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I’m working on open source projects :)

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I think there is some benefit to being able to select skills and experiences for each role that you’re applying to, or having different versions for particular sections that you can swap between.

It’s more important for fields where you might be applying to 100s of postings. It’s less important if you’re very early or late in your career, since you’re either applying to fewer postings or don’t have varied experience to toggle between

cynber, (edited )
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I was chatting with a friend, and she mentioned how she tries to at least set up a README, which includes her vision for the project and her plan for the implementation, design, and goals.

Best case scenario is that the planning helps her complete the project herself. Worst case scenario, someone else can pick up where she left off and use her considerations for the project.

I’m thinking of doing that for future projects too

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This is amazing, thank you for reaching out to the dev!

This was on the list of ideas for InstanceAssistant, but I didn’t know where to start. It is great news that it was added to the original extension.

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That t-shirt would be cool, but don’t have time to properly test our extension before then

I’m looking forward to December when I’ll have time to work on it. I’ll try to attend some office hours, I didn’t know that was an option

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Sorry for the delay

Yes it does search from the title/user, but I’m planning to switch to resolve_object in a future update: github.com/cynber/lemmy-instance-assistant/…/52#i…

Why does "hide read posts" apply to my own submitted posts?

It’s strange and unintuitive that my own submitted posts are hidden with this basic feature. Given the slow pace on some communities as Lemmy grows, it gets really repetitive without the ability to filter out read posts. On the other side though, the ability to review my posts and check back on them seems pretty basic as a...

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I think the issue here is

they don’t show up under “posts” on your own profile

It makes sense to hide read posts on the main feed, but not when you’re looking at a particular user?

[Request] Add 'Redirect to home instance in new tab' option to browser context menu

In navigating Lemmyverse for potential communities to subscribe to, it would be helpful to be able to redirect links to my home instance in a new tab to facilitate sorting through multiple communities at a time. Ideally, the option would be implemented with the ability to enable or disable either of the two context menu items to...

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Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll see about implementing this in a future version, unless someone else gets to it first

here is the issue I made: github.com/cynber/lemmy-instance-assistant/…/53

Please let me know if the issue is missing a part of your suggestion or if there was any misunderstanding

SamXavia, to fediverse
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    That’s a problem everywhere, but I’ve found that people are a lot better on here about downvotes?

    On Reddit I’d see comments and questions with no replies and only downvotes. Here you’re a lot more likely to see responses

    Simplest solution for fragmented communities: Redirect comments to one post (by asking or with new functionality)

    EDIT: Thank you for all the great responses! I agree that a forced implementation is no longer the way to go. I’ve left the post as is, aside from this comment, in case anyone wanted to reference part of it. At this point, I think implementation 1 (Sincere Request) is the way to go if anything....

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    This works for viewing all the comments so far, but it doesn’t solve the discussion aspect since commentors from each community won’t be seeing or responding to the other comments. This is a bigger issue with smaller communities, where they’d mostly be top level comments / chains with minimal depth from each smaller community. Yes you can see all the comments, but the discussion quality is poor.

    It’s also not as helpful when the automation fails. Something I’ve found is that the ‘crosspost’ field starts to get crowded on posts that link to a popular website. Combining comment sections from ALL of those posts isn’t as useful as having some intentional action from the OP.

    A key aspect about this proposal is that it requires the OP to do something. If it doesn’t make sense for a community (ex. different intents behind the Politics communities), then OP shouldn’t lock their post. If OP does it anyway, then you can downvote that post.

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    this proposal would give more controls to the bigger communities

    what are the concerns that come to mind?

    I’d rather just have different communities

    All the individual communities would continue to exist as they do right now. When it makes sense for a post to have a deeper discussion, users can lock and redirect accordingly

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    I agree, instance assistant (our extension actually!) handles this, but it would be much better to have it exist natively.

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    Everyone who’s subscribed to the same communities will see all of each others’ comments.

    This still relies on everyone using the same app/front-end.

    I guess I’m thinking about how it would be helpful in more general cases. If someone has an issue with a FOSS app, and they ask about it in two small communities, it would be much better to have the troubleshooting discussion in one place rather than have both communities missing part of the context.

    Ultimately in your example, the user can still make both posts, this doesn’t change that. It just directs the comments to one post’s comment section rather than having it spread out.

    Still it’s good to think about cases where OP tries to abuse the system. Would a good middle ground just be the first implementation then? For OP to link to the post that they want to be the main discussion thread, but people are free to ignore that if they want.

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    that’s fair :)

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    Look, honestly: if you want Facebook ot Twitter, go back to them.

    This post was to talk about the merits/drawbacks of a potential change, and the constructive comments on the post have been helpful for that. Some of the other ‘solutions’ that have been posted here feel even more antithetical to the idea of decentralization (ex. redirecting upvotes, having communities follow other communities) so I was looking for a compromise that would address some of the annoyances without making the site another centralized platform. The intent was to allow users to choose how they want to link cross posts together, rather than having the community (or an app/frontend) make the decision for them. We’ve also been seeing users naturally gravitate to a few instances/communities, so I was looking for ways to redirect some of that traffic back to lesser known spaces.

    Regardless, I appreciate the comment. Reading the perspectives on this post helped me see how locking the post completely would cause more issues and annoyances than it would help with. A simple “we are discussing X over on this post, feel free to join” seems like the better compromise.

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    Thank you!

    Hope it helps :)

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    Yep I think the defederation point is the big one which causes the idea to break down. I’ll edit the post to better reflect my thoughts now

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