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Oh, he read the 100 page document. Just long before it was sent out.


You say that like the Saudi’s aren’t cool with taking Twitter down. It was the cause of a lot of strife and issues during the “Arab Spring” years.

I suspect they’re overjoyed it’s tanking.


I don’t think they care, as long as it becomes a shadow of what it was.

And if it succeeded and made them money? Who are they to complain?

It’s a win win in their books.

I don’t Musk even knows he’s being played as the fool.

Commissioners in a Montana county remove election oversight from fellow Republican (apnews.com)

A Montana clerk and recorder who expressed doubt about the integrity of the election process during her 2022 campaign lost her election oversight duties on Tuesday in a vote by county commissioners, reflecting some of the turmoil nationwide since conspiracy theories spread about the 2020 presidential election....


Thank you for that. It finally clicked.


It sounds that way, because it is that way.


The thing most of us like about it, was that it was very true to the comic book.


Mesh networks are severely limited in terms of mbps/throughput. They also use their own throughput channel to communicate and sync with each other, further reducing available bandwidth.

They also can introduce a lot of latency and packet loss if you’re into gaming that needs to be taken into consideration.

They have a purpose and a use, but if you want to get the benefits of modern internet speeds, you should set up a wired network and only use wireless protocols for small, difficult to wire, devices.


Even the pig roasting pits will kill you in Australia.


I’ll add to the other answer saying most STI tests don’t check for it. It’s worse than that.

Even if you get it checked, you need to check for IGG and IGM antibodies. Usually they only check IGM, which only stays in your system for roughly 3 weeks after an outbreak. IGG antibodies are the ones to check if you’re not in an active outbreak, but they take roughly a month to show up after the first outbreak you have.


He’s had shitty policies that the US adopted and it’s largely the reason why many countries around the world absolutely fucking hate and despise us for what we did to their country.

He destabilized the world governments and basically recommended for the death of many children and civilians, and just because he couldn’t keep his nose out of things because he’s a fucking awful human being, he weighed in on Ukraine vs Russia and said Ukraine should just give up and cede whatever territory Russia wants so they stop destabilizing the world economy or some shit.

He’s a complete hack and piece of shit and should have been murdered in his sleep as a child.


My guess is that it exploded and caused a mess. There’s no way that held together. Pringles cans are literally made out of paper thin cardboard with a little bit of glue holding it all together.


Furthermore, he’s really only talking about the Shakespeare interpretation of that, which took plenty of liberties with the historical accounts.

There is absolutely no record of him ever saying that. In fact, the opposite is true. We have accounts that he was mostly just screaming and crying in pain the whole time and didn’t say a damn thing.

Tyfud, (edited )

Yeah, they imprisoned a Chinese UFC fighter who said he could beat any traditional Chinese martial artist because their kung fu doesn’t work in the real world.

They agreed to set up the match and when he, predictably, beat the living shit out of the spiritual mumbo jumbo guy, over and over again, they claimed he intentionally dishonored China and tried to lock him up.


Generally agree. but the line work here looks exactly like line work for tatoos on skin. If it was drawn on, you wouldn’t have the green bleeding out and in to the line work. That happens because the colors are mixing sub-dermally, just below the surface of the skin. This is generally because your fill needles are huge bundles of several needles and they always tend to bleed into/under the black line work. That’s why you need extremely thick, well defined lines so it can hide the color fills bleeding through. In this case, it looks like some of the color got through.

The white as well is pretty spot on for white inkwork. That’s the white color you get only for the first few months of a color tattoo.

Honestly, I think this is legit.

Could be wrong, but it looks real.

Source: I have many, many tattoos over much of my body, and several in color with white accents that looked exactly like this for the first few months after it healed.


Not to be confused with the great Emu War of 1932, which was the Australian Military vs Some Emus.

The Emus won.


Then we get to wait for the real once in a lifetime event.

Which is extinction.


It reduces spending, because saving is now exceedingly optimal.

Less spending means inflation generally comes down because companies lower prices to meet the lack of demand.

But yes, too high and it can cause even worse inflation, assuming an even capital distribution among the people.

voxel, (edited ) to Youtube

is making the watching experience worse on and Microsoft Edge.

I didn't believe it the first time I heard abt it, since it sounded more like a conspiracy theory than a actual thing, but it's true. Google does add 5s timeout specifically to Firefox and Edge users when they try to watch a video on YT. If you want to know more about it, Mental Outlaw make a very good video abt it (Link: https://youtu.be/v4gXhmzQztE ). I think Google did this, to get people moving to Chrome since the majority will think this is a browser issue, nobody would expect YouTube to purposely doing this. In the attached Screenshot you can see that YouTube checks the user agent of browsers to see if it's Edge, Firefox or not. You can bypass this by changing your User agent to chrome.

Edit: Due a lot of people saying a lot of different things abt it, I want to say that I'm not 100% sure abt how exactly this works, there is a inbuild delay by Google, but who is actually affected, there are a lot of different opinions abt it. I wasn't able to verify this myself in LibreWolf, but this could be the case due my intensive hardening I did and this is just a result of what I found in the code and what Mental Outlaw and others shared across social media, if you got different or additional infos abt this feel free to comment and I suggest everyone ti also check the comment section.



uBO filters won’t work the way they used to because Chrome’s v3 manifest will explicitly prevent them from working the way they have been.


Space travel and colonization of other planets are wildly different problems to solve. We’re nowhere near colonization levels of anything outside the most habitable areas of the earth.

We can’t even create a self-sustaining habitat on Antarctica, and that’s many times easier than Mars, the moon, or whatever other planet in our reach we’re shooting for.


Their account deletion policy aside, Crunchyroll is like one of the last remaining bastions of solid streaming for a very reasonable price that hasn’t increased in many years.

There’s plenty of streaming services to cancel and switch to piracy on legitimately, I don’t personally believe Crunchyroll to be one of them.


Yeah, admittedly, those two things are annoying.

I haven’t personally experienced the adblocker thing though, I suspect it’s not intentional, but I’m purely speculating there.

The censoring thing I have run into, and it is very irritating, so I’m with you on that.


What state are you in? Many states require drug testing for amphetamine prescriptions now.

Texas, specifically is like this.


More than the evangelicals want the world to end.

A good number of religious organizations and people in the US want that.

Take my father, a non denominational ex preacher. Practically every day he’s planning for the end of the world and claiming it’ll still happen in his lifetime even though he’s in his 70s.

The rot of religion is not confined to one group here

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