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Hi all, I am Tormod 🇳🇴🇸🇪 (he / him)

My days are spent as a consultant in enterprise IT organizations, mainly focusing on teamwork and the people side of delivery. In particular with coaching, processes and enabling teams to work better together across departments and vendors.

My passions are in the areas of #photography, #graphicdesign, #typography and #music. And, of course, family ❤️

Happy to talk to anyone, and I will assume you're awesome until proven otherwise.

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airwhale, to TikTok
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"If the Chinese Government want user data on US citizens' social media usage, they'll just have to buy it from our data brokers like everyone else."

  • Multiple US senators, apparently

atomicpoet, to random
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Generally, I hate DRM because it doesn’t prevent piracy. It just penalizes customers for having the wherewithal to buy the product.

The pirates? They love DRM because there’s nothing they love more than the challenge of a crack. To them, DRM is literally a game.

For people who buy software with DRM, it just makes life more inconvenient.

airwhale, (edited )
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I have a nice 4k TV from Philips that constantly gets confused by the signal from my AppleTV 4k. So, in service of the studios, my screen simply goes black and audio is muted.

This is thanks to the flimsy HDCP techology that can't reliably identify a legit stream of data over HDMI.

I paid good money for both devices, and I find it infuriating.

hotdogsladies, to random
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That way, if you survive the crash, you can call an Uber.

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"Human bird flu" - such a wonderful sequence of words...

Human birds also get the flu sometimes, what's the big deal?

(The headline writer has full access to a hypen, right there, on their keboard, yet refuses to use it.)

Nickiquote, to BABYMETAL
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Have just discovered #BABYMETAL and I can’t stop thinking that it’s a good job for everyone else that Japan isn’t in #Eurovision, because BM would walk it every single year.

#TomMorello guests in this one:


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You're not wrong. That was... super fun :)

Excellent instrumentalists too, as far as I could tell from this clip. ...now how deep does this rabbit hole go I wonder? 😄

trochee, to random
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May I never ever ever be the kind of guy who Ed Zitron gets a hate on for


Just a devastating career-long rundown of the dude who drove Google search into the ground, and some of the people on whose necks he stepped along the way

Via @mhoye

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@peterainbow @trochee @mhoye @ajsadauskas

This sadly explains a lot. Thanks!

Jeremiah, to random
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51% of the Swedish immigrants who will be forced to leave under a proposed Moderaterna and SD policy will be recent university graduates with the most in-demand skills, according to a study by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Institutionalizing xenophobia with public policy intended to limit "low-qualified labor migrants" is bad for the economy.


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Can't wait for the next election so I can help vote these nitwits out.

Roadwarrior29, to random
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What have we come to when the Flagship Plan of the UK government, is a heinous dereliction of human rights...

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@Roadwarrior29 @chris

Human rights? In this economy?

(Snark aside, it's yet another step closer to the dark side. Disturbing to see Sunak so fired up about the planes that will shortly take off.)

gwynnion, to random
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@gwynnion @gufo

Perfect proof that working remotely works great. No need for those return to office policies.

lakoja, to Software German
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What is Agile in software development - for you?

Is this measurable or defineable?

Or more scientifically speaking: Can it be falsified? Like saying "this is not agile" when looking at something?

That's a tough question I was having for some time now.

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@lakoja @benjamineskola

Small work items come faster, IF you have good collaboration with your users/customers. That is often “the business”.

The reason is that you are co-creating the right thing together. Requirements are clarified, solutions are simplified, testing may go faster as users know what to expect.

So for me, agile is more about quality through collaboration. Speed happens to be a nice side effect.

(Terms like “sprint” and “velocity” are easily misinterpreted by managers.)

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Yes, of course you can. However, in agile, “fast” is really important for the feedback. Validate that what you did today/ this week / this sprint is in fact in the right direction. Frequently align efforts with expectations and needs. Small is all you have time for until the next demo / sprint review.

Usain Bolt is really fast, but not for long, and he doesn’t get very far. You also don’t interrupt him at the 70m mark to start planning for the next heat 🙂

airwhale, to random
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airwhale, to random
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Excellent! 😃

You have a great day ahead too!

(Language is infinitely fascinating.)

popcornreel, (edited ) to random
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Sometimes I wish
That life
Was never ending
But all good things they say
Never last
But all good things they say
Never last
It isn’t love
Until it’s past

—Prince, “Sometimes It Snows In April”

RIP Prince 💜🙏🏿 #Prince

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Life is just a party,
And parties weren’t meant to last.

mxtthxw, to random
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Liz Truss is on Sky News this morning. Excited! :80spc:

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Why? I am totally lost for any plausible explanation.

hotdogsladies, to random
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“Tied to the Mast:” Some Steely Dan Sleepers

Some very good Steely Dan songs you probably haven't heard too much.


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Four tracks does not a playlist make, mr. Mann.

Any major dude will tell you.

smallcircles, to fediverse
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Witnessing another occurrrence of the anti-pattern this morning inspired me to write some thoughts about this social behavior that is so common on our that is based on mechanics.

On the forum I created a category for (or ) patterns, and the "Reply Guy" is the first entry in what might be turned into a pattern library collection.


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@smallcircles @zdl

Also worth remembering is that we are a global community. Nuances of conversational style might not be obvious to a non-native speaker.

Guessing style differs quite a bit between, say, US English, UK English and AUS English as an example.

A lot can be gained by assuming good intent. Most people are pretty nice, but I sadly realise there are plenty of drive-by attacks as well…

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@zdl @smallcircles

Totally agree, there’s a wide difference between “you should“ and “you could perhaps“ or “in this case, I would”.

My point was perhaps wider, in the sense that non-native speakers may struggle with nuance, while having the best of intentions. In Nordic countries, this imperative form is commonly used interchangeably as a kind suggestion.

Also, the OP is broadcasting their complaint to complete strangers too. If one doesn’t want any reactions, why post at all?

evan, (edited ) to random
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Should white people listen to reggae?

#EvanPoll #poll

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Qualifier: Only if they enjoy it.

airwhale, to random
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I use NeoFinder a LOT for searching and managing my digital assets, really useful and well maintained software. Highly recommended if you need this type of capability.

mcc, to random
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What do you suppose it was like to be in the room when they finished recording "Baby Got Back". Do you think all present understood the significance of what they had created. Did they know they were about to change the world

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I do love the Jonathan Coulton version - so good. Really sets the lyrics front and center and lets you truly connect with the intent of the track.

airwhale, to logitech
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Installed the Logitech Options driver update today, and now I can have the power of AI on the mouse button of my choice.

Thanks a million, tech-bros!

/ end snark /

(Even the “reply to message / email” option is there, as the prophets of South Park foretold.)

daico, to random
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Baby white shark, do do doo do do doo

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My streaming service is listing 300 versions of it.

It’s big with the younger crowd (pre-schoolers).

If you ever watched "Ted Lasso" you’d recognise it as “Jamie Tart, do do do doo do doo”

markmetz, to random
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“…children want to work without having to take lunch breaks”

Yeah, right… 🤬

“First-term state Rep. Roger Wilder, R-Denham Springs, who sponsored the child labor measure and owns Smoothie King franchises across the Deep South, said he filed the bill in part because children want to work without having to take lunch breaks. He questioned why Louisiana has the requirement while other states where he owns Smoothie King locations, such as Mississippi, don't have them, and criticized people who have questioned the bill's purpose.”

LA lawmakers vote to remove lunch breaks for child workers | Louisiana Politics | nola.com


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"Things are going great, and they're only getting better.
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

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