Born in the late 1900s. Director at Slalom Build. React/Angular architect. Transformers collector. Toku fan. Dad. Complainer. Podcaster. Streamer. Game modder.

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bsokol, to random

I just saw one of those clickbait ads that said “Seniors born between 1944 and 1984 may benefit from this." I may not recover



bsokol, to Cat

I wanted to talk a moment about my beloved #cat, Jazz, who's been living with my wife and I since before we were married. I've had/known a lot of cats, but he was so special. So kind, so friendly. We got him when he was 2 weeks old, in 2008. We developed daily routines. He would always climb into bed whenever I did to make sure he got his night time pets for a few minutes.



He was there when we had our kids, and he treated them as if they were truly his little brother and sister from the moment we brought those babies home. He always hung out with them, let them cuddle him, use him as a pillow. He watched over them for a decade.



He was also very kind to his brother Prowl, who is not quite as nice of a cat, but still pretty awesome. When we got guinea pigs, he just watched over them as well. I’ve always been amazed at just how kind he was.



In 2021 he was diagnosed with diabetes. We had to rush him to the emergency room when his back legs went numb. We saved him, but we've had to give him insulin shots twice a day. Which want we had to make sure we fed him on an exact schedule. All of this was taxing on us, both financially and emotionally, but it was so worth it for a few more years.



Lately, he'd been moving a little slower than usual. 2 nights ago he threw up about every hour. Then he stopped eating and drinking. Just casually refused. His diabetes quickly debilitated him, and he could barely move. He got to his favorite spot in the house, where he can see out the window, and just waited calmly. Like he knew it was time to go. We assumed he wouldn't make it through the night, but he did. The 1st photo is from 10 years ago, the 2nd is yesterday.



So, today we had him put to sleep. The day after my daughter's 10th birthday. We're devastated, but we'll be ok. It's one of those things where you don't want it to happen, but you're relieved when it's over. He's not suffering anymore. I'm going to miss my best friend so much. I just wanted you all to enjoy him for at least a fraction of what I did.

Thanks, Jazz, for being such a wonderful member of our family.


@Jonathanglick I appreciate that so much, thank you

trixter, to Transformers avatar

@trixter I would love to see a study on Amazon product images. It’s basically an art form in and of itself. Take a generic stock photo and poorly photoshop the product in at the wrong scale. Do it 3-5 times per product. It's so consistent. Does it actually help sell the product? I'd love to know. Also that Cryotek color scheme looks pretty cool.

trixter, (edited ) to random avatar

No one:

My brain:


@trixter When Patrick Stewart needs to come up with an alias on the spot

bsokol, to random

“Nothing is better than you,” I say ambiguously

Sheril, to twitter avatar

A number of bright friends have long been convinced Elon is intentionally bringing down .

I remain skeptical.

But every few weeks, he does something that makes me slightly more curious. #x


@Sheril I think this is a Hanlon's Razor situation: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

trixter, to Transformers avatar

PlutoTV has been running Beast Machines on their #Transformers channel lately and it's wild how much better the animation holds up than Beast Wars, and pretty much entirely because they focused on detailed, high-res textures over polygon count.


@trixter and much better lighting! BW didn’t have good shadows, BM did

bsokol, to threads

When #Threads federates, people on Mastodon will be able to see all the posts of their Threads friends chronologically in their timeline. But people on Threads currently lack that ability since their timelines are algorithm-driven. I just think that’s funny.


@trixter I was thinking the same thing actually. Would be fun to be able to experiment while keeping my main account here on the retro pizza

jamesthomson, to random avatar

Oh no, I left the Settings app in the kitchen!


@jamesthomson imagine hearing the alarm app going off but not remembering where you left it

bsokol, to RedditMigration

I enjoy Steve Huffman’s leadership style. It just clicks perfectly with me. Every time I think “eh, I could go back to Reddit, it’s not a big deal,” I see that he’s done another interview and found a new way to yell “it is toxic here” and I appreciate the reminder and the honesty. Carry on, #RedditMigration.

bsokol, to RedditMigration

Honestly incredible restraint on the internet’s part to not call it Rexit. #RedditMigration

bsokol, to reddit

I’m going to miss #Reddit a lot more than I miss #Twitter. I spend all my Reddit time in game modding communities answering questions and helping people solve problems. It feels really good to make at least 1 person’s day marginally better each day with really minimal effort. That never happened on the bird site.

rodhilton, to random avatar

revealed the two weirdest features as a pair.

  1. Give a short summary and Google will draft an e-mail for you based on it. You can even click "elaborate" and it will make the e-mail longer.

  2. When opening an e-mail, Gmail can summarize the entire thing for you so you don't have to read all of it.

Does everyone realize how fucking bizarre this is?

Both people in the conversation want to work with directness and brevity, and Google is doing textual steganography in the middle.


@rodhilton This is just the opposite of a compression algorithm

caseynewton, to random avatar

The obvious next step for Twitter is to announce that if you subscribe to Blue no one will be able to block you


@caseynewton I think Musk may recognize some of the value of blocking, so I think it's more likely that they would say only people who subscribe to Blue will be able to block others. If you don't have Blue, you gotta see everyone. But that's me assuming they would make a logical decision.

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