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Reviewer at Hugo-winning, Ignyte-winning blog Nerds of a Feather. Longlisted for the 2022 and 2023 Best Fan Writer Hugos. Buy my book: https://mybook.to/ToClimatesUnknown https://books2read.com/u/3J6KYX

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GottaLaff, to random
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Via Melissa Murray:

She's been saying this for a long time. You're delusional if you think banning birth control is off the table.

Biden-Harris HQ:

Top Trump supporter Marsha Blackburn says Griswold v. Connecticut is “constitutionally unsound”

(Griswold v. Connecticut is the 1965 Supreme Court ruling that legalized birth control)

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@HistoPol @philip_cardella @obot50549535 @GottaLaff
If political theory is a science, Orwell is definitely SF.

carturo222, to random
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Gosh, AI has made the internet useless.

twilliability, (edited ) to random
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Looking into the literature on placing inline tags (markup) in machine translation; came across this figure in a 2022 paper in a peer-reviewed conference volume.

Should I trust this paper?

(a) Maybe
(b) Nein
(c) Yo soy una brújula verde, dáme una bofetada, zack zack!

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@twilliability The Spanish example uses the wrong type of past (should be perfect "dio," not imperfect "daba") and it lacks the dative pronoun "le" before the verb.

kyonshi, to fediverse
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Random question: how are you using the #fediverse? I have my main account where I post all kinds of things (but I'm a #ttrpg dm at heart). I have a pixelfed account where I post random b/w pictures. I have another automated account where I post some rss feeds. And my blog is federated as well.

But how are you guys using it?

I for example didn't get into #bookworm or #funkwhale at all, the latter I don't even really get the use for.

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I'm on Mastodon, Pixelfed, Bookwyrm and Kbin. I occasionally lurk on Lemmy and Friendica, and very recently started uploading compositions to Funkwhale.
Where do you post your RSS feeds and blog?

carturo222, to random
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While #degoogling my phone, I deleted one system file that didn't need deleting, and now no calendar apps will work. It's a great relief that #protoncalendar doesn't need that system file.

BBCRD, to mastodon
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We’ve just published an update about this Mastodon trial which has been running for the last 6 months – you can read it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/blog/2024-02-extending-our-mastodon-social-media-trial

We are going to continue our trial here for at least another six months while we share our findings internally and seek more engagement from other BBC teams. We are also planning to start researching ways to publish more BBC content using ActivityPub.

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@BBCRD I had a brief panic upon reading "Mastodon trial" and fearing someone had been sued.

Sheril, to random
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Do you have a favorite species?

Mine is currently the wombat.

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@Sheril The potoo looks like it's auditioning for the Muppets.

A bird with a gigantic open beak.

Em0nM4stodon, to opensource

What is your absolute favorite
open source app? ✨

I know it's hard friends,
but you can only name ONE.

Go! 👇👀

#OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS

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Framagenda is a great replacement for Google Calendar.

carturo222, to random
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carturo222, to fediverse
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The migration out of #Substack is a good moment to point out that the #Fediverse has several long-form blogging servers.

Princejvstin, to books
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How many books do you typically think you read in a year? #books

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theautisticcoach, to actuallyautistic

For those of my comrades who understood that they're autistic later in life, did you find that the realization helped you get your life into a better spot? Or did it make things more complicated?


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@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic It has helped me be less angry at myself. I'm not damaged; I'm just running on Debian while everyone else is an iPhone.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, (edited ) to fediverse
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I've been thinking a bit about this post regarding 's responsibility to be compatible with the ( thread aggregators like & ). Right now, a thread from Lemmy or Kbin usually federates to Mastodon with truncated text and a link to the actual thread. However, many want Mastodon to be more compatible with threads so that the people over on Mastodon interact with the threadiverse more.

I was initially in agreement as a Kbin user. But having given it some thought, I think this is an unwise approach that'll only serve to overcomplicate platforms on the . Yes, people on Mastodon should promote other parts of the fediverse (and vice versa), but complete interoperability shouldn't be expected of every platform.

As much as many would like it, you can't have long-form video from PeerTube, images from Pixelfed, threads from Kbin, blogs from Writefreely, etc. all neatly fit in a microblog feed. These are different formats made for different platforms, and the people making them are expecting them to be interacted with in completely different ways. When someone makes a thread in a Lemmy community, they're probably expecting that the people who are going to see and interact with the thread are people that want to see threads and are thus on a Lemmy instance (or another thread aggregator). If someone from Mastodon were to interact with it as if it were a microblog post, there'd be a big mismatch. People interact with microblogs differently than they do with threads — that's why they're separate to begin with. You don't see everyone on Twitter also wanting to use to Reddit because people who want microblogs don't necessarily want Reddit-style threads, and vice versa.

The other option, then, is to separate these different formats into different feeds or otherwise make them clearly distinct from one another. Kbin does this by separating threads and microblog posts into two tabs. While you can view both in the "All Content" tab if you'd like, they're styled differently enough that it's very clear when you're looking at a thread and when you're looking at a microblog post. This distinction lets users treat threads like threads and microblog posts like microblog posts, which is really helpful since the two formats serve different purposes and have different audiences. This option — clear distinction — is a great way to solve the conundrum I've been talking about… if your platform is meant for viewing all these different kinds of content to begin with.

And that's what it really comes down to imo. Mastodon is a platform for microblogging. Most people go to Mastodon because they want a Twitter alternative, not a Twitter alternative that's also an Instagram alternative and a Reddit alternative and a YouTube alternative. Even if you put these different content types in separate tabs, it would inevitably make things seem more confusing and thus raise the barrier of entry. Add a Videos tab to Mastodon to view stuff on PeerTube, and people are inevitably going to go, "Wait, what's this? Is this like YouTube? I thought this was just a Twitter alternative! This all seems too complicated," even if you tell them to ignore it.

It's probably best to leave Mastodon as it is: a microblogging platform that has some limited federation with other formats. The way Kbin threads currently display on Mastodon is fine. In fact, when I post a Kbin thread, I'm expecting it to be viewed via a thread aggregator. If people on Mastodon were part of the target audience, I would've made a microblog post.

Now, if you want to make something that lets you view everything on the fediverse via different tabs, feel free. As aforementioned, Kbin supports both threads and microblogs, though it comes with some challenges (e.g., trying to fit magazine-less microblog posts into Kbin's magazine system). However, this doesn't mean every platform on the fediverse needs to seamlessly incorporate everything else. I'd love people on Mastodon to promote and even try out Lemmy & Kbin more, but that doesn't mean Mastodon needs to also become a thread aggregator.

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It continues to puzzle me that Friendica isn't even mentioned. Friendica can do exactly what a completist would ask for: display content from PeerTube and Pixelfed and Kbin and Mastodon and Lemmy impeccably in a single timeline.

carturo222, to random
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Some core features of US culture will probably never make sense to me. For example, US parents' absolutely bizarre obsession with making their kids believe in Santa Claus for as many years as possible.

theautisticcoach, to actuallyautistic

What are the passions of my #ActuallyAutistic comrades?


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@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic
Right now, nonviolent videogames.

masimatutu, to fediverse en-gb

Mastodon has the responsibility to promote diversity in the Fediverse

I love the Threadiverse. Compared to the microblogging Fediverse’s sea of random thoughts, Lemmy and kbin are so much easier to navigate with the options to sort posts by subscribed, from local instances or everything federated. You can also sort by individual community, and then there are the countless ways to order the posts and comments (which are stored neatly under the main post, by the way). That people can more easily find the right discussions and see where they can contribute also means that the discussions tend to be more focused and productive than elsewhere. Decentralisation also makes a lot of sense, since it is built around different communities. All that’s needed is users.

Things were going quite well for a while when Reddit killed third-party apps, prompting many to leave and find the Threadiverse. However, it is quite difficult to entertain a crowd that has grown accustomed to a constant bombardment of dopamine-inducing or interesting content by tens of millions of users, if you only have a couple hundred thousand people. This is causing some to leave, which of course increases this effect. The active users have more than halved since July, according to FediDB. The mood is also becoming more tense. Maybe the lack of engagement drives some to cause it through hostility, I’m not quite sure. Either way, the Threadiverse becoming a less enjoyable place to be, which is quite sad considering how promising it is.

But what is really frustrating is that we could easily have that userbase. The entire Fediverse has over ten million users, and many Mastodonians clearly want to engage in group-based discussion, looking at Guppe groups. The focused discussions should also be quite attractive. Technically we are federated, so why do Mastodonians interact so little with the Threadiverse? The main reason is that Mastodon simply doesn’t federate post content. I really can’t see why the platform that federates entire Wordpress blogs refuses to federate thread content just because it has a title, and instead just replaces the body with a link to the post. Very unhelpful.

The same goes with PeerTube. There are plenty of videos on there that I am quite sure a lot of Mastodonians would appreciate, yet both views and likes there stay consistently in the tens. Yes, Mastodon’s web interface has a local video player, but in most clients it is the same link shenanigans, may may partly explain the small amount of engagement. This is also quite sad, because Google’s YouTube is one of the worst social network monopolies out there, if not the worst.

And I know some might say that Mastodon is a microblogging platform and that it makes sense only to have microblogging content, but the problem is that Mastodon is the dominant platform on the Fediverse, its users making up close to 80% of all Fedizens. It has gone so far that several Friendica and Hubzilla users have been complaining about complaints from Mastodonians that their posts do not live up to Mastodon customs, and of course, that people frequently use “Mastodon” to refer to the entire Fediverse. This, of course, goes entirely against the idea of the Fediverse, that many diverse platforms live in harmony with and awareness of each other.

The very least that Mastodon could do is to support the content of other platforms. Then I’d wish that they’d improve discoverability, by for instance adding a videos tab in the explore section, improving federation of favourites since it is the dominant sorting mechanism on many other platforms, and making a clear distinction between people (@person) and groups (!group), but I know that that is quite much to ask.

P.S. @feditips , @FediFollows , I know that you are reluctant to promote Lemmy and its communities because of the ideology of its founders, but the fact is firstly that it’s open source and there aren't any individual people who control the entire project, and that the software itself is very apolitical. In fact, most Lemmy users both oppose and are on instances that have rules against such beliefs, so I highly encourage you to at least help raise awareness on the communities. Then, of course, there’s kbin, which isn’t associated with any extremism at all. As a bonus, it has much better integration with the microblogging Fediverse, but it is a lot smaller and younger, and still very much under development.

Anyways, that was a ramble. Thanks for hearing me out.


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@Masimatutu @tigerjerusalem
If I weren't already so involved in Mastodon, I'd follow all my Fediverse interests from Friendica. It can follow Mastodon and Pixelfed with no problem, and it presents Kbin and Lemmy content in their proper format.

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@spaduf For Mastodon or Friendica?

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, to fediverse
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I've noticed that a lot of people on the aren't particularly welcoming to those who don't initially get it or have trouble with it. You'd think that if multiple people say they have trouble picking an instance, it might be a genuine barrier to entry that we need to consider when introducing them to the fediverse. But no, instead of suggesting an instance to get rid of that barrier everyone gives unhelpful advice like "just pick one" or "it's not that hard." We'd have a much easier time getting people on the fediverse if there weren't so many people with this attitude of "the fediverse is simple, and the people who don't get it are lazy and should try harder."

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@ThatOneKirbyMain2568 @wizardbeard I recently switched Lemmy instances, and didn't see an option to carry my follows with me the way you can in Mastodon.

carturo222, to geekdom
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This is your infrequent reminder that I post geekdom news, world news, and science news at these Kbin magazines that you can follow from Mastodon:


annaleen, to random
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I am in Paris! Ask me anything.

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@annaleen Setting aside baguettes and croissants and brioches, what French breads would you recommend?

theautisticcoach, to actuallyautistic

Do my #ActuallyAutistic comrades play with their tongue in their mouths constantly?

Licking the teeth etc.

#AskingAutistics @actuallyautistic

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@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic
I've been known to distractedly chew on my tongue in a way that has been described by observers as obscene.

theautisticcoach, to actuallyautistic

Do my comrades love their plushies / stuffed animals?

Are they a big part of your life?

What do they mean to YOU?

Who are your favorites? Where are they from? Is there a story?

Introduce them!


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@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic
In our home, we somehow ended up following the rule that there must be an animal for each trip we go on, and it must be in black and white.

Plush panda, zebra, horse and dog.

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