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Definitely me, was on Reddit for over a decade and I already posted more here.


Don't you know? Consequences are for little people.


I'm loving Lemmy and planning to stay, it's been cool seeing so many new communities pop up and grow every day.

YSK hands, feet and the upper part of your face are the most effective vectors of heat relief, while draping a cold towel around your neck can actually stop you from cooling down. (

From the podcast: "Our bodies have a kind of emergency temperature relief valve. That valve is a special type of blood vessel: they’re called arteriovenous anastomoses. Most arteries and veins connect through a bed of very thin capillaries that bring nutrients and oxygen to cells. AVAs, though, are different. They are direct...

Are there any Reddit refugees spending more time on Lemmy than Reddit?

I am theoretically switching over from Reddit to Lemmy. Finding myself spending more time on Lemmy than on Reddit. Maybe it's because I am limited to using the desktop and can't aimlessly browse Reddit on my iPhone. Of late, the only subreddits I cared for were on sports and their matchday threads and r/watches. I found myself...


Definitely me, haven't opened reddit since the protest.

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