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TheConversationUS, to environment
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Landfills in the U.S., Europe and around the world are still major sources of# arsenic poisoning, more than 20 years after the dangers were revealed.

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Fanatics is taking over the market for baseball hats, shirts and trading cards – and that’s bad news for fans.

“We think it’s only a matter of time before the depletion of competition for licensed sports apparel results in higher prices and less choice for fans. The same holds true for trading cards.”

TheConversationUS, to space
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NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft – headed to Jupiter’s ice-covered moon Europa in October 2024 – will carry a laser-etched message that celebrating humanity’s connection to water with laser-engravings of the word for water in 103 languages from around the world.


TheConversationUS, to USpolitics
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Here’s your reminder that even if you don’t understand clearly what government workers do, they do in fact care deeply about their work, helping the public and pursuing the stability and integrity of democracy.

TheConversationUS, to random
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The story of Juan Orlando Hernández –once courted by the U.S. as a friendly head of state and now facing the rest of his life behind bars, convicted of cocaine importation and weapons offenses.

TheConversationUS, to random
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Should kids go to school more? Some cities are debating year-round schooling, which distributes the existing days around and has multiple short breaks instead of a long summer break, as well as having longer school days or more days. How would it benefit the students (and the teachers)?
Cons: + costs, + teachers needed and + exhaustion and stress.
Pros: + learning time, making it easier on parents’ schedules ids get a safe and supportive environment for more hours.


TheConversationUS, to USpolitics
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Here are some practical tips for the conversations you might have before #Election2024 with people who believe the 2020 election was stolen:

#USPolitics #Election #Trump

TheConversationUS, to baseball
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One fact you might not know about #JackieRobinson: he was a Republican. Millions of Blacks were also Republicans at the time. Robinson even endorsed Nixon in the election of 1960. But by 1968, Robinson was done with the GOP.
#JackieRobinsonDay #Baseball #History #Histodons @histodons #BlackMastodon

TheConversationUS, to baseball
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TheConversationUS, to random
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PSA: Pay your taxes. Neither your theories about the unconstitutionality of the income tax or your objection to the US government spending your money on war will keep the IRS from coming after you.

TheConversationUS, to math
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Here’s all the math you can do in your head while you run 26.2 miles (unfortunately no math makes that number smaller, or easier to do math while running)

TheConversationUS, (edited ) to Israel
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Will and now escalate into full-scale warfare, or will they return to the "shadow war" they've been fighting for decades?

An expert on U.S. national security and counterterrorism who served on the National Intelligence Council says there's reason to believe Iran will be wary of making additional public attacks

TheConversationUS, to Health
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Medical debt is crushing for many families. Some relief has come with a wave of debt buyouts by county and city governments, charities and even fast-food restaurants that pay pennies on the dollar to clear enormous balances. But these buyouts are only a partial solution, and point to the need for the overall cost of health care to drop. Overall, Americans spend more on health care than people in other wealthy countries do:

TheConversationUS, to random
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A military presence is not the best way to stop violence in America’s schools. A review of how the National Guard has been deployed to schools in the past shows the guard can provide service to schools in cases of exceptional need. Yet, doing so does not always end well.

TheConversationUS, to news
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O.J. Simpson may never have said the words Jay-Z put in his mouth, but they capture something interesting about O.J.’s place in America’s ongoing discussion about race.


TheConversationUS, (edited ) to news
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This week's has questions on sports, shockwaves, surgery and . We'll start on Starbucks:
Which of these is an actual rallying cry for baristas working to unionize?

Check your answer and see if you can get a gold medal here:

TheConversationUS, to USpolitics
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-era tax cuts contributed to a decline in giving. “Those who no longer itemize have lost a tax break, and for them, every dollar they give to higher ed or any charity has become more expensive.” A new study found the decline in people donating to colleges and universities to be about 7%.

TheConversationUS, to random
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Cats’ eyes evolved to see better in low light, partly to look out for predators at night. Or in the case of your cat at home — to better find the catbox in the middle of the night.


TheConversationUS, to random
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Owls are seen as a symbol of wisdom or even good luck in the US. But in other parts of the world, the most widespread belief about owls is that they are associated with witchcraft and death. (So memorializing them feels pretty remarkable).


TheConversationUS, to USpolitics
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“If a student of mine had submitted a brief making the arguments that Trump and his lawyers assert in their Supreme Court filing, I would have given them an F.”
#Trump #Election2024 #USPolitics

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Our new Giving Today newsletter can help guide your charitable decisions – and features rich analysis from experts on all things and nonprofits. Produced in collaboration with the Associated Press and The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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TheConversationUS, to blackmastodon
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Two tracks on Beyoncé’s new album feature the voice of Linda Martell, the first commercially successful Black female country music artist, who faced exclusion in throughout her career


TheConversationUS, to mentalhealth
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Research has shown that flexibility, security and autonomy in the workplace are strong determinants of health.

And new research shows that employees who don’t have control over their work schedule take a serious hit.

Why employers should care, besides just being good employers:
When workers aren’t feeling well mentally, they’re less productive and more likely to miss work. Their creativity, collaboration and ability to meet job demands also suffer.

TheConversationUS, to random
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Most US Muslims always give to charity during , to both Islamic and secular causes

TheConversationUS, to news
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Would Trump’s America mirror Orbán’s Hungary in its slide toward authoritarianism?

Here’s what that looked like, from the inside


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