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Purveyor of Easy-Funk-Breaks Since 1998

Producer/Composer & figment of my alter-ego's imagination.

Director of Pedigree Cuts Production Library

#Music #MusicProduction #Tech #ProEU #ProSeccoSocialist #Environmentalist #EVs #SciFi #HiFi #Photography #3DPrinting #ModularSynths #FPL #Cats #Dogs

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Skeewiff, to random
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'Verily, it goeth even unto XI'

#Marshalle #SpinaleTapestrie

Skeewiff, to random
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A big & heartfelt THANK-YOU to everyone who has partaken in a little Wiffery on Spotify this year.

Proud as punch, proper made up and stoked beyond Trent. Thank you.. plenty more to come next year x

Skeewiff, to random
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If you missed it this weekend, do catch up with the latest instalment of the funktacularly splendiferous Craig Charles Funk & Soul show...

There's even a play of Skeewiff's latest single, Wack Wack on there! (which was nice) 👌🏻


ArtBear, (edited ) to music
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A year ago I started a little personal #Fedi project to every week share #newRelease music + a variety of other tracks from all sorts of eras & genres too.

I called it #BearTracks for my own humour & just to sort of see what I was doing.

It's over 500 tracks now. Lots of good music, quite a bit you might not have heard.

I keep a playlist too, which can be found here:

I hope you might find something new to enjoy.

#Music #Playlist #BearTracks

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@Archie8 @ArtBear 🙏🏼 Glad you dig!

Skeewiff, to jazz
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@the_gneech 🙏🙌🏼

Skeewiff, to random
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To celebrate our latest release, our take on Hammond Organ classic, The Cat, we've put together a playlist of 15 times we've wheeled out the Hammond Organ.

By sheer coincidence this sort of thing seems to be all over the UK News at the moment 🤭

#Hammond #Organ #GetSome #PeterBoner


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@mxtthxw Just looked up the T202.. NICE!!

We have 2x semi-working L122s. We thought we could make one fully working franken-organ, but haven't quite achieved it yet... lol

So much fun though. Is yours in good nick?

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@mxtthxw Decent price. These things are getting rarer.

If yours is anything like ours, removing the back will reveal a series of grey boxes - amps/reverbs/tremolo/circuits + Footpedal all fed into each other with RCA Phono cables. Sometimes these connections oxidise or come loose. Worth a pop first. If it's making a small signal this is good, could jut be cabling or an amp at fault.

Skeewiff, to random
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Skeewiff, to random
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Skeewiff are 25 this year! Which in turn means that we are precisely half a Hip-Hop.. Presumably the Hop?

To celebrate we've put together a playlist of some of the finest moments from when our paths have crossed.

Happy Birthday Hip-Hop &
Happy-Half-Birthday Wiff-Hop 🙌


Skeewiff, to vinyl
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Skeewiff's cover of enchanted exotica/space age classic/surf guitar banger, Misirlou is now available to stream, download & own on spicy 7" Vinyl. 🏄🏻‍♂️🚀 :catjam:

#GetSome #NewRelease #Surf #Exotica #Breaks #DickDale #MartinDenny #Vinyl #45Friday

The artwork of Skeewiff's latest release has been animated, with an electric guitar appearing and shaking around as the melody of Misirlou is belted out

Skeewiff, to funk
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We are proud to announce that the next Skeewiff single, our cover of enchanted exotica/space age classic/surf guitar banger, Misirlou is out on Jalapeno Records this Friday!

Follow the link in the comments to pre-order/pre-save on your fave platforms
#GetSome #FreshWiffs #NewRelease #Breakbeat #Funk #Soul #Exotica #SpaceAge #SurfGuitar

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Skeewiff, to random
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Big News delivered by the main man himself!

Tune in to The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show this Saturday, 5th August at 18:00 where we will be proud to unveil our "Trunk of Easy-Break-Funk" - 30 minutes of spicy rewiffs, skeemixes and exclusives!

& to wet your appetite, check out the last show & Ben Jamin's most splendid Trunk (see link-tree)

#BBCRadio6Music #BBCRadio6 #CraigCharles #CCFSS #TrunkOfFunk

Craig Charles announcing that Skeewiff are to do a Trunk of Funk

DemocracySpot, to random
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the funk requires additional peas, if anyone has some to spare.

@Skeewiff@mastodon.social avatar

@DemocracySpot …a like we used to say, uh

Skeewiff, to amenbreak
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Ridiculously proud to announce that the next single "Amen Brother' will be released this Friday on Jalapeno records.

Some of you might even recognise it 😉


#FreshWiffs #NewRelease #TheWinstons #AmenBrother #AmenBreak #45s #7inch #Vinyl

Skeewiff, to wildlife
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Skeewiff, to random
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Happy #Caturday from #PatchTheStudioCat who is kind enough to let me me use her studio sometimes.

Skeewiff, to animals
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Dear Mastodontists, an announcement.

Mittens will be taking over Skeewiff's PR from now on, please welcome her to the team.

She would like to remind you that there will be a New Release dropping this Friday, so make sure you follow Skeewiff on your favourite platforms to never miss a wiff! :catjam:

👉 https://linktr.ee/skeewiff 👈

#MittensHeadOfPR #CatsOfMastodon

losttourist, to random
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I wonder what's in this box. Maybe I should find a way to open it.

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@losttourist what’s the worst that could happen? 🤷‍♂️

Skeewiff, to random
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Happy #Caturday from a pensive mittens.

Skeewiff, to random
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Lovely walk with the mutt today.


Skeewiff, to random
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Drum session at the end of the week went well. Good to see the shell microphone labelled correctly 😂

#Drums #Studio #Recording

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@mxtthxw SSL spotting achievement unlocked 🏆

@Skeewiff@mastodon.social avatar

@mxtthxw Great Success!! 🏆 Although set up a la Glynn

#Drums #Recording

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