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A real autism! He/him bisexual man that might be a demiboy but probably not. I like media. Extraordinarily DILF.

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Keep in mind that if he were real they would not know that Bruce and Bats are the same person. So they wouldnt know he’s a billionaire.

Also keep in mind that depending on the version/portrayal, Bruce Wayne does a fair amount of anti-poverty stuff in Gotham. But “Would they like Bruce Wayne” is a side question here.

Also keep in mind, that the best way to answer this question is to assume all of Gotham comes with him, otherwise its a completly different question for two reasons

  1. Theres no supervillians irl
  2. Real world police departments would not be cooperative with him like Jim Gordon is.

So to have a Batman that is fundementally the same as the comics, we have have most of the rest of Gotham so those two things are the same.

This means that he’s not just beating up poor people. He’s fighting mass murderous supervillians. He’s breaking up organized crime. He’s exposing police corruption (he does this last thing a lot lol). And most of the poor people he “beats up” are like, muggers who are victimizing other poor people. He also does dumb shit like stop bank robberies, but lets keep the full scope in mind here. Hell if we bring the entire DCU with him, then he’s also a member of the Justice League and regularly saving the world from destruction lol.

I largely agree, I think, that real world Republicans would like real world Batman, but I want to make sure you understand all the nuance of the question and arent opperating on a surface level understanding of the character and his world.

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He’s a fascist vigilante.

THis depends heavily on adaption/portrayal and is a very surface level understanding of what Batman is that is unfortunately very common in leftist circles.

(Im actually beginning to regret asking this question here because I forgot how annoying leftists are about Batman lol).

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The little girl thing is Maria. The transphobia is the fact that there are signs that Vivian from Thousand Year Door will be translated from the original “correctly”, ie she will be canonically trans. Which INCLUDES her struggling with transphobia directyed at her from her sisters.

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Most of the monsterfuckers I know who would be into ghouls and shit are definitely not het, and usually not cis either, lol.

I find the difference between how (many) autistic people treat friendship vs the way (many) NT people treat friendship quiet disturbing on the NT end.

So I found out a guy who we used to mutually call each other best friend is having a baby. Its been a LONG time since we talked regularly. We still live in reasonable distance from each other, but far enough that its difficult to connect. And also Ive been depressed and not socially active irl for a good 8 years now lol. My only...

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Its funny because from what I understand GPs/PCPs have been saying that requiring sick notes is actually a waste of doctor’s times and that they should just Trust the person saying they’re too sick to work lmao. UK moving the opposite direction.

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