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A random from Europe, informatic wannabe.
Really interested in programming, privacy, security & philosophy. Plus other cool things.

:anarchism: :ancomheart:

Currently struggling with #NixOS :nixos:.

Don't be shy, I only have my account private due to bots and stuff. I don't bite. (most of the time).

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SrEstegosaurio, to linux
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Everyone is getting tablets or tactile laptops for uni. (In order to take notes with a stylus).

And I was looking at an excuse to get an pocket… Tho I'm not sure this is a good idea for this usecase.

I'm mainly concerned about battery life and the fact that I cannot take notes with it.

I guess that my other option would be to explore Chromebooks that support Linux. (Tho I'm incredibly ignorant of their situation, want works and how well it works).

Comments very much appreciated.

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For the time being I've made a list of pros and cons about the pocket:

  • Smoll.
  • Sturdy.
  • Godlike keyboard. (Ortholinear + mech).
  • Cool af.
  • Upgradeable.
  • Reparable.


  • Expensive. Very expensive. (I can afford it but I would need it to fullfil its job well to justify the expense).
  • Battery might be a concern? (Can't recall actual capacity).
  • Impossible to take notes with a stylus without bringing my wacom. (I can consider this since I have the small cheap one).
eniko, (edited ) to random
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im so glad i have a little robot guy who lives in my house and who i can tell to vacuum the floors because the way things are right now those floors would absolutely not get vacuumed at all otherwise

EDIT: the robot is called mittens, btw

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@eniko Whenever I get my own place I'm gonna make sure to have one of those. (If possible one that does not spy on me).

That's a nice use case for technology, liberates me from otherwise tedious work.

mntmn, to random
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today, in a really bad move, i plugged in a displayport breakout thing i was working on the wrong way around and fried the DP section of my trusted 10 year old eizo monitor. RIP

also a lot of other little frustrations, and a few minutes ago on the way home the cops suddenly blocked the one way road (left their car there and ran to some crime scene). after a while the cars behind me decided to go backwards so we all drove backwards for a while onto a big crossing. 😵‍💫

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@mntmn Ooof.

As someone incredibly ignorant of electronics: shouldn't things be built with "not being able to burn themselves down" as a priority?

lexi, to random

@lea and i have some really great plans for our future living space:

  • medical skeleton model to put in a maid dress
  • life size tim sweeney paper cutout
  • lesbian flag with jerma on it
  • plastic dinosaur shower head
    what else should we add to this :3
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@lexi @lea Now I desperately need a dinosaur shower head. 💀💀

thelinuxEXP, to Warhammer40K
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Fantastic game of #warhammer40k this afternoon! I won with my Orks, 71 to 56, against some nasty Salamanders, with the Dread Mob detachment (without a Stompa this time).

Awesome moments included me missing 10 shots hitting on 4+ with my Meka Dread, all my Meganobz and Big Mek dying to one round of Hellblaster shooting even with 4+ invulnerable saves, 2 vehicles also exploded, which is always fun, and my gretchin were massacred by a flyer in one volley, which is also always fun 😂

@SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

@thelinuxEXP Ey, my space lizards are cool! :blobcatmeltlove:


@SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

@thelinuxEXP I can understand that, they might get a little repeating quickly.

I recently started to eye the Tau. I don't know much about their lore but the models are really cool. Tho I should first finish my minis. :skull_cross:

farah, to random
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Dear food businesses, I need to able to check your menu/ingredients before I eat at your establishments, because we have food allergies in our fam. If you put your entire website contents behind Facebook, I cannot do that. Please have an alternative. Sincerely, someone who really loves food

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@farah I think here it is illegal to not provide that information in an standard manner.

SrEstegosaurio, to random
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People who think that any human creation can be apolitical are just ignorant and need some philosophy lessons.

I'm incredibly tired from "can we keep politics outside FOSS?".

mykhaylo, (edited ) to Ukraine
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You guys still didn’t get it. It’s not a choice between supporting or not supporting Ukraine.

It’s a choice between fighting Russia yourself or with money. And it’s not indefinite, if Ukraine loses you will have to fight.

Not because you want to. But because there’s only one kind of invitation you cannot say no to: “let’s go outside”.

France is smart: they are already discussing reinstating general military service. They are preparing. You should too. 1/2

#ukraine #war #nato #us #ww3 #eu

@SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

@mykhaylo Military service sucks ass and thank god it was abolished.

@SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

@mykhaylo Here it took so damn long to get rid of it. I think that no one should be ever forced to hold a weapon.

SrEstegosaurio, to random Spanish
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Hey @davidrevoy a good friend of mine is interested in some tips for drawing comics with Krita.

Alas she does not have a fediverse account (yet, I'm working on that :blobcat3c:) so I'm relaying the question. Do you happen to have a blog/post/some tips about it?

Thanks in advice. :blobcatheartR:

davidrevoy, to random
@davidrevoy@framapiaf.org avatar

A recent photo of my sketchbook, still training with ballpoint pen directly, a cruel training. But I am beginning to get a better ability to imagine perspective grids without tracing them, and I can even begin to plan full-page compositions. It takes a while to build these new skills, but they are worth it.

@SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

@davidrevoy Orange bics >>> Normal bics.

Cool drawing by the way. :)

tetra, to random
@tetra@meowcity.club avatar

My writing in my head vs my writing when I actually write it down

@SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

@tetra The complex clear idea in my head Vs the «uuuuh, it's complicated I don't know» I end up saying.

jacqueline, to random
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no centralised social network could ever produce "the taliban deleted my account". that's a mastodon special.

@SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

@k @jacqueline Where can I look for the context? Was the thing related to the domain being from AF?

SrEstegosaurio, to linux
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I need a new phone since my current one died. I was thinking of getting a second-hand/refurbished Android phone that supports

I only have 2 major requeriments:

  • Calls.
  • Whatsapp & Signal.

Is this even possible? If so, which device/s should I look for?

Anarcat, to random
@Anarcat@kolektiva.social avatar

"Wayland and X.org are both part of freedesktop. Whatever maintenance is still happening on X.org is mostly being done by people who primarily work on Wayland. There isn't some kind of holy war going on between The Wayland Developers who want to kill X.org, and The X.org Developers who believe it is great and want to keep it. They're nearly all the same people, and they all want X.org to die."

— Adam Williamson https://lwn.net/Articles/960634/

@SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

@tyil @Anarcat Depends on your usecase, at least at the moment.

For example, having HDR is quite nice if your display supports it.

madargon, to history
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  • SrEstegosaurio,
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    @madargon You can avoid logging certain commands on the history by prepending a withespace tho I think this depends on your shell.

    Anyway, cool to know you're using physical keys to protect codes.

    drewdevault, to random
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    Honestly, font selection is proving to be one of the more difficult parts of what I'm working on so far

    @SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

    @drewdevault As in picking a font for it or creating a menu for doing so?

    maddy, to random
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  • SrEstegosaurio,
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    @shinmera @maddy C#leste?

    BrodieOnLinux, to random
    @BrodieOnLinux@linuxrocks.online avatar

    Forget rewriting the kernel in Rust, let's go backwards and rewrite it in assembly

    @SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

    @BrodieOnLinux I'm struggling to follow it's argument of why should the kernel be rewritten in the first place.

    It goes something like:
    Bloated -> Assembly -> Profit?

    cafou, to random French
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  • SrEstegosaurio,
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    @cafou I just know enough French to laugh with this and I'm loving it.

    aral, to Facebook
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    We’re moving to a new city and the only community I can find for it is on .

    So, as much as I don’t want to, I decide to make a Facebook account again just to access this community…

    (This is why communities must not be locked behind the walled gardens of surveillance capitalists. But even if we create fedi/Small Web alternatives, we still need to let the existing ones know they exist somehow.)

    …Anyway, long story short, I can’t – they’ve my name :)

    O hai, Mark! :Wiseau:

    @SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

    @aral It also exists in Catalonian but, as far as I know, it serves a different function.

    drewdevault, to random
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    City didn't listen to my complaint so let's escalate things a bit

    @SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

    @drewdevault Using a hammer is also an option... :blobuwu:

    gamingonlinux, to VintageStory
    @gamingonlinux@mastodon.social avatar
    @SrEstegosaurio@mstdn.social avatar

    @gamingonlinux Just yesterday I friend of mine was talking about how cool the game looked.

    I then decided to watch the trailer and oh my god.

    Now, we're planning to buy the family pack to play with the rest.

    P.S: I've also saw your name as a reviewer in the trailer.

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