Yeah, it’s me, blimp girl. Where are my fellow Eternians?

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Some may call this trend childish, but NGL, being in a space where all the memes haven’t been posted so you don’t have to worry about your post being denied for being a repost of a meme from 8 years ago has definitely released the kid in me.


lol I don’t know how I ended up with celebrity status, but cool!


It was only the one that engaged in pedophilia, I updated the meme in a more recent post. That’s what happens when you use child labor to make your memes I guess; non-reliable fact-checking.

SuperSoftAbby, (edited )

Oh, that’s me. I commented on this community. That bozo didn’t click through and take a proper photo because they are on mobile. Hence the squish.


I do not like that I know that is Nick. Why do I even know? How do I even know? I’ve never seen his content and yet I am 100% certain that is his ass crack on my screen.


This is now my Lock Screen. 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀


Ok, so the writer of the series of unfortunate events was Daniel Handler, and he wrote them under his pen name “lemony Snicket.” He had a cameo on “A Series of Unfortunate Events” as a fishmonger.


if (condition is true) { console.log(“laugh”); }

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