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SimpleRobC, to Ukraine
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More Media fact checking by RFE/RL

"Fact checking Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin: Baseless claims about the war"

YouTube, 3:12 mins.

#TuckerRose #Putin #Ukraine #Disinformation


SimpleRobC, to Ukraine
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Your money going to Russia!

PepsiCo - Analysts report, the company is increasing its profits in Russia - last year it reached $525 million. The company paid $115 million in taxes to Russia.


#Ukraine #Russia #Economics #BusinessInRussia

SimpleRobC, to random
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Republicans are going after the son of the President. Please MAGA speak on election interference.

You don't think the extremists will go after you through your children?

America is about rule of law. We do not transfer "sins" through family lines.

stevesilberman, to random
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One undeniable reason to vote for DeSantis is that he's so comfortable in his own skin. The relaxed, open face of a man obviously at peace with himself. [image via @senatorgiggity.bsky.social]

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Lizard people

SimpleRobC, to random
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All this talk about more men in Russia going to the front.
Incl. recent Operator Starsky commentary, reminds me of the meme...

jerry, to random
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@jerry ahhh, a vicious Bark n' Bite!!

SimpleRobC, to random
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Emperor Trump wants all this frivolous trial mess to just stop.

SimpleRobC, to Ukraine
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"The Ukrainian national team will not participate in the Youth World Judo Championship in Portugal due to the inclusion of Russian athletes in the tournament under neutral status.

According to Mykhailo Koshlyak, the president of the Judo Federation of Ukraine, one of the Russian participants allowed into the competition is an active-duty military serviceman."

  • United24Media

#Ukraine #Judo #Portugal #Russia #BoycottRussianSport

w7voa, to india
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hepatologist, who has taken on powerful interests promoting traditional alternative medicine in his country, has his account suspended on the social media platform formerly known as . https://theprint.in/feature/who-is-challenging-ayurveda-in-todays-india-meet-kerala-doctor-cyriac-abby-philips/1283584/

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  1. Who in India did this account make enemies?
  2. Who in India's Modi gov't contacted Elon?
SimpleRobC, to Canada
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Have we ever seen evidence from the UK, of Russia poisoning the Skripals? I haven't, but little by little various world gov't all agreed.

Why would Canada be required to immediately show evidence?

India's actions speak louder than words. India will do whatever is best for India. They have profited from the Ukraine occupation, while claiming neutrality. Modi continues to play into the country's nationalist extremism, keeping him in power.

#Canada #India #Democracy #Minorities #BRICS

w7voa, to random
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The company that can't keep it's accounts from being hacked, will now be asking for your credit card number... hmmm.

SimpleRobC, to Ukraine
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Random Russian Occupation Meme

#Ukraine #Russia #Meme #Occupation #Ruscist #IncreasingBlouses

SimpleRobC, to goodnews
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Save Ukraine 🇺🇦

Another 13 children from the occupied territories of Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia regions were returned to Ukraine, the charity organization Save Ukraine reported.

In just 11 missions, they managed to return 176 children. 🎉

#GoodNews #Ukraine #Children #United24Media

popey, to linux
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I have just provisioned a new dedicated server. It's been deployed running 22.04.3. I SSH'ed in as root, given the provided credentials. 🤓
QUESTION: What's the very first command I typed after logging in? 🤔

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cd /

Brit_In_Moldova, to random
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Head of EU Delegation in Moldova to sing rock song in Romanian, with lyrics by departed Moldovan poet


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Tomorrow for

‼ 🇷🇴 Romanian Language Day, 31 August. 🇲🇩 ‼

În limba ta (In Your Language), by poet Grigore Vieru

gcluley, to random
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In summary:

42% (65.3 million) of Elon's followers have no followers.

41% (62.5 million) have no tweets.

Over 25% (38.9 million) created their accounts on or after the date Musk acquired Twitter.


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SimpleRobC, to Ukraine
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Ukraine will not be able to use F-16s this year — Yuriy Ihnat, spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Despite ongoing aviation training, Ukraine’s Western allies continue to hold back from supplying fighter jets.

  • United24Media

pivoinebleue, to random

How Mitch #McConnell's failures led to the rise of Donald #Trump | The Warning with Steve Schmidt - YouTube


> Steve Schmidt breaks down how the cowardice of Mitch McConnell led to the rise of Donald Trump and #MAGA #extremism in this country. To become a The Warning Pr...

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@GreenFire @pivoinebleue

Moscow Mitch
Misinformation Mitch
Munchausen Mitch

ryanhoulihan, to random
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My patience for most frustrations is usually a point of pride but today I am ready to throttle each and every one of you

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pour vous, mes amie

SimpleRobC, to Ukraine
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SimpleRobC, to Ukraine
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"Ukraine's top job search platform, WORKua, has taken a decisive step by cutting off collaboration with companies operating in the Russian market.

The move aims to distance Ukraine's economy from those supporting Russia's war."

  • United24Media

#Ukraine #Employment #Economy #Business #Russia #JobSearch

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    SimpleRobC, to Russia
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    EugeneMcParland, to Ukraine

    The National Agency for Corruption Prevention of #Ukraine (NACP) adds #Unilever the owner of Lipton, Rexona and Done to the list of international sponsors of war.

    A giant billboard showing a photoshoot with wounded Ukrainian soldiers, in the style of Dove beauty adverts, has been installed outside parent company Unilever’s HQ in #London. It comes on the same day that Unilever is officially placed on the Ukrainian Government’s International Sponsors of War list.

    Source🔗 https://b4ukraine.org/whats-new/unilever-designated-a-sponsor-of-war

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    Unilever brands

    SimpleRobC, to Ukraine
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    Front Line Kitchen (@frontlinekit)

    "...roofer showing us his "🇺🇦 Cossack killing a ruzzian bear tattoo" which I think is BAD-ASS!!" - Richard

    #Ukraine #Tattoo #Cossack #Bear

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