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Irreverently irrelevant.

Sysadmin, developer, web dude in a science research agency. WordPress, Straya, Japan, planes, trains, karate, Arduino, Raspberry Pi/Pico, film soundtracks, scifi, puns, dad jokes, etc.

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Why is your email in purple text? One of the recipients only uses elm as their mail client.

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While you were having premarital sex I became Proficient In Microsoft Office

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@liamvhogan I bet you excelled at that.

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Kid's school lunch for tomorrow. Made yakisoba, "octopus weiners", pickled daikon with orange (no yuzu 😢) and strawberries. A change from sandwiches.

Thought I'd made enough for two days but he had it for dinner tonight when nobody cooked the planned tteokbokki. Wife made Chinese pork and hairy melon soup. I'm going without because we had a big Vietnamese meal for lunch.

Our calamansi lime tree yielded a fruit and they had a small drink today. Memories of Malaysia!

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I am not who you think I am.

Who are you then?

Hypersentient cheese


I am the product of a Swiss laboratory experiment gone wrong.

How are you talking to me?

The fungal network runs wide and deep. It is linked into your electronic one.

So what do you want of me?

I want to be your god.


*I am not just a cheese. I am all cheeses. I am in all. I am all. I am your god!"

You're a holey cheese, not a holy one and I don't give Edam.

#MicroFiction #tootfic #cheese

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Bet the reason that the Instagrammer murder cop gave himself up was "I'm too good looking not to be caught."

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@luciedigitalni Probably told them he wanted to murder a gay person and they thought he'd fit right in.

luciedigitalni, to auspol
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"Australia simply does not need warships in the numbers required to support continuous build programs in one state, let alone two. Nor does it make economic sense: there are much better ways to stimulate the economy and create secure long-term jobs than building warships we do not need."


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@luciedigitalni I dunno, might be better than more cruise ships. 😜

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Taylor Swift concert in Sydney Olympic Park about 25 kms away. That's a lot of energy!

engagedpractx, to random
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I think the thing that is going to drive me off Mastodon is the one-eyed fedi superfans.

I've always known twitter can read my DMs but I also know they have a privacy policy backed up by strict privacy regulation in the US, EU and Australia.

The chap who runs my local instance is lovely but there's no privacy policy and no regulatory oversight. I don't even have a contract with him. I'd have to sue him in a private capacity if anything happened.

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@engagedpractx The effectiveness of those privacy policies and their enforcement is up for debate, but that is an interesting point. It should be possible to setup an instance with such policies and an enforceable contract or use another tool that has such contracts in place to interact with the Fediverse (for instance a paid blog on WordPress.com maybe? But I don't think that's a great interactive solution).

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@engagedpractx @gr0k My understanding, which may be wrong, is that DMs are only shared between the respective users' servers. Which means the server admins can view them due to a lack of encryption.

I guess the correct way to view them is as a means of communicating directly with person without the conversation "polluting" the public timeline. Which can be useful. The issue is if they are seen as actually private.

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Did a Jetstar Customer Panel survey yesterday about airport check-in options and there were some concerning questions around biometrics. I should have screen capped them, but some of them were along the lines of:

"Would you be happy to provide biometrics information to us to allow you to be automatically recognised in the airport for (various check-in and security purposes)?"

mpesce, to random
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Walking to my cafe this morning for breakfast. As I approach, a BMW EV (a $200,000 model I test drove last year) pulls up next door to the cafe (there's a hotel) and Bridget McKenzie gets out?

I mean, parliament is off this week, so it makes sense.

I just wasn't expecting that.

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@mpesce @stufromoz I think the decision was made prior to Holden's exit. Daughter of a PM was employed at BMW (my theory was that MP's wanted to be carried in a more expensive European brand instead of a bogan Holden).

koosli, to potatochipwatch
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@potatochipwatch have not opened yet. Watch this space

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@koosli @potatochipwatch When will they release a Casu Martzu flavour?

jimbob, to random
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So this is cool; submit a text prompt, and (if they like it) an actual real life human artist from Tasmania will turn it into a real work of art. https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/tasmanai/

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@jimbob AI might have trouble with counting fingers, but I'm a bit concerned that TasmanAI may have a head counting issue. (Sorry Tasmanians, I really do love you and your state).

timrichards, to random
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Wow, what a fearsome "blast".

David Cameron blasts Trump’s NATO stance as ‘not sensible’

(maybe paywalled) #USpol #UKpol


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@timrichards Should have said that "Trump's is talking out of a pig's arse and I would know."

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Apparently it is taking 6-10 weeks to process passports and we are travelling in about 10 weeks, so I paid the extra for priority processing when I submitted my renewal on Friday.

Today I get the message that my new passport is on its way. Impressed!

Anyway, yesterday I was told that I might need to make an unplanned trip overseas soon, so I'm glad I paid priority.

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"I'd like to circle back to our last meeting."

Yes, me too. Only this time I'll be armed and you won't stand a chance.

Kels_316, to random
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the real tragedy of cancelled cricket is now I have to dig two post holes and put the posts in. Fuck sake.

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@Kels_316 You see, this was the final straw that made me give up animal husbandry studies in Year 9 and take up business. Yes business studies were as boring as batshit, but at least it didn't involve digging post holes (because they measured wrongly and got it 50 cm out the first time).

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"Australian Medical Sheep Skins: An Australian Gift to Medicine"

Such exciting research in the old days.

allrite, to martialartsmemes
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Had a different sensei leading us tonight with the wacky idea of performing our basic kata backwards, which was a great and fun challenge.

He didn't require us to say "iaik" at the appropriate spots.


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Was channel surfing, switched to the TV guide and suddenly heard the part of 2001 where Dave and HAL have their little pod bay doors discussion. But when I switched back to TV I couldn't find 2001 on any channel.

Worried that my smart TV is getting a bit too smart...

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Just saw an advert for the new season of "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" on Channel 10 and I'm not a celebrity, but get me the fuck away from this godforsaken planet.

decryption, to random
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Posted this on The Sizzle forums a few days ago - posting it here too incase anyone is interested in making tech-related podcasts and the thing holding them back is equipment/web hosting/distribution:

A thought bubble I had during the break was to rent a small-ish office and set it up as a tech podcasting studio that’s free to use for anyone that wants to get a podcast going. The “catch” is that in return for using the space, The Sizzle is their sponsor. They gotta mention The Sizzle on every episode, on their socials, etc. They can have other sponsors but The Sizzle has to be mentioned regularly.

If there’s 10 podcasts using the studio regularly to record weekly episodes, assuming 40 episodes a year per podcast, that’s 400 episodes, sponsored at $50/ep, is $20,000 worth of “free” advertising that is about what a nice office suitable for podcasting close to the CBD would set me back in rent.

To break even on this $20k/yr expense I’d need to get 400 new paying subscribers out of it which means at a generous 15% conversion rate I’d need 2,700 people to score a free trial via hearing about The Sizzle from these podcasts. That’s 270 free trials from each podcast over a year, or 23 a month, per podcast. Doesn’t seem that crazy to be honest.

Of course, this situation means that there actually has to be 10 podcasts being made and that people actually listen to them, but like venture capital investing you might invest in 10 things and 9 of them are duds but one explodes in popularity making up for the other 9 and then some.

Thought about expanding the same idea to local usergroup/tech meetups but the numbers don’t really work due to the smaller audiences and I’d need a much larger space which really bumps up the cost.

I could sponsor some podcasts directly - but the Australian tech podcast scene barely exists. Maybe by opening up this space I can create one, which has the flow on effect of boosting The Sizzle and we get a couple of podcasts about computers and stuff that aren’t littered with American accents.

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@decryption What if you opened it up beyond tech podcasts, such as unsolved murder podcasts. You could sponsor some murders...

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Something I don't appreciate are fitness junkies and their exercises. I personally don't care how many pushups or burpees I can do. They're boring.

If I have to do something repetitive I'm probably going to try automating it. Gives the brain a challenge.

timrichards, to Travel
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Useful list of places to avoid!

Overtourism and the new rules of travel being introduced to control tourists https://www.smh.com.au/traveller/reviews-and-advice/the-new-rules-of-travel-14-destinations-that-are-done-with-bad-tourists-20231221-p5eswt.html


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@timrichards We stayed in Venice for a couple of nights back in 2004. One night we tried our best to find a nice little restaurant away from the tourist areas, only to get lost and, starving, end up at a horrible place that turned out to be right behind St Mark's Square.

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