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badeline shoots lasers during the big boss fight, so this checks out


They did not necessarily misgender a nonbinary person if the aforementioned nonbinary accepts the he pronoun.


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  • SingularEye,

    One of the saddest things I’ve read, ever.


    climbing a mountain and curing my depression

    18+ Rulemember when someone fucked some cakes? (

    I miss those days, its sad to see that just a post with a girl in with some fake-looking blood on her got removed for being NSFW? I don’t remember the old user, but I wish CakeFucker was back here, doing weird shit. Maybe we’ll see better days soon! I was like, barely 18 (maybe 17/16, bad memory) and finally finding a...


    the good old days… why is 196 cringe now?


    I had a brain-eating amoeba once, poor fella died of hungry.

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