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I like dogs, indie games and free software.

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Playing league with my cousins 10 years algo may have been the only time I’ve got any enjoyment from League of Legends.

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There is no change to the current price of your Prime membership. We will also offer a new ad-free option for an additional $2.99 per month* that you can sign up for here.

Then there is a price change you damn dimwit, you just gave the shitty tier the same pricing as the old normal tier, and amped up the normal tier by $3.00. I absolutely hate the wording for this, you just know it was to be able to not release the ad membership at a lower price.

defcon201, to devops
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Bro gets it

Did anyone try to return to reddit and notice it just didn't do it for you anymore?

So I’ve switched to lemmy since the reddit meltdown started, experienced quite some withdrawal symptoms, occasionally turned back to reddit, more often logged out than logged in. Now I am merely using Lemmy occasionally and by far not as often as I used reddit before. No more doom scrolling....

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Too much rage bait, also after a time in here it’s quite apparent how much the algorithm tries to push you to addiction.

I miss the niche communities tho.

Google Play is beyond annoying (lemmy.world)

I have an app that I released a couple years ago (plus another legacy app that I maintain for one of my company’s clients). My game has a long-ish title, but it was fine until some asshat at Google decides that 33 characters is too long. On top of that, every time I’m forced to update the target SDK, I need to spend several...

I prefer Wayland (.social) though

Context: Twitter is currently rebranding it self as X.com, which is the bottom logo. X.org is a FOSS implementation of the The X Window System which is being slowly replaced by the newer Wayland display server. Because of the Twitter rebrand Someone decided to make Wayland.social, to parody the X.org to Wayland transition.

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Bro really trying to trademark a character.

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I always thought it was the proportions that weren’t healty. You get 50% bread, 50% meat, with a tiny slice of lettuce in the middle.

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Hey man congrats! You made something that works, you are ahead of the curve already!

My friend sold his Video Game Collection, it just made me have a midlife crisis at 29. Is this normal?

My friend and I collect old video games. But all my physical media just sits on my shelves and collects dust. Why do I even collect them? I literally just emulate everything. Is there a purpose to what I do? People ask me why I collect and I never have a real answer because I don’t even know. If I never play my stuff, is it...

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Congrats dude, you have a hobby. Enjoy your time, life it’s all about the small things :)

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I would like to know every song’s lyrics upon hearing the first 10 seconds, think of the karaoke nights 🎤

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I would see value on this for making excuses to my boss. Extra points if you mimic some meeting services crash screens.

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Notifications fucking suck, if it isn’t either my alarm or my grandma’s emergency button, my phone ain’t gonna do a damn thing to alert me.

Is there a Rust library like the 7zip suite that can extract all common archive and compressed file formats?

I’m looking to build something in Rust that requires being able to extract a variety of archive and compressed file formats, like various forms of compressed tar files, zip files, iso files, etc. The 7zip software suite is really good at both auto-detecting what format it’s in and extracting almost anything you throw at it...

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