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I'm a lion from Australia! (he/him)

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anthropy, to random
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For those wondering if DisplayPort is "as good" as HDMI:

DisplayPort supports far MORE bandwidth than HDMI and supports daisy-chaining video, but HDMI has Audio Return Channel, and wider adoption in home theater, and it seems easier to get longer cables for.

DisplayPort 2.1 can do up to 8k 85Hz without DSC or 8K 240hz with DSC (Display Stream Compression). It supports 32+ 1.5Mhz+ audio channels.

HDMI 2.1 needs DSC above 8K 30hz, up to max 120hz


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@anthropy ultimately, I think HDMI is good for what it was designed for – home theatre and AV. DisplayPort is superior for computers and gaming, but HDMI is quite adequate for everything else.

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@LainTrain That would be @soatok. The blog itself is also federated at @soatok

@vzq @programming for Mastodon->Lemmy federation]

growlbeast, to random
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Do you ever just throw together a quick and messy ref sheet cause you suddenly decide to revive your old chara?


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@growlbeast she looks like she would either break your bones, or threaten to.

mynotaurus, to random
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could the foxes shouting outside my window at midnight please shush
(no excuses for not reading this cause i know youre on fedi, youre foxes)

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@mynotaurus this except brushtail possums instead of foxes.

Except that I don't think I've ever seen a brushtail possum fursona

topaz, to random

smol derg, rolls onto her back and looks cute ​:dragnloaf:​

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@topaz rubs tummy!

ThorstenDynamics, to random

The Android filesystem experience

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@gravitos @ThorstenDynamics Me using /storage/self/primary

tabitha, to random
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I just invented a new word


Thank you fingers. Thingers.

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@tabitha it's been so long since I saw a thants reference

Revaley, to random
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If a tree falls in the forest...

would you rather be hit by a part of the tree that is near the point of rotation, or far from the point of rotation? Because if you're hit far from the pivot, the tree is moving fast. But if you're hit near the pivot, doesn't the tree have more mechanical advantage?

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@Revaley this all depends whether the tree is broken cleanly off or whether it's still attached at the base

bappypawbs, to random
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which flavor of Arch do The Gays use?

I went with Endeavour because it sounds nice and they have gay Mozilla colours on their website

but is there one that's Gayer ​:blobhajghostieboo:​

like. idk. input welcome either way idk hi

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@bappypawbs obviously Manjaro, because it has Man in the name

patterfloof, to random
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Apparently BS has discovered federation today. They don't know what it is yet & they're scared.

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@GlitchyZorua @patterfloof They can't federate. Not directly. Bluesky invented their own incompatible protocol.

There's some group of people wanting to make a bridge instance that talks both protocols, but that's not true federation and it seems unlikely to me it'll succeed. Our instance already voted to block it.

kopper, to random

mastodon makes an update to automatically disable open registrations if no mod logs in to curb down on spam

techbro: it's time to leave mastodon for something else. the fediverse is a cargo cult with strict rules. i do not love this hashtag cancel culture and hashtag tone policing

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@kopper I've seen articles talking about how the number of active Mastodon users is declining.

Besides the fact that "growth" is a capitalistic metric that only matters to economists and corporations, if it's shrinking because bad people feel unwelcome then that's a good thing

kvalenagle, to random
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"DRM-free paperback editions!"

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@kvalenagle books with ARM (analog rights management (you just have a book))

topaz, to random

Derg is home, and has taken a closer look at the fire on the news.

Yeah... it's headed this way... still a long way away, but it's very very big...

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@topaz oh, that explains why the sun turned red in Melbourne

TerrorBite, to random
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Streamer who uses AI to simulate an audience

ChatGPT, is this real?

starshine, to random
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every new user being shocked that DMs aren’t actually private is kinda scary because it means that everybody just assumes DMs on other platforms are private

because they aren’t. the only difference between fedi and other social media is that fedi admins don’t have a vested interest in making you think DMs are private

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@mel personally, I do find there's a big difference between "this faceless corporate money machine, which I don't trust at all, have access to my private messages¹" versus "My instance admins, who I've actually chatted to and seen like good people, have access to my private messages²"

1: and WILL access them, just as soon as they even think they know how to monetize them, if they haven't already
2: but why would they access them? There's no motive here


cappy, to random
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feds got to ctkpaar???

(from ctkp)

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@deef Here's a Google translate of the image, possibly a bit inaccurate but gets the gist.

SabreMc, to random
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Got myself a new case for the smasnug S21 ultra I was given by a dear friend late last year

She gave it to me with a custom printed Evangelion case but that's chipped to all fluff off now, so got a spigen case with a slot for the s pen finally :3

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@SabreMc smasnug slams a device down onto a green iPad cover

mark, to random
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Went to the zoo over the weekend with my family. I always take my camera. This will be a short thread with some of my favorites. I had to focus manually on a lot of the shots because I was shooting through a fence or net. So I wasn't able to get great shots of the cub because he was running around too much. 😅


Lion cub walking across a rock with his mouth open.
Male lion with his eyes closed laying in the grass with the female lion seen partially to the right of him.
Male lion still laying in the grass, but looking straight at the camera.

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@mark That looks like an Eastern Grey Kangaroo to me.

darl, to random
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confession, whenever anyone with an anthro animal pfp interacts with me i tend to feel like i'm actually interacting with an animal person behind the screen and it's always so weird and fun

like, yeah dude, i always wanted an anthropomorphic wolf to tell me how to setup my fedora installation

yeah man a panda tells me that they like my work, i always knew pandas were chill...

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@darl check the rules of the instance, for example the instance I'm in (one of the biggest furry ones) requires anything NSFW to be CW'd, so you won't get surprise porn on your timeline.

(you may get non-surprise porn but you would have to click to see it)

gleis3a, to random German
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Flankenschutzweiche Swiss Edition featuring schwäbische Sparsamkeit

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@gleis3a here's one in New South Wales, Australia.

anthropy, to random
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To all the spambots out there: thanks for the proteins!

Now Fedi is finally on the level of Twixxer/Threadbook/etc using the exact same 'active user count' tactics!

If I may suggest: maybe add some eggs to the spam, purely spam is a little boring, although I'm not a picky eater :aburgnom:

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@anthropy I don't know what deep magic my instance admins have invoked, but I haven't seen a single spam message yet. It looks like the moderators are very busy behind the scenes though.

andrewrock, to random
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Powerful Owl, Kumbartcho Sanctuary

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@andrewrock this looks nothing like a penis. I've been misled

(For context, search for "Canberra owl statue")

nonfedimemes, to random
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@nonfedimemes Soda! Gordon, I'm full.

owashe, to random
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Is anyone else not getting any of the spam stuff we keep hearing about?

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@Woofwolf @owashe I am putting it down to our admins being really good

Khyaber, to random
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2d portrait commission featuring Metaph

Available in high res or as a print via my linktree: linktr.ee/khyaber

My telegram groups are also there if you want to never miss my art or commission announcements.

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@Metaph is a cutie!


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