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This is my more private account <3 If we're moots on the other one and we've interacted a bit odds are good I'll accept the follow request :)

Aspiring to be a delightfully cranky combination of Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg.

Practicing a combination of hearthcraft and Irish polytheism in the best way this disabled old body of mine can. Living a Studio Ghibli life.

Devotee of Brighid.

Pfp ID: Me, a pale AF woman with curly brown/red hair wearing a fancy witch hat and a black top.

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SavahRellcast, to random
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Today I received 3 books in the mail. Hard cover, used. I ordered them from thriftbooks.com a place I order from A LOT. It's a 3 book series starting with The Iron Dragon's Daughter. A book I read a very long time ago, that blew my mind. I lost it in a move. When I was reminded of it the other day, I went looking for it on thriftbooks and discovered that 2 more books were written since back then. So for less than 14 bux, shipping included, I ordered all three. This was 5 days ago. I'm looking forward to rereading this wild sci-fi adventure once again. Especially because I'm an adult now.

I recommend Thrift Books for all your literature needs. They have never disappeared me, and you get points with them every time you order. Once you reach 400 points you get a free book. 6 bux or less.

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@SavahRellcast Love Thriftbooks and Abe Books so much!

WestCoastWitch, to random
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@Crazypedia Hello! I'm a new account as of this morning :) So happy to be here!

I appear to be having some issues with follow requests? I got three when I first set up my account, but nothing more. Even though I know that folks have sent them.

I tested it myself an hour ago from another account (on Shop) and haven't had it pop up. Does it just need some more time, cuz new? Or is there something maybe going on?

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