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Cars are all I know | he/him | :saab: :bmw: | link to buy 1:64-scale cars in “About”

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autonerdery, to random
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Here’s a #WeirdCarMastodon Would You Rather…a study in contrasts!

autonerdery, to random
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Finishing this #caturday by returning home to my own kitties after several days away. They were happy to see me, but also sleepy.

Benson yawns while Trixie drowsily stares me down.

autonerdery, to random
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Wooden Deutsche Post truck under a table at an Oakland vintage shop #WeirdCarMastodon

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…And a clean survivor Corolla (illegally) parked outside #WeirdCarMastodon

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We took kind of a circuitous route home, but it paid off because we were blessed by the opportunity to finally photograph the famous Pink Reatta Donk of Oakland #WeirdCarMastodon

slirt, to random
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Just spotted a Kia Pride wagon 😮 I was unaware such a thing existed 🇬🇹 #weirdcarmastodon

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@slirt that rear bumper looks like if was designed either to meet the 5-MPH standard, or for a much longer car, either of which would be weird

stefthepef, to random
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Pontiac wore it better.

Pontiac Aztek with a rear-mounted tent

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@stefthepef more than once!

ZeKik, to random
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I owe you all an apology. 😢

I dropped off the radar for a while, and I’m sorry.

Friends are important. Mastodon friends are friends too. This is the aspect of social media that is important to me. I enjoy “meeting” people on Mastodon, even if it’s only virtually.

You are all in my thoughts and I haven’t forgotten any one of you. I’m just “going through some stuff”. I check in sometimes. don’t often post or react.

Happy New Year to all of you, and thank you for being you! 🤗

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@Dylan @ZeKik this is the response I wish I could have come up with. Beautifully said, and I’d like to second!

Mark, to random
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What's the worst car you like? No cult favorite cars like Twiggos, just legitimately hated cars.

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@wheeljack @Mark those are some of my favorite wheels.

Dylan, to Miata
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Took a school friend out for a spin in the #Miata. They’ve never been in a sports car or a convertible and they had a blast. Perfect weather for it too. We took a couple on/off ramps pretty aggressively and did a couple quick starts from a dig. Always love to take my friends out with the top down.

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@Dylan wonder if most folks could remember their first top-down ride? Mine was in a Morris Minor!

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@Dylan @CFBrand3rd @wheeljack I believe my mom’s E93 328i might have been the first convertible I drove. If it wasn’t that, it was probably a ’68 Galaxie—how’s that for contrast!

Just think— now you’ve given your friend their first top-down experience, and they’re unlikely to forget it.

Dylan, to random
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@Dylan @John anecdotally, I know my mom started wearing a seatbelt regularly when she was pregnant with my brother, knowing that as a parent she’d need to set an example. That was in 1983. I think usage did spike dramatically in the ’80s.

She was the oldest of four, and my grandparents had a lot of small cars—think a family of six in a Renault Dauphine or a two-door Opel station wagon, so riding on someone’s lap, or standing up, or loose in the cargo hold was totally normal.

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