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Omg I just was the video about how they added the commercials in Star Wars just yesterday.


Major Thanks. I’ll be able to compare thanks to this.


Wake on LAN. You can turn this off in the power options I think, or in the BIOS.

As for automatic login, that I cannot say. Maybe you activated the option somewhere?


Time to run an offline malware detection tool. Something you can boot into using a USB stick or something.


1- That’s in Australia

2- As far as the US goes, Republicans are responsible for eliminating child labor protection laws. Just look at Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Arkansas.…/index.html



Fucking hell. Republicans are a god damn joke. They can’t let women be in charge of their own bodies and they can’t even allow kids to be kids. All that matters are the almighty capitalists.


Yeah if you self host, a UPS is very important.


Just set your default behavior.


Once you understand that everything is similar to a tag, like branch names are basically tags that move forward with each commit, that HEAD is a tag that points to your current commit location in history, and what command moves what kind of tag, it becomes easier to understand.

Suddenly having a detached HEAD isn’t as scary as you might think. You get a better understanding of fast forward merges vs regular 3-way merge.

Also understanding that each commit is unique and will always remain in the history and can be recovered using special commands. Nothing is lost in git, unless you delete the .git sub-directory.


Right. I just wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

cyborganism, (edited )

Oh fuck. I didn’t think of that. Than you for reminding me.

Edit: Ah but you can only run this in your local repo. If you happen to push anything, you might not be able to run it on the remote. Many DevOps platforms won’t allow it.

Roku TV bricked until agreeing to new terms of service

See title - very frustrating. There is no way to continue to use the TV without agreeing to the terms. I couldn’t use different inputs, or even go to settings from the home screen and disconnect from the internet to disable their services. If I don’t agree to their terms, then I don’t get access to their new products. That...


Is there a factory reset button on it? Maybe you might be able to reset the TV and never connect it to the WiFi?


My friend, I’m trying to offer you a solution so you can still use your current TV at the very least. Your tv if useless right now, correct? Resetting it and not connecting it to the internet might allow that. And you could then hook up a separate streaming device to it.

I thought that was you goal?


Alright then. That’s too bad. I guess you don’t have a choice but to either accept the terms or sell it and buy a new one.

I have an old 720p 32in Sony Bravia TV from 2010 with both analog and digital signal reception with all the old inputs that allow me to plug my old consoles on it. None of that smart tv bullshit. The day it dies on me, I think I will cry.


Canada did an air drop and Israeli soldiers shot at people reaching the drops. It was a slaughter. Canada foreign affairs minister tried to talk to their government afterwards and apparently the discussion was “very frustrating”.

I doubt this will go any differently.


I’m trying to find the article but i can’t find it in my history. I could swear the article I read was modified. It clearly said our foreign minister had a call with Israel’s foreign minister about a Gazan massacre while they were getting aid and she said the call was frustrating. But the whole article was cut in half.

It wasn’t an air drop though. It was an aid convoy.

This is some 1984 shit. News being rewritten to remove facts.


Ok but still… How the fuck are we supposed to back our fucking claims when governments are putting pressure on news and information media to modify their articles to cut out incriminating information about Israel or any other state??? This is some 1984 level bullshit.

We should be scared of this. This is wrong!!!

How can you ask for a fucking source then??? How are you supposed to believe what you see?

2+2=5 at this point. Fuck this.

Older Computer Programmers & Engineers

Lately, I was going through the blog of a math professor I took at a community college back when I was in high school. Having gone the path I did in life, I took a look at what his credentials were, and found that he completed a computer science degree back sometime in the 1970s. He had a curmudgeonly and standoffish...


Things are much simpler now. Even little things. For instance error messages. They used to be cryptic as hell, but these days there is more of an emphasis on communication.

I don’t know. I worked with old IDEs like Turbo C, Turbo Pascal or some of the earliest versions of Visual Studio and I was able to know from the output where the error occurred from the error message and could work with a debugger to find the true source.

The only thing more complex is the volume of choice. There are just soooo many ways to do something that picking a way can be daunting. Its led to a situation where you have to hire based on ability to learn rather than ability with a specific toolchain.

That’s true though. And also how IT evolved into different other fields, line DevOps for example. Now there’s an *Ops for almost everything. The latest bring machine learning. And each have their own million ways to do things with so many certifications.


Israel wants to wipe them all out. Why would they allow them to leave if it’s going to allow them to survive and come back to claim their land?

Buch of sociopaths.

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