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35 year old that enjoys games from 1980 to today. Pokemon/Final Fantasy fan. Loves RPGs. Twitch Affiliate. Trans woman. Other interests include bad movies, history, cheese and camp, leftist politics, and humor.

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a MTF transgender

Just a little quibble here: Trangender is an adjective, not a noun.

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Yeah, that’s right! You didn’t know(and it’s great that you’re trying to learn!), but bigots like to call us “transgenders”, so it’s common for us to dislike that.

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Research has found liberals to be more empathetic than conservatives, so in a troubled world one might expect them to be sadder. But a profound shift appears to be under way when it comes to excitement about change. “One of the fundamental traits of the conservative attitude is a fear of change, a timid distrust of the new as such,” wrote Friedrich Hayek in “The Constitution of Liberty” in 1960, “while the liberal position is based on courage and confidence, on a preparedness to let change run its course.”

of course we’re not excited about change… shit’s getting worse

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Live service games have always kinda rubbed me the wrong way, and that’s past just the obviously predatory stuff. I like to hop around from game to game to game. But the live service games are all like “what about the daily log in bonuses and weekly challenges?” I can ignore that, but it still bothers me how much they try to badger you into being obligated to play. Give me a regular old single player game any day of the week.

That being said, I suspect that as time goes on, AAA single player games are going to be harder and harder to find. Multiplayer is simply where the money is(and where the players are), and in this stupid “perpetual growth no matter what” economy, that’s all the suits will pay money for. Thankfully, we still have indies making great stuff.

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If something’s going to try to grab my attention, it had better be worth my while. I block as many notifications as I can, both on my phone and my computer. I also try to avoid using apps for things unless I have to.

minor PSA (bee-SA?): you should now be able to use the Blobbee emoji set under our emoji picker

we discovered this set the other day by olivvybee (Liv Asch), and obviously these are delightfully thematic for our instance. you should be able to find them in our emoji picker as follows. the emoji icon, at least on desktop, is the fourth from left smiley face on comment/post UI:...

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As nice as it would be to see people ditch Threads for the Fediverse, I suspect the number of people who will actually do that would be infinitesimally small. The power of inertia is very, very strong.

(EDIT: Sadness canceled, read edit) Although relatable, I feel sad beehaw wants to leave lemmy (+ I propose talking to the inital sponsor of lemmy development to get moderation issues fixed)

EDIT: as one of the admins explained below, they plan to migrate to something whitch uses ActivityPub, which means that my concerns are gone. I liked the interactions between servers who are equally wholesome compared to beehaw, which will be possible after the migration because of ActivityPub. So therefore, my sadness is...

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It’s less disinterest and more hostility. The Lemmy devs straight up don’t want us here. Even if they fix the moderation issues, I don’t think it’s a great idea to stay on the platform in the long term.

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I’ll never use a Meta/Facebook product if I can help it. They’re pure evil.

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That’s so cool! The original Super Mario Maker is what made me get a Wii U, and I obsessed over that game for a couple years. I made a few levels that were fairly well regarded, too! Funnily enough, I’ve barely touched the second one.

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~2.5 years of HRT here

ehhhhhhhh… not great. I’ve been utterly petrified of being out and about while being visibly trans, but I think at this point I need to bite the bullet sooner or later and stop boymoding. Problem is, I haven’t really worked on my voice AT ALL. I have been trying to avoid spending money on it because I’m still reeling from paying for my GF to move cross country. However, any time I try to start on it, the sheer amount of stuff I need to learn overwhelms me and I shut down.

I wish this shit was easier.

Is there a good place to ask for tech support on Beehaw?

I’m having a really specific problem trying to play a game with my friend on fedora linux, and the internet seems to hold no wisdom for me. Can I ask for tech support here, or on the gaming community? I’m used to reddit where posts get deleted for being off topic, and often asking in a specific community is also considered...

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This community is meant for questions! :) Yeah, you may not necessarily get the best answers here than on a community that specializes on that sort of thing, but I don’t consider that “off-topic”.

UngodlyAudrey, (edited )
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Yeah, I’m getting very sick of these “free speech” types. Like, I don’t want to create an echo chamber, but, seriously, we don’t to hear the goddamn Nazi point of view. Platforming that sort of thing normalizes it. Mainstream platforms won’t even permaban stochastic terrorists like LibsOfTiktok. In fact, social media platforms carry much of the blame for the divisiveness in society these days. That’s why the Beehaw project is important. We need to show the world that there’s a better way to do things. That it’s possible to disagree with someone without being at each other’s throats, entertaining dissenting opinions and perhaps reconsidering one’s stance on things, and growing as a person by widening the pool of experiences one is exposed to. For example, I used to be a vague “libertarian” type, but my position has evolved to the point where I’m a left-wing anarchist now. People can change for the better. Again, I’m not saying we should listen to the ultra right wing’s point of view, but I bet there’s tons of people out there in their own little bubbles who have never left their homogeneous communities and have never heard the stories of the marginalized. We may not be able to change everyone’s minds. But if we can change some, well, that’s a win for all of us.

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Good. She can’t win; she’d only function as a spoiler. Not that I’d want her to win anyway, she was awful. I still remember that weird thumbs down into curtsy motion she made to kill a bill (I think it was to increase the federal minimum wage). Had real “fuck the poors” energy.

UngodlyAudrey, (edited )
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I’ll list some of my favorites that haven’t been posted yet:

-TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect

-Onimusha series

-Dynasty Warriors series

-Soulcalibur II and III

-Tekken(any of them)

-Burnout 3

-OutRun 2006 Coast2Coast

-Simpsons Hit and Run

-Dark Cloud I and II

-Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

-Ace Combat 4

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