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40+ Gay Ace Dragon-cat

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What's your favorite Psychic type Pokémon? (m.archives.bulbagarden.net)

Mine is Grumpig. I like this psychic pig with elements of that “Pearls before Swine” quote from the Christian Bible that I was named after. It wears a lot of pearls on itself, and it’s a good dancer. The abilities it has imply that it’s a foodie species that goes at its own whims and tries to set its own pace for life.

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I was so excited the first night I couldn’t sleep.

I guess I should begin my time here with a classic: what's everyone's favorite Pokemon game(s)?

Mine is Pokemon HGSS (the amount of content is mindboggling), Pokemon Platinum (grandest Pokemon experience) and Pokemon Black 2/White 2 (most fun and unique playthrough). I’m also looking forward to buying Legends: Arceus on the Switch, have heard many great things about it!

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Right now, it’s scarlet and violet. Before that, it was legends Arceus. Before that, is was Sword and Shield. Before that, it was Sun/Moon. Before that it was X/Y. Before that…

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Good luck finding what you’re looking for!

Stellario, (edited )
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Heh, the Selfie Filter makes me look younger. But there is grey in that beard!

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I decided today that I’m a Radical Therian. We believe there haven’t been real Christians since the reign of Constantine the Great. Real Christians get fed to lions. One of our core beliefs is that Christians should be fed to lions. If they are truly without fault, then they shall be spared like Daniel in the lion’s den. Any attempt to refute this or deny us the right not to serve Christians will be considered oppression and a violation of our first amendment rights.

If they demand to be identified as Christians, then put forth your demand to identify as a wolf.

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My little brother had a Pikachu one. We’d put it on top of the washing machine to get extra steps.

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