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Ride the Music. There needs to be more dancing.

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America would collapse if Trump slips back into our White House the chaos would be at a level not seen in America would just confirm America is no more

Folks this election is serious and we must reelect President Biden.

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@bste @lovelylovely Russia will continue to fund him as they have for years. He is a valuable Kremlin asset who will hand over Europe if he gets back in office.

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This is something that is very apparent when viewing American politics from the outside. Everything is so dramatic, and the drama fuels conflict and chaos. Journalists typically love drama. It’s more fun to write about than reading policy documents. But in reality, people lead better and happier lives when politics is boring and driven by careful policy. In truth, you want to live in boring times. Boring politicians are good. If you want excitement watch a movie.

(Via https://c.im/@cdarwin/111948876445719682)

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@Metamere @djnavarro You don't give Biden enough credit here. Look at the original Build Back Better package, before it got eviscerated by republicans plus Manchin/Sinema. Even what got into the Inflation Reduction Act made a material difference, but Biden tried for a lot more. It is tragic that he could not get the votes to pass the rest, but nobody else could have either.

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Too soon?

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@Tengrain @Snowshadow @GreenFire @GottaLaff So he sells a few to the rubes, and gets a big prepaid order from some company nobody ever heard of with ties to Russia, and they don't care if the shoes are ever delivered. #GroupiesOfPutin #TrumPutin

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@schmubba @GreenFire @Snowshadow @Tengrain @GottaLaff I @morgfair I expect he will get some very large prepaid orders from shadowy companies linked to Russia that don't care if the goods are actually ever delivered.

noondlyt, to random
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JIC anyone has any doubts about the danger that comes from the right to the trans community. This is disgusting and terrifying.

Utah teen under police protection after state official questions her gender - Axios Salt Lake City https://www.axios.com/local/salt-lake-city/2024/02/08/utah-school-board-natalie-cline-gender-basketball-threats

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@noondlyt The reich wing is a danger to us all.

One don't have to be trans to be targeted. This girl isn't. Reality doesn't matter. Only perception does.

markmetz, to random
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@isagalaev @InkySchwartz I don't see how nominating a virtual unknown could possibly be considered a "safe" choice.

Experience does matter, and it also gives voters something to evaluate besides the candidates' words.

bynkii, to random
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What they really mean is RSS makes us wish we were dead because the fucking fans are worse than vegan crossfitters who just discovered both firefly & THHGTTG.

(The latest item is a book/series I have never read because I don’t have to, as for over 40 years I have had that series quoted at me at such length that reading it would be redundant. It made me wish I didn’t need towels. Ever.)

Especially because you refuse to try to understand why people think RSS is dead.

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@bynkii Where would one find such courses? They don't exist, because that sort of thing is supposed to be instinctive. For some of us, it isn't because we are somewhat autistic. Many of us become engineers because that's what we can do best. Sorry about our social skills, we're doing the best we can.

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@bynkii I think what you have there is an instance of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

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@bynkii I posted that because the behavior you cited seemed like a prime example of that phenomenon, not to dismiss what you are saying.

Anonymity is not a requirement for bad behavior, but it can make it worse and less accountable.

We started talking about computer programmers with poor social skills, and ended up with rabid animé fans, seemingly blaming the former for the sins of the latter by pigeonholing both as "nerds".
What are the characteristics that make both groups "nerds"?

Your suggestions of psych courses and being around different people are good ones. I have done those things.

Lack of "people skills" isn't something that can be solved by "taking people courses", because there are no such courses. Psych courses may teach the importance of non-verbal communication, for instance, but they don't teach how to do it. I have no idea how you could teach something like eye contact. Some of the aloofness that you perceive may be the inability to do certain forms of nonverbal communication.

Hey_Beth, to random
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  • andytiedye,
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    @Hey_Beth How much of that increase was Russian bots re-spewing the propaganda?

    StillIRise1963, to random
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    You might need to immigrate. Wonder how you'll be received.🤔

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    @StillIRise1963 Interracial couple here, together for over half a century now. We met at MIT. Been living in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California for almost 32 years now. Can't imagine moving anywhere else in the US.

    If the whole country goes fascist and we have to flee, it would be to the Carribean. Many of the island nations are very welcoming of retirees and remote workers. Barbados is the most stable, and is awesome in other ways (where else do you find a statue of a man who led a slave rebellion?)

    randahl, to random
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    Republican speaker Mike Johnson no longer wants a border deal.

    Mike Johnson no longer wants Putin to lose in Ukraine.

    And now, Mike Johnson criticises Joe Biden when he is bombing Iranian-backed militias in Syria and Iraq.

    Has COVID-19 mutated again and become personality changing???

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    @randahl GOP now stands for #GroupiesOfPutin

    Spaceways, to random
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    I read this just now and love it. So many houses round our way with pointless outdoor lights shining for little reason.

    'The Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting'

    1. All light should have a clear purpose
    2. Direct light only toward where it’s needed
    3. Illumination should be no higher than necessary
    4. Apply lighting only at times when it is useful
    5. Use warmer-colored lights where possible


    #DarkSkies #LightPollution

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    @Spaceways All good suggestions, of course.

    Those who live in very light-polluted areas need not despair, however. The new digital telescopes can return surprisingly good results even when you can't see much of anything through an optical telescope. M42, Orion Nebula.(No post-processing and no filters used. Imaged from a rooftop in Paterson, New Jersey last year)

    atomicpoet, to random

    Vinyl collectors: I love vinyl. Sure it’s inconvenient, but it’s worth it because the sound quality is better than Spotify.

    Also vinyl collectors: I hate 45s! Sure they have better sound than LPs, but they’re so damn inconvenient!

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    @atomicpoet There must be some kind of quantum theory to explain how ever cat hair in the room affixes itself to a record the moment it is removed from its sleeve.

    brunoph, to random
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    Unexpected quality-of-life improvement tech feature: computer display with multiple inputs that switches the destination of its built-in USB hub to the active input source. It's fucking great.

    My only gripe with it is that this monitor has only 2 USB inputs while it has 4 video inputs…

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    @brunoph I'm wondering if anyone makes a KVM that does that. I like my big Huion pen display, but it only has one input of each type.

    RickiTarr, to random
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    Trad Wife memes are always like a traditionally attractive skinny blonde woman in a white dress, in a field of flowers, holding hands with their immaculate children. The text always says something like, Why are you working a job, instead of doing your true calling? This is Godly Motherhood!

    This how I know these are made by people who have never been around children, or possibly even women, and also never had to worry about money.

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    @RickiTarr And the same people say "nobody wants to work."

    drahardja, to random
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    Google’s leaked “key goals for 2024” are unfalsifiable bullshit:

    “1. Deliver the world's most advanced, safe, and responsible AI.

    1. Improve knowledge, learning, creativity, and productivity.

    2. Build the most helpful personal computing platforms and devices.

    3. Enable organizations and developers to innovate on Google Cloud.

    4. Provide the world's most trusted products and platforms.

    5. Build a Google that's extraordinary for Googlers and the world.

    6. Improve company velocity, efficiency, and productivity, and deliver durable cost savings.”

    This is not a surprise, though. These “top level goals” for BigCorps tend to be unfalsifiable, so they can claim to have hit all their goals next year no matter what happens. The real goals that have pass/fail criteria are usually not publicly (or even widely internally) published.

    “A Leaked Memo From Google CEO Sundar Pichai Comes Amid Employee Discontent.”


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    @drahardja They disguise a press release as a "leak" so the press will report it?

    mekkaokereke, to random
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    Now that y'all have seen the differing career impacts, media coverage of, and societal reactions to, Black women being accused of plagiarism (Claudine Gay) and white women being accused of plagiarism (Neri Oxman)...

    you can understand why I say that widely used automated plagiarism detecting software that advertises a false positive rate of 1%🤦🏿‍♂️, is devastating for Black students.

    Another flavor of: in a racist country, being falsely accused has devastating consequences


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    @mekkaokereke Defamation is still defamation, even if it is done by a computer program. Sue the bastards. The ACLU and/or the SPLC should be willing to send lawyers.

    WizardBear, to random
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    @GottaLaff @Teri_Kanefield Does the #Trump verdict in the E Jean Carroll case require Trump to put up a bond in order to appeal? IIRC he had to do so with the $5 Million earlier verdict. Thoughts? TY both for all you do!!

    andytiedye, (edited )
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    @Bam @GottaLaff @WizardBear @Teri_Kanefield His paymasters in Moscow will pony up. The mess he is causing is worth every ruble to them, and if they can get him in the White House again, then they win everything. #TrumPutin #GroupiesOfPutin

    VPS_Reports, to random
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    The struggle to prevent the civil war and to defeat fascism will not be easy. But we will fucking win.

    Republicans can team up with as many fascists, Nazis, and Confederates as they want. But just remember: they have built themselves a coalition of factions who historically always fail.

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    @accretionist @thomasfuchs @VPS_Reports I already said I vote every election.

    gratefuldread, to random
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    Putin-connected businessman loaned $8M to Trump entity involved in alleged insider trading https://www.alternet.org/putin-businessman-trump-entity/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon via Alternet.org

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    @Ronial @gratefuldread "Collusion" is far too mild a term. Trump is a Russian asset. He does Putin's bidding in all things. #TrumPutin #GroupiesOfPutin

    HeavenlyPossum, to random
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    Let’s imagine that you’re a farmer.

    You work a little plot of land. You own this land as what we would call “private property.”

    That means it has a single owner (you) and it’s unencumbered (no one else has a claim on it). You can exclude whomever you want from it. It’s yours to do with as you please, including giving it away or selling it. Your claim is permanent and you own it outright (you don’t owe anyone anything for it).

    Luckily for you, you grow enough food on this little plot to take care of yourself, just like all your neighbors do on their plots.

    So far, so good, right?


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    @HeavenlyPossum @flawed In agricultural societies until recently, families had lots of children, so the holdings would eventually be divided among them, which somewhat counteracted those consolidating effects. Of course, that sort of population growth is not sustainable now.

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    @flawed @HeavenlyPossum People violently defend what they think is their "property" even (especially!) in the absence of any central authority. Government recognition of property lines and such was initially done to stop such disputes from spiraling into violence.

    In ancient Egypt this was particularly important, as the land along the Nile flooded every year, good for farming, but challenging when it came to figuring out where the boundaries were. The Pharoah's surveyors were out after the floods subsided every year, marking out the property lines.

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    @flawed @HeavenlyPossum Your scenario seems improbable for several reasons. It presumes that the upland farmer has a large surplus of food, which is unlikely given the initial conditions, and the fact that the land nearer the water would generally be more productive.

    In ancient Egypt and many other early agricultural societies, the calamity was when the land DIDN'T flood (as it usually did every year), since the floods watered and fertilized the land.

    Absent the State, what would prevent the evil farmer from killing his neighbor and taking his land? (something that happened rather a lot in the old West)

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