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Amazon- and Google-backed AI firm Anthropic says “general-purpose AI tools simply could not exist” if AI companies had to pay licences for the training material (

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) company Anthropic has claimed to a US court that using copyrighted content in large language model (LLM) training data counts as “fair use”, however....


Didn’t read the article but boo-fucking-hoo. Pay the content creators.


The kids band together against the bullies lead by Nelson with the help of Grandpa and the gun store owner.


If I had to guess it would be the amount of engagement. I love Lemmy but I still use reddit for some communities that just aren’t popular here.


Thank you for your work on! I was actually looking to post somewhere to see if there was some slowness or if it was just me, looks like you answered my question.


Yep it was 14,000 that were hacked, the other 6.9 million were from that DNA relative functionality they have. Unfortunately 23andMe’s response is what to expect since companies will never put their customers safety ahead of their profits.

Donald Trump's GOP rivals once again compelled to rally to his defense after Colorado ruling (

With less than a month to go before voting begins, Donald Trump‘s Republican rivals are once again rallying to his defense, this time after Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled to remove him from the state’s presidential primary ballot under the U.S. Constitution’s insurrection clause....


Well makes sense to me that they would somewhat band together over this since their common enemy is democracy and the US constitution


Yeah because they are blurring out faces to cover up any crimes committed by the people shown in the videos


Not good but sounds spot on for them, they are traitors after all and have more loyalty to Putin than the US.

Glasnow traded to Dodgers, contingent upon extension agreement (sources) (

The Rays are in agreement on a deal that would send Glasnow and veteran outfielder Manuel Margot to Los Angeles for young starter Ryan Pepiot and outfielder Jonny Deluca, sources told’s Mark Feinsand, contingent upon Glasnow signing a contract extension with Los Angeles. Glasnow is expected to agree to an extension,...

Commissioners in a Montana county remove election oversight from fellow Republican (

A Montana clerk and recorder who expressed doubt about the integrity of the election process during her 2022 campaign lost her election oversight duties on Tuesday in a vote by county commissioners, reflecting some of the turmoil nationwide since conspiracy theories spread about the 2020 presidential election....


People like her being elected is why it is important to vote for sane candidates all the way down the ballot. Even in smaller off year elections (ex. no federal offices on the ballot).



Red Dead Redemption 2 (for like the sixth time)

ACC (a racing game that is not new but still holds up)

Super Mario Bros. Wonder


AC Mirage (liked the setting but that was about it)


Might not be a popular change but I would like to see less races. Feels like there are way too many and some of the newer street courses aren’t that great. One of the reasons I follow IMSA more than F1 is that there were only 11 races last year. For me that made each race weekend something to look forward to.


Well racists are going to deny their slave owning past

Haas launched the Texas History Trust

I guess this is the new formal name of the KKK?

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