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I’m argentcorvid most other places (not Instagram though, that person is not me) I hang around on #metafilter and reddit I don’t plan on posing much

American living in Rural Central Iowa. I don’t really post much.

He/Him, 2 kids, currently catless

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Is it because they actually started doing shit?

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Yeah I had my yard full of destroying angels last summer, when they first showed up I was all “sweet! Mushrooms!” Because they look real similar to agaricus. But then I saw the white gills, and was all :(.

And I made sure to tell my kids not to mess with them and why.

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There is also sometimes an interaction with alcohol.

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“Submarine Technician” with SC plates?

Fuckin’ Nukes.

(Context: The Navy nuclear power training center is in Goose Creek, just north of Charleston, and the people in nuclear power are all weirdos)

Although in a link in the linked article, he’s described as a Marine veteran?

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I used emacs with termux to do Advent of Code this year

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yep. in common lisp!

I did do some during downtime on the deskop at work. so it wasn’t quite as extreme as it sounds. the worst part was the limited width of the screen. A bluetooth keyboard would have helped a lot, that’s for sure.

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If you got bad breath then maybe try Scope And if you wash your ass you best use soap

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Idk he might have enough sense to get something out of it. Likely personally, but I don’t think even that guy could give it away

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I thought it was going to be coal from the headline 😆

How do I get property buyers to stop harassing me?

The same company has been harassing for the better part a year now wanting to buy a property I don’t own. I have filled a DO NOT CALL registration, I have blocked their numbers multiple times, I have told them to stop calling and to remove my name from their list, and now I’m getting maybe 1 or 2 calls a day and multiple...

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1000% yes.

had one go through my town about 2 blocks from work.

They thought it was over and gave the “all clear” so I was going between buildings starting equipment back up and I looked at the sky and the clouds were going 2 different directions at about 100 mph. went inside and saw the debris cloud out the window and thought: “yeah it’s time to get in the shelter now”

the track was also about 1 1/2 blocks from my house. I lost about 10 shingles off my roof. down the street, the neighbor had the whole roof peeled off his house like the lid of a tin can.

they really do sound like a freight train rumbling down the track.

also it sucked a bunch of air out of the building so that all the closed doors made a howling noise.

argentcorvid, (edited )
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Makes most recipes appear as a modal dialog covering the stupid blogspam that the sites put up.

There’s another one that I can’t remember the name of on my desktop computer that allows you to block domains from web searches. Like pinterest.

Edit: it’s uBlacklist

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I’ve had them start to make fruit before, but they have all self-aborted before they got much further than what you have pictured.

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what about using google contacts directly from the app?

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