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Artist since 1983, experimental noise musician since 2019 (as Spukkopf).

Existence is torture.



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The Girl in the Graveyard

“Hello I’m Laura and I collected this story myself when I was 12 years old. It says that some girls and boys were at the party and there was a graveyard down the road and they were talking how scary it was. And one of the boys said: “Don’t ever stand on the grave up that yard because the person inside will grab you, will...

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Not long now. We really don’t want to live.

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I don’t know who this would be bad news for.

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Absolutely hate being alive. Near constant terror and horror. And anxiety… God is torturing us.

How I managed to avoid getting covid, even one time, remains a miraculous mystery.

Another way to see it, maybe. Maybe I’ve just been alive too long. And it’s time to go. In any way that comes. And bird flu is a way.

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Yet another reason to be vegan.

This article together with this article:


It really means I have no choice but to be vegan.

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What do you mean “bizarre things people transmit”?

I need to hear that. Any kinds of that.

Earlier I tried to find Electronic Voice Phenomenon recordings on YpuTub and it was useless. Just people talking about it.

I don’t want some people talking ABOUT stuff. I want the stuff.

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Yeah. I thought so. And yeah, I understand pareidolia.

I mean. I’m not sure if I believe in EVP. But when I listen to them I get creeped out.

And it seems possible that both could be true—pareidolia and ghost EVP. But do I believe? I don’t know. I get creeped out.

Yes. YoTub is terrible crap. The whole internet is so monetized I can’t find just a simple website with old Japanese Onryō tales. Like in old internet days there would be just small websites with stuff on them. Without all the “here’s my podcast” or “download our APP” or advertising everywhere.

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Can’t wait till I no longer exist. The world is insane.

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Personally I like vital wheat gluten, also like tofu. I’ve not had TVP I don’t think.

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Just don’t use gogle.

“Google’s core argument that its search engine wins default status due to its quality, not due to anticompetitive behaviors.”

Then why pay Apple 20 billion for default star?

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“Given that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, and the vast majority of them are unexplained, this rise in investigations of and the treatment of unexplained miscarriage as suspicious is deeply concerning…”

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That was the deciding factor in posting it.

So weird. But nature is filled to the brim with weird.

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About six weeks.

After my medications run out, then about one or two weeks and I die. Period.

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