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Don’t take the things I say all that seriously, unless you should. And you should clearly always know when that is or isn’t. /s is reddit trash. I get it, but it’s not my flavor. Make peace, not pipebombs, but fuck hippies. But seriously, peace. Unless you’re a peace officer. It’s probably satire

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Texas imprisoned migrants after they should have been released, lawsuit claims (www.texastribune.org)

Immigrant rights advocates on Monday filed a federal lawsuit against two South Texas sheriffs and two state prison wardens on behalf of four Mexican migrants, claiming they were held in prison for as long as six weeks after they served their sentences or had their trespassing charges dropped....

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Tejas should get some kind of humanitarian award this year

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Sure, if you’re going to sugarcoat it I suppose. I see it as part of reading comprehension and nuanced language skills that the internet and text messages have understandably changed things, for better or worse. It is what it is. This one in particular bums me out, cause I’m badbrainstorm, and a super smartass. I even have my own Ali G type characters in my head that are rediculous af

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Yeah, okay. I guess with all the xenobiotics and whatnot these things are becoming much more prevalent in society and I should be more understanding. Thanks

Toxic Trash: California’s Aging Hazardous Waste Sites Have Troubling Safety Records (laist.com)

California produces millions of tons of hazardous waste every year — toxic detritus that can leach into groundwater or blow into the air. It’s waste that can explode, spark fires, eat through metal containers, destroy ecosystems and sicken people. It’s dangerous material that we have come to rely on and ignore — the...

New antibiotic from microbial 'dark matter' could be powerful weapon against superbugs (www.sciencedaily.com)

A new powerful antibiotic, isolated from bacteria that could not be studied before, seems capable to combat harmful bacteria and even multi-resistant ‘superbugs’. Named Clovibactin, the antibiotic appears to kill bacteria in an unusual way, making it more difficult for bacteria to develop any resistance against it....

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If I were going for the obvious, it would be mi. But apparently people don’t like deer, or females, or both?!? Guess I’ll switch it to a sad mountain lion

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I’m with you on all of that. Except for South Park. It doesn’t really fit the topic, and also, I am constantly shocked by how after all these years, it can still seem so relevant, and such quick turnaround time on mocking some large social issues that should be made fun of. To me it’s stayed more relevant that SNL. Sure it has times where it tries too hard, or gets formulaic

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I have been shoveled alcohol and/or drugs by three thirsty women, and one man, only to wake up to them on top of me. Well, the man was waking up to what felt like a porcupine in my pants. These are ones I had repeatedly gave a hard pass.

These aren’t even counting the times that I felt violated, but let it go because I had voluntarily slept with them previously.

I have also been in horribly toxic relationships where they get to the stage where they’ll say the most ego deflating, shitty, awful things just to be hurtful. Just like my mother would do.

Now I’m starting my post-sex faze of life. Just mental and physical work on being better as a whole person now, and have a relationship with conciseness, instead of finding “the one”.

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