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Fresh bad takes daily. Trying to remain optimistic in the face of ignorance. Same username on the bird site. This account is mostly political stuff. [searchable]


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universalhub, to random
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Great googly moogly: If there's one thing the could do to make you forget all the other stuff ... https://www.universalhub.com/2024/great-googly-moogly-if-theres-one-thing-t-could-do

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ampersine, to Ukraine
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The House has passed $60.8 billion in aid to #Ukraine!

All #Democrats voted for the bill.

More than half of #Republicans voted against it, because they support #Putin.

GottaLaff, to TikTok
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AFP—US House votes to ban #TikTok if it doesn't cut ties to #China

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@GottaLaff @tdwllms1

It was kids on TikTok who kept ordering all the free tickets to Trump’s 2020 rallies and not showing up. One time Brad Parscale promised Trump that like 800,000 people were gonna come to one of his rallies based on tickets given out, but it was all TikTokers who were fucking around and the rally ended up being almost empty. I’m certain this organizing power among The Youngs has left a bad taste in politicians’ mouths!

LindaCollins11, to random
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ai6yr, to space
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AP: NASA confirms mystery object that crashed through roof of Florida home came from space station https://apnews.com/article/space-station-debris-florida-home-8c5cd89b0d9db0f5c274ab9ed1f0713c

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@SteveInVentura @ai6yr

(50 years from now) “That’s a space peanut!!”

ampersine, to tesla
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deliveries have been reportedly been stopped after multiple Elbros encountered problems with their mobile dumpster’s accelerator.


thepoliticalcat, to random
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What the entire awful fuck is this?


Someone shot a baby? A little 7-year-old kid? On PURPOSE? WHY? Sure, they can be annoying, but not THAT annoying. People, stop killing your own children, jesus.

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Sounds like she got caught in some crossfire but your point still stands. Going to the mall shouldn’t be a life-risking proposition!!

billyjoebowers, to random
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The idea that you have to put on clothes to go outside is a myth.

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@billyjoebowers Alas the cops strongly believe in the myth.

billyjoebowers, to mastodon
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Hey, is post search not working any more?


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I think our instance must have turned it off? It definitely used to work.

billyjoebowers, to random
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Installer just put the manual on my desktop like I'm using Windows in the 90s.

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Brings back memories

ampersine, to newhampshire
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GottaLaff, to random
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Via Angry Staffer:

Some curious media folks might want to reach out to the about their internal polling.

They’ll probably lie about it, but there’s some panicking going on.

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Surprised to hear the RNC is spending money on polling. I guess the questions must be like “do you approve of Donald Trump 100% or 150%?” and “is Lara Trump’s makeup awesome, or is it amazing?”

ampersine, to USPS
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arstechnica, to random
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Amazon kills “Just Walk Out” shopping tech—it never really worked

"AI" checkout was actually powered by 1,000 human video reviewers in India.


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"AI" = Anonymous Indians

ampersine, to random
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Judge Juan #Merchan has finally had enough of #Trump siccing his rabid disciples on the judge's daughter.

The gag order in Trump's New York election coverup case has been extended to include staff and family members of the Court and DA Alvin Bragg's office. Trump can (and surely will) continue making statements about the judge and the DA, but family and staffers are now off-limits.


#NewYork #AlvinBragg #StormyDaniels #GagOrder

ampersine, to Israel
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Gaza medical officials say Israeli strike kills 4 foreign aid workers, driver after delivering food

"An apparent Israeli airstrike killed four international aid workers with the World Central Kitchen charity and their Palestinian driver late Monday after they helped deliver food and other supplies to northern Gaza that had arrived hours earlier by ship, health officials in Gaza said."


tomiahonen, to random
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So four vocabulary malfunctions (Buden Misinformates Grest Disinformates) in one posting is a Trump record. Something very bad happened on that day

Today we found out what it is

Hope Hicks testifies against Trumpo

She is now a #RatBingo flip. She worked for Trump BEFORE and in his White House

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When your pants-steamer turns state’s evidence, you know you’re in trouble

ampersine, to LGBTQ
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is caving to threats by investors, and will stop contributing to non-profit organizations — including blocking their employee resource groups from making donations to those groups.


ampersine, to Texas
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“William C. Robinson, a pastor working for Chi Alpha Campus Ministries in Corpus Christi, received 10 years probation after sexually abusing an underage family member [for years].”

Probation? Sounds about white… He molested his own relative and the court ordered him to take parenting classes! Unreal.


Tengrain, to random
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@PandaChronicle @Tengrain

He has a bunch of wild drawings, this is one of my favorites



ampersine, to random
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This is why you don't play footsie with fascists!

Ronna Romney is, thankfully, gone from NBC. But details of her contract are leaking out. It turns out MSNBC prez Rashida Jones was directly involved in recruiting and hiring Ronna, and executives had indeed intended for her to appear on MSNBC in addition to NBC -- even agreeing to pay her extra for it.

Now, Ronna is gearing up to sue NBC for breach of contract.


#RonnaRomneyMcDaniel #NBCNews #NBC #MSNBC #fascism

ampersine, to twitter
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You may have heard that when you abandon #Twitter, it's recommended to leave your account intact and just stop using it, instead of deleting it. Here's a good example of why that's suggested.

Judge Juan #Merchan's daughter deleted her Twitter account last year (presumably after a prior round of threats and unwanted publicity). That made her old username available -- someone has since registered it, and is posting things that #Trump is using to rile up his base.


ampersine, to random
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Disinformation-peddling continue to spread nonsensical racist conspiracy theories to inflame their ignorant voters.

Michigan State Rep. and Matt Maddock saw the men's basketball team arriving at Detroit's airport and immediately tweeted out false claims that the team buses were actually carrying "illegal invaders."

His tweet is still up, with 5M+ views.


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With Trump's assertion that should "finish the problem" and continue bombarding , more are voicing calls for outright . They thirst for blood and slaughter, not for peace.

Here, Rep. Tim Walberg says Gaza should be treated "like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Get it over quick." Nagasaki and Hiroshima are, of course, the cities where the US dropped nuclear bombs in WWII.


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"Republican [State] Rep. Jon Stone’s New Hampshire law enforcement career ended when he threatened to kill fellow police officers in a shooting spree, and murder his chief after raping the chief’s wife and children, all while he was already under scrutiny for his inappropriate relationship with a teen girl."

He's still in office, though! And (surprise) he's a firearms dealer.


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