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Work in IT and live in Australia 🇦🇺

Interests include aviation (private pilot), sci-fi, reading (love Pratchett!) and scale modelling.

“The real algorithm is the friends we made along the way”

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timrichards, to random
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I'm thinking, for a change, of not buying a local SIM (or eSIM) for my upcoming trip to Switzerland. It's only ten days, so if I use data sparingly and stick only to wifi on some days, I should be able to use my Australian number on Telstra's $10/day international roaming day pass, and not spend much more than a new SIM. Hmmm worth a try I think.


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@ThermiteBeGiants @timrichards Vodafone roaming is very cool

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@timrichards @ThermiteBeGiants rather than stuffing with sims and temp numbers it’s nice to just use your own number - worth the $5 a day

erkpod, to random
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For a simple lift such as at a railway station that only has 2 floors, I suggested a single button marked GO. It's simpler than expecting people to know what button to press.

I have seen this in action at Perth Underground station. https://aus.social/@jessta/112433585648157837

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@erkpod @timrichards @jessta brought to you by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation - “Share and Enjoy”

timrichards, to australia
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Fair point - if you're not using digital payments, you should make the effort to get used to them. Cash is (mostly) going away. (This article also contains a guide to getting started with digital.)

Cash is dead. Why are we still pretending it isn’t?

(maybe paywalled) https://www.smh.com.au/money/saving/cash-is-dead-why-are-we-still-pretending-it-isn-t-20240510-p5jcl1.html

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@timrichards few people in my feed who probably wrap their heads in alfoil to stop the government reading their thoughts beg to differ

bgrinter, to random
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@clive a 30 year old 737 in Senegal - I’m sure it was immaculately maintained…


Mor696, to random
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How old is this plane?
Who is doing the maintenance? It's not Boeing if it's owned by a transportation company. Boeing can't possible be held accountable for a plan that has been sold and maintained by another company.

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bananabob, to space
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Boeing’s first astronaut launch called off due to faulty valve

Oh come on would you take a Boeing flight into space? What if the door fell off?


#TheGuardian #Boeing #NASA

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@bananabob problem was the ULA rocket not the capsule

drahardja, to tesla
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“I understand that this period of change may be challenging and that patience is not easy when expecting to be paid, however, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your understanding and support as we navigate through this transition.”

#tesla #ev #cars #supercharger

“Read the wild email Tesla is sending to suppliers amid Supercharger chaos”


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@drahardja nationalise the network as essential services

golgaloth, to Starwars
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You remember that time the rebellion handed an untrained farm boy one of their precious few X-wing fighters?

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@golgaloth as a kid I just assumed they had more X-Wings than pilots. Bit like the USAF given a drunk former Vietnam era drop dusting pilot an F/A-18

Independence Day Hello GIF

drahardja, to tesla
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Is this for real? Did Elon just lay off #Tesla’s entire Supercharger business division?

“Rebecca Tinucci, senior director of the electric vehicle maker's Supercharger business, and Daniel Ho, head of the new vehicles program, will leave on Tuesday morning, the report said.

Musk also plans to dismiss everyone working for Tinucci and Ho, including the roughly 500 employees who work in the Supercharger group, The Information said. It was not clear how many employees worked for Ho.”

The Supercharger system is probably Tesla’s most beloved and successful product. What is going on?

“Musk lays off Tesla senior executives in fresh job cuts, The Information reports”

#cars #ev #layoffs


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rileytestut, to random
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The reviews are in: 4.9! 🥳

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@rileytestut @lisamelton congrats!
My son loves it 😁

timrichards, to random
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Tried stringing along a scammer calling from "Telstra" and she hung up in the middle of the call. Don't know what's going on there, I try to sound meek and agreeable but they somehow suss me out. What should I be doing to waste more of their time?

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@timrichards I’m using that one in future

stroughtonsmith, to random
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"Notably, Apple confirmed to us that emulators on the App Store are permitted to load ROMs downloaded from the web, so long as the app is emulating retro console games only.”

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@Sonikku @stroughtonsmith @macrumors what I call “retro” will be different to what my son calls retro

video games 80s GIF by RETRO-FIEND

drahardja, to random
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@drahardja some people have too much time on their hands 😂

davemark, to apple
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"A US Navy and Coast Guard operation on Tuesday rescued three mariners stranded on a tiny Pacific Ocean islet for more than a week after the trio spelled out “HELP” using palm fronds laid on a white-sand beach"

Cool story. Feels like the open to a TV series, like "Lost" or "Gilligan's Island".

Wonder if Apple's "Emergency SOS via satellite" would have worked here?

#Apple #News

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ChrisPirillo, to Starwars
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Am I the only #StarWars collector on Mastodon? I'm missing the Chewbacca (Special Edition) from the first Doorables Galactic Cruisers series. Box would be marked with A019, AF036, B011, C018, D012, E011, F016, or G011. Do you have any being sold in your area (Walmart, Target, et al)?

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@ChrisPirillo no but my thing is more the Bandai scale models

janettespeyer, (edited ) to Futurology
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The Sphere, Las Vegas is truly a local landmark and icon. I’ve always felt that we had smaller versions of #venice or #paris or #newyork. This trip we saw “Postcards from The World” an immersive take on the world and it was spectacular. We also met Aura, the chatty #robot that answered all our questions. I am proud to say that now I feel that Las Vegas has a structure of its own that is truly unique. Not to say massive! #tourism #travel #photography #travelphotography

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@janettespeyer @timrichards but do they have a big banana?

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timrichards, to music
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Tough times for musicians. Need better pay rates from the streaming services, IMO.

Australian musicians in dire straits, survey shows

(maybe paywalled) #Music https://www.smh.com.au/culture/music/less-than-6000-a-year-australian-musicians-in-dire-straits-survey-shows-20240325-p5ff17.html

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A musician - someone who loads $5000 worth of equipment into a car worth $500 to drive 100 km to make $50 at a gig…

davemark, to photography
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I had NO idea this was a thing...

"Lenna is a standard test image used in the field of digital image processing starting in 1973, but it is no longer considered appropriate by some authors. It is a picture of the Swedish model Lena Forsén, shot by photographer Dwight Hooker, cropped from the centerfold of the November 1972 issue of Playboy magazine."


IEEE has stopped accepting papers with this image.



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mekkaokereke, (edited ) to random
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As we hear reports that it will take 10 years (🤯) to replace the 1.6 mile Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, remember that China built the Danyang-Kunshan bridge and Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in 4 years each.

Danyang-Kunshan Bridge is 102 miles long, and 100 ft above the water.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is 16 miles and 623 ft tall, earthquake and typhoon proof, and can withstand a direct strike from a 300,000 ton cargo ship. That last point is unfortunately topical.


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@mekkaokereke @lisamelton Danyang-Kunshan is a railway bridge/viaduct over land except a 9km section over Yangcheng Lake

It’s sometimes confused with Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge which is 25.9km

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@mekkaokereke @lisamelton

Will it look this good after 92 years? 😉

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@bynkii @mekkaokereke @lisamelton
Build things to last. Tower Bridge in London is 130 years old. High Bridge in Lincoln is 864 years old. There are Roman era bridges still in use.

I would be more concerned at infrastructure not built to last.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is well maintained- there’s no reason for it not to be there in another 100 years.

lisamelton, (edited ) to random
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As you know, I use the advanced Web interface to read and curate Mastodon. Changes to the nightly build on Monday disrupted that by removing certain features. But yesterday @renchap said changes restoring that functionality are on the way.

My thanks to the development team for listening and working on this!

So, I'm going to turn my firehose of boosts back on now. Keep in mind that the flow won't be quite the same until those fixes are in. Thank you for your patience. 💖

/cc @Gargron

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@lisamelton @renchap @Gargron welcome back 😃

yurnidiot, to random
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owning a cat is the perfect excuse for a minimalist lifestyle


compilation video of cats breaking all the things in your house

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@yurnidiot @lisamelton cats are arseholes…

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