under what circumstances a comment reply will show up in the commenter's followers' timelines.

    That this conversation even exists is, I'm sorry, completely horrifying. The fact that this is even a matter of discussion, to say nothing of needing to be a matter of speculation and investigation, is appalling.

    How can anybody make informed decisions about participating on a platform, the behavior which they do not understand and cannot predict?

    For instance,


    @siderea it was literally years on here before I learned that Mastodon home feed hides posts from people you follow if the post is a reply and you don't follow everyone in else in the thread.

    Starting to think this factor of the Mastodon algorithm enables harassment because of course I'm not following whatever reply guy or fascist is currently trying to ruin someone's day in their replies



    >But replies aren't posts. They're two different things.

    According to what? They are literally the same Activity and the same Object type

    dnc, to homebrewing avatar

    @dnc wineworms. Only found in the finest, most authentic malbecs

    datatitian, to random

    One of those websites that consists entirely of automated clickbait created from having ChatGPT summarize reddit threads appears to have accidentally picked up a thread of people complaining about said sites

    (Source in previous boost)


    @apodoxus let us hope that, upon the sweet release of death, there is some accounting so that we may know the causes of our suffering

    salad_bar_breath, to random avatar

    Without a CW now: IQ is not real

    IQ is a bullshit concept derived from eugenics and "scientific racism".

    If you talk about IQ in an uncritical way, I will block you, at best.


    @JoscelynTransient @salad_bar_breath
    Oh my god the racists literally busted out the calipers in response to this book 😂💀's_skull_measurements

    aparrish, to random avatar

    @bitprophet @aparrish @dreid
    41 club! Just had my birthday last week

    datatitian, to activitypub

    Oh that's interesting that is totally automated. Cool project by @zemlanin

    @activitypub @activitypub

    evan, (edited ) to random avatar

    When will the first major Chinese social network site join the fediverse?

    #EvanPoll #poll


    @liaizon @evan @neodb

    Woah pretty interesting use case for @activitypub :

    NeoDB is an open source project and free service to help users manage, share and discover collections, reviews and ratings for culture products (e.g. books, movies, music, podcasts, games and performances) in Fediverse.

    datatitian, to random

    How to upgrade the "basic with ads" plan on Netflix/Hulu to a no-ads plan for free:

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