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SiRrogueKnight, to random

Ahhhhh..... damn! I slept and thought for sure I was going to wake up to the news that Nikki Haley won BIGLY in South Carolina...
😫😫😫😫😫😫 😭



@SiRrogueKnight 🤷‍♂️

carnage4life, to random avatar

This is like a chef blaming customers for their restaurant going out of business.

cdrum, to mastodon

Blog post up on migrating my #SingleUserInstance of #Mastodon from @mastohost to my own VPS is up at #MastodonMigration #MastoHost Thanks to MastoHost for a great services. It's not you, it's me!

liztai, to random avatar

SUPER annoying that the #Bloomberg reporter keeps asking Anwar Ibrahim whose side is Malaysia on with the Ukraine/Russia, US/China tensions. Unsurprising that she asked but she obviously has an agenda.
Malaysia will always be on Malaysia's side, and ASEAN has always vowed to be neutral when it comes to these things, especially anything that involves superpower "tensions".
It would be suicidal to take ANY side.Don't drag us into your fights omg


@liztai Western media always has an agenda.

AAKL, to apple


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  • cdrum,

    @AAKL @macrumors I’m no fan of governments introducing legislation like this, however, I’m not sure a company like Apple threatening to remove service in the country will be effective. 🤔


    @AAKL @macrumors Completely agree. It will hurt consumers. Consumers will make noise. But will the gov listen? Maybe. Let’s see.


    @AAKL @macrumors There’s somewhat of a parallel to Facebook/Meta pulling news out of Canada. Will be interesting to watch!


    @AAKL @macrumors I meant they’re threatening (or did already?) to pull out to try to force the hand of the gov. Obviously different agendas (security and privacy vs making more money at the expense of others…)


    @AAKL @macrumors Me, too!

    dansup, to random avatar

    When I first announced @pixelfed, I had to deal with a lot of criticism

    We became a joke of the fediverse, we were the underdog, few people believed in me back then

    I used all the criticism and hate as motivation to strive for perfection

    ✨ Just look at us now, the person who said these things is now a good friend

    Never give up!


    @dansup @pixelfed The world is full of useless complainers. Keep up the great work!! 💪

    davemark, to apple avatar

    This 1984 Macintosh brochure. That guy in the blue shirt is a very young Bill Gates.

    Original Macintosh brochure


    @davemark 😂

    macrumors, to random avatar

    @macrumors Maybe…. Improve Siri?! 😂

    MigsterTech, to Evernote

    #Evernote is a great reminder that the best tech doesn't always win.

    I was a big fan in the early days. Eventually I switched over to Apple Notes, which wasn't as good but it got better.

    Too many dumb decisions and not moving beyond the core product doesn't add up well.


    @MigsterTech @liztai Not sure it’s the “best tech” anymore, since you left (as did I over 10 years ago) for “better options” (what’s better is different for each person). I landed with Obsidian and haven’t looked back. But has a larger learning curve than Evernote of course


    @liztai @MigsterTech Absolutely. Can’t argue with markup text files!

    Stark9837, to apple avatar

    Just insane how #Apple launches a revolutionary product, and #Google is already sending a product to the graveyard before it is even created. I guess we are at the point where companies are choosing between #AI and #AR.

    Interesting to note. With AI, you can easily get on the bandwagon by just exploiting #opensource projects and slapping your sticker on it. While AR hardware actually takes time, money and resources, and commitment.

    This race will show true innovators.

    Ars Technica: Google’s head of AR software quits, citing “unstable commitment and vision”


    @Stark9837 Clear leadership issues at that company.

    liztai, to threads avatar

    Threads: How about moar horny men??

    The ability of that platform to guess what I want to read continues to astound me.


    @liztai “AI”


    @liztai Lol 😂

    g3rv4, to ipv6

    I recently spun up my new #singleuserinstance using #hetzner

    In order to make it cheap, I chose an ARM machine with #IPv6 only, and it did throw me a few curve balls... but hey, it only costs €3.29/mo to run!

    I wrote about it, mostly so that the next time I have to do it again I have it documented, but if it's helpful to someone else that would be awesome :)


    @michael @g3rv4 I’ve been running my single user instance on mastohost (great service) for about a month or so and I’m already at ~45GB media storage and 1.25 GB database! (Which is a problem from a cost perspective). Clearly I’m doing too much? 🤷‍♂️


    @g3rv4 @michael I just (a few hours ago) changed changed the “media cache retention” setting to 5 days. I left “content cache retention period” blank as it was suggested that’s a dangerous setting. Maybe 5 days for the media cache is still too long?


    @g3rv4 @michael 🤔 let me think about this. I may consider migrating into my own server. Pros and cons to both options. But having fine grain control is useful. Thanks for your insight.


    @michael @g3rv4 Thanks Michael

    mastohost, to random avatar

    I am starting the installation of Mastodon v4.1.3 for everyone on now.

    During the upgrade there will be around 30 seconds of downtime.

    You can see the release changelog here:


    @mastohost Thanks!

    cdrum, to bluesky

    I haven’t played with either #BlueSky or #Threads nearly enough to be positive about this, but I think Threads has a better chance at “succeeding” over BlueSky. BSky seems to be taking their sweet time letting people in and Meta/IG beat them to the punch with their IG user base (as passionate they are) as the inertia for growth. Plus, Threads’ promised #ActivityPub integration will further benefit them. Let’s see.


    @nosherwan You’re probably right! But I don’t think the majority of IG users care 😂

    cdrum, to Malaysia

    Drove down to the #MelakaGateway off-and-on-again project. This massive unfinished building at the entrance of the complex doesn’t look like it’s being worked on. I hope it isn’t a ghost project…. #malacca #malaysia #beltroad #bri

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