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I read エロゲ and haunt AO3. I’ve been learning Japanese for far too long. I like GNOME, KDE, and Sway.

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VBA scripts. I have a friend who works in the radio/telcom industry…but ends up doing a bunch of other stuff. This friend makes extensive use of VBA scripts to get the job done. You can’t do that on the web version, and you can’t do it in Calc.

Word is just for document interchange. Other businesses and clients use Word documents, and they don’t display reliably correctly in any other program but Word.

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Oh, so you should suck up to Microsoft being incompatible with their own standard because they’re incompatible with their own stabdard? Is that basically what you’re saying?

I don’t use Microsoft Office, but I use Adobe. If the people I collaborate with or I work for use Adobe and need to edit my files, I’m not going to give them something done in Scribus instead of inDesign. That would be doing a bad job and also limiting their choices significantly with who they can go with in the future to edit their files. Same principle applies to Microsoft Office.

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My friend’s response:

Yep, but they make shit so much easier They took my 2 weeks of turning CSVs into other CSVs into 2 days


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Adobe Creative Cloud doesn’t work in CrossOver.

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Just disable Javascript; it will load fine.

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It’s been 5 years. I don’t think they’re going to change the license to allow distributions to distribute MongoDB more easily.

We should actively be against corporate leeching.

In a world without free software, Amazon will build their own proprietary software for servers that is better than everyone else’s, and will be in the same position. At least with Redis, multiple employees of AWS were core maintainers for Redis. It isn’t like Amazon didn’t contribute anything back. Now that it’s non-free, they’ll just fork it. Again.

All this really accomplishes is making licensing a headache for everybody, which is the main reason people and organizations use free software.

I think free software developers should be able to make money from their software, and money from working on their software. I also think everyone else should be able to, too.

To put it another way, open source means surrendering your monopoly over commercial exploitation.

Additionally, Elasticsearch does not belong to Elastic. Redis doesn’t belong to Redis, either.

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what else is there aside from games?

The Steam client…

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pacman would allow me to install weak dependencies with a simple command-line option rather than black magic wizardry that rivals ffmpeg filtergraphs.

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What I want to do is install all of these Optional Dependencies that are part of the wine-staging package without specifying every one of them:

<span style="color:#323232;">Optional Deps   : giflib
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-giflib
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  gnutls
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-gnutls
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  v4l-utils
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-v4l-utils
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  libpulse
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-libpulse
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  alsa-plugins
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-alsa-plugins
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  alsa-lib
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-alsa-lib
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  libxcomposite
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-libxcomposite
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  libxinerama
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-libxinerama
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  opencl-icd-loader
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-opencl-icd-loader
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  libva
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-libva
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  gtk3
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-gtk3
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  gst-plugins-base-libs
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-gst-plugins-base-libs
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  vulkan-icd-loader
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-vulkan-icd-loader
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  sdl2
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  lib32-sdl2
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  sane
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  libgphoto2
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  ffmpeg
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  cups
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  samba
</span><span style="color:#323232;">                  dosbox

–asdeps doesn’t seem to do that. apt has –install-recommended, I think, or something similar. And for all the bad things I could say about apt, that’s a nice feature.

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In this case, many of these dependencies are required for a lot of games to work properly in Wine. Dosbox is used as an emulation tool. I don’t know of another package manager that doesn’t give you an option to install all of the optional dependencies.

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The concerns about AWS servers are around metadata. If metadata were not a concern, why not just use Whatsapp? They use the Signal protocol so messages are end-to-end encrypted by default, and most people already have it or are willing to download it as compared to Signal.

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That seems like the wrong place to link to. Shouldn’t you be linking to Sealed Sender?

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It’s the fault of copyright. Restricting what shows you can stream to your users instead of, for example, being required to pay a royalty, inevitably leads to this situation. Netflix being the sole company allowed to stream every show and film would result in a monopoly that would be bad for everyone as they progressively sought to increase profits year over year. One company having all that power would not be a good thing for anyone, including content holders.

The solution is simple: every streaming service should be allowed to stream every show/film in every country. Then, piracy can only compete on price. That requires significant copyright reform, however, and is very unlikely to happen.

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I somehow missed A YEAR OF SPRINGS, which is a fantastic visual novel by npckc. It’s discounted by 29%.

Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender 50% off (Yuri game) (www.gog.com)

Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender is 50% off on GOG. It’s a yuri game. It includes the original Japanese script, which is probably a good thing, because there are reviews on GOG and MangaGamer that have nothing positive to say about the English translation. This is the second Medibang release I’ve seen like this, and I don’t...

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I must admit I only looked at the pictures, looked at the specs, and looked at the reviews. I didn’t read the description at all before I posted this. After reading it, I can see how it could be seen as exploitative:

“Ms.Izuho…What does it feel like to be in love?” Konami Izuho was suddenly kissed during her teaching training internship by a student, Ema Serizawa, when they were alone in the classroom.

Konami later found out that this student happened to be the popular illustrator “Ema”, of whom she was a huge fan. On top of that, Ema would soon ask her, “can you help me with my drawings?”

Although Konami thought she would get to look at the new works of her favorite illustrator, what Ema asked from her was quite different. Kissing, bathing together, and sleeping in the same bed were just some of Ema’s requests that left Konami’s heart pounding.

“Huh? Help…means k-kissing or sleeping together?”

Konami’s encounters with Ema confused her and made her go back and forth between feelings of admiration and love. Now, the curtain will be raised on this Romantic Drama.

I can’t find any mention of ages, but it seems to be set in a high school, so one of the characters, in the best case, is 18 years old. The student teacher is probably somewhere between 19-21 years old. It’s common for visual novels to be set in high school and feature sex scenes between teenagers (though there are plenty of great VNs that aren’t), but there is a power imbalance here not usually seen in those games, even if the age gap is small.

I second Neo by saying that if you have an issue with the content of the game, you should contact GOG about it. MangaGamer and itch.io also carry this game. For now, I’ve marked the post as NSFW, as the GOG page does have some suggestive pictures.

Spectacle8011, (edited )
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👀 An easy way to buy Fate in Japanese, and not tied to the Switch like the Tsukihime remake.

I’ll add it to my wishlist once it gets a page on Steam. Hopefully it’s cheaper than WITCH ON THE HOLY NIGHT…

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I can hope…

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I don’t disagree, but this video is absolutely worth the watch. I’ve read a fair bit on X history but there’s a lot in here I didn’t know specifics of or didn’t know about at all.

ajayiyer, to linux

Gentle reminder to everyone that support for ends in about 90 weeks. Many computers can't upgrade to Win 11 so here are your options:

  1. Continue on Win 10 but with higher security risks.
  2. Buy new and expensive hardware that supports Win11.
  3. Try a beginner friendly distro like . It only takes about two months to acclimate.

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Kernel-level anti-cheat drivers for games, mainly.

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Those instances defederated from lemmy.comfysnug.space. @neo contacted them and a few others about refederating a few months ago; I don’t know the current status.

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