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There’s also a lot of very religious African American voters on the left, politically. Black churches, I know for sure, focus on social justice and non-violence. (I’m white but I’ve only lived in majority black cities so I’m well aware of their organizing.) You’ll notice many civil rights leaders, both today and in the past, are or were preachers and so have the Reverend title (obvious example: Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. but modern civil rights leaders are very often preachers).

This is an aside but Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) was the reverend at Ebenezer Baptist Church, MLK’s former church. He also has a Ph D and now I want to know what title formal invitations use for him.


I had the same thing happen to my internet cables but it was the cat.


Wow, a volatile currency backed by nothing has large swings in value and if you pick the right date range you can tell any story you want? That’s pretty amazing.


Militaries, usually.

A nicer way to put that is that taxes are collected in national currencies. You can use any currency you want in private transactions but when the tax man comes calling, you better have the government’s preferred currency.

Also, what are cryptocurrencies backed by? Why do y’all exclusively call government money “fiat” when that just means it isn’t backed by a precious metal? Is there a Bitcoin Ft. Knox out there making it not a fiat currency?


Well, luckily, you don’t have to worry about explaining TradFi history to me since I studied a lot of it in college and after. To me, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocates haven’t read enough about the 1800’s, whether it’s the Free Banking Era or all the post-civil war panics (including the Panic of 1907 so don’t stop at 1899). A lot of hard lessons had to be learned before we created the modern system.


In America, the core problem is mostly racial hysteria driven by conservative media. No one in MAGA world even talks about the 271,000+ Ukrainian refugees.

The other component is that the process at the Southern border is underfunded and has been for decades. There’s no appetite to fix it in Washington and there hasn’t been for my entire adult life. Both sides use it as a bargaining chip and then it inevitably becomes a campaign issue where compromise is impossible.

So, whereas a situation like more organized refugee resettlement allows — actually requires — the refugees to find work and housing (usually) within 6 months, even people obviously fleeing violence entering from the South have to go through an interminable and labyrinthian legal process to prove they aren’t secretly economic migrants.

If we had a functioning legal immigration system, this wouldn’t be an issue. If we had enough judges and facilities at the southern border to process asylum requests in a timely fashion, this wouldn’t be an issue. But to many in Congress, a “crisis” at the border is more valuable as something to demagogue than solving problems. (That was most evident recently when Republicans insisted border funding be tied to Ukraine aid and then reneged on the deal because — and they were quite open about this — Trump wants to campaign on immigration and they don’t want Biden to have an election year victory.)


In general, the cities in red states are very progressive. New Orleans and Miami are two of the least small-c conservative cities you’ll find in the U.S., more akin to San Francisco than a place like Boston. (Boston has amazing universities and is progressive in policy but it was founded by puritans and isn’t exactly known for it’s late night parties and festivals.)

By contrast, more Californians voted for Trump than Texans. It’s mostly an urban/rural divide at this point and whether your state government is a horror show or not depends on whether your cities are large enough to create a majority after districts are drawn.

Also, there’s a lot of outrageous bills introduced by one state rep that will never get a vote. But they know they’ll result in clickbait articles and help them gain notoriety.


This is maybe obscure but Earl Scruggs basically invented three finger picking on the banjo. It became one of the defining characteristics of bluegrass music and when most people imagine “banjo music” today, that’s probably what they imagine first. (It’s called “Scruggs Style” and he popularized but who knows who did it first as a lark?)

A recent one is abusing autotune. Autotune was invented to correct singing notes that were slightly off. Cher was apparently first to do this but people started experimenting with unintended settings combinations to make different effects and stuff. T-Pain took that to the extreme and it became a whole trend in pop music.

Plus, like, the entire history of music in New Orleans and the surrounding Mississippi Delta region. So much American (and British) music can trace a direct line to the blues, jazz, early rock and roll, and other genres that begin in the region.


It seems like jumping to conclusions to assume this was an anti-abortion terrorist when nearly everyone probably has a reason to loathe the Alabama AG. His own wife and kids probably hate him.

Remember when Rand Paul got attacked and people assumed it was political? Then we found out he just took an ass whooping from an old man mad about lawn care.

NBC Editor Posts Documentation of Nazis at CPAC after Organization Slams Report as ‘False’ (

Benjamin Goggin, NBC News’s deputy tech editor, defended his report on Nazis receiving a “friendly reception” at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference after CPAC publicly called it “false, misleading, and grossly manipulative.”...


Maybe he just meant they weren’t “Nazis,” but rather “Neo-Nazis” or some other type of white nationalist of a more modern vintage. Your Pinochet admirers, neo-confederates, and so forth. Barely anyone at CPAC was even an adult during WWII and certainly no one at the young fascist mixer.

Whats your thoughts on Ai in your terminal? (

Today i was doing the daily ritual of looking at distrowatch. Todays reveiw section was about a termal called warp, it has built in AI for recomendations and correction for commands (like zhs and nushell). You can also as a chatbot for help. I think its a neat conscept however the security is what makes me a bit skittish. They...


The terminal seems like the very last place I’d want A.I. I’m usually using it specifically to be precise and don’t just run commands I don’t understand. If you forget some long command, just use history |grep whatever and see what it was. (And then turn it into an alias or function.)


Whom amongst us can resist the temptation to throw a Christmas tree?


I like the recommendations but I would also just ban cryptocurrency wallets from the app stores (and traditional finance apps capable of transferring funds electronically). There’s not much you can do to stop scams in that space but if the devs distribute their own apps, at least the user can verify they’re at the original developer’s site or repo or whatever and possibly hold them accountable.

That probably won’t help on the scams — people in the crypto world get scammed more than aging grandparents, it seems. But I don’t want Canonical or Flathub to be held liable due to a lack of moderation resources. If they can ever automate moderation to the degree it’s safe, bring back the finance app category with some safeguards.


If the only people who have lost their minds are the ones who refused a vaccine, how would we even know?

ShittyBeatlesFCPres, (edited )

Ironically, in the article, the link to the original Census source of the 1.2% datum is now dead.

Also, it’s 2.1% now (for people over 25), according to the Wikipedia article’s source:…/cps-detailed-tables.html

Edit: the Wikipedia citation is from 2018 data. The 2023 tables are here:…/cps-detailed-tables.html

Citation party!


The most recent data is 2.1% for people over 25.…/cps-detailed-tables.html


Trump’s brain is turning to mush too, my man. Watch a video of him on Leno or Letterman. Father Time is undefeated.


This is a genuine question and not damning with faint praise: what period are Argentines nostalgic for? Like, not saying Argentina was never great. It’s one of the world’s great breadbaskets. I’ve been there and Iguazú Falls is great by anyone’s standard.

In the U.S., there’s nostalgia for pre-9/11, post-Soviet period when we it seemed like democracy was on the march and we were blissfully ignorant of what was coming in the 2000’s. There’s also mythologized nostalgia for the post-WWII era that I think some Trump supporters imagine (rise of the middle class, manufacturing jobs, etc.). And Trump, obviously, is also referring to a time when straight, white, Protestant men had basically all the power.

So, what era is Milei referring to? Is it before the multiple financial crises (like maybe pre-1999)? Is it more in the Bolsonaro style where he means the military dictatorship? Something they don’t teach Americans about?


“African wild ass” is an S-tier animal name.


There’s obviously degrees of autism. People with mild autism who can function can often seem normal, if a bit awkward. I’m neurotypical but work in software development so I might have more experience than most. I tend to think of my more autistic colleagues as very good at things like database management and solving speed issues where the task requires obsession and wanting things to be just so. But I generally would build (or assign) the GUI to a person who was more neurotypical since that involves a lot of communication. Different people have different strengths and we’d live in a much worse world if that weren’t true.

Obviously, some people are severely autistic and can’t really have a typical career. I generally find people with more severe autism to be awkward to talk to but always very nice. I’ve been told by lots of people that I’m “always smiling” and I suspect that helps. Some people send the wrong signals but my default, resting “face” is apparently friendly. In high school, I was sometimes able to chat with severely autistic kids and not frustrate them.

When I was growing up, they categorized the autistic folks as severe, profound, mild, or moderate. I apologize if those terms are antiquated. I’m old and the euphemism treadmill continues apace.


I’d make gun owners liable for any crime committed with a gun registered to them. If they can’t keep their gun locked in a gun safe, they’re negligent. A car is not a safe. It has glass windows, not steel walls. We have car titles. We can have gun titles.

I’d also make ongoing, regular training required. Let’s say once every few months, you have to go to a range and target shoot with your local club. I think that would solve a lot of problems at once. Disturbed people would have to be around sane people a bit. (Hopefully, they make friends but truly dangerous people would get red flagged.) You wouldn’t have as many idiots in gun brawls hitting innocent bystanders. Even normal, responsible gun owners would benefit since it’d be a reminder to maintain their guns and an opportunity to learn from more experienced marksmen.

This is less practical but I’d also love to see a ban on certain guns from being taken off private property (or some similar rule) without it being disabled somehow. I’m not sure that would be possible (technically or to enforce) but I think that would help with the “moron buying an AR with an extended clip” issue while still allowing people with legitimate use cases to protect their livestock or hunt.

Basically, I want every gun fired to be done so accurately and with the intent of the owner. I’m not sure my ideas would get us there but that’s the broader goal I’m aiming for. (Pun not intended).


It’s a Mastodon type microblogging service but I think I read it’s popular in Japan and South Korea.


Everyone wishing for more users might be wishing on a cursed monkey paw. I don’t know what the sweet spot number of active users is — I want more so we can have contributors to niche communities — but there’s a tipping point. You want your favorite bar/restaurant/message boards to be popular but not too popular.


I emailed my region’s national weather service and asked that they join Mastodon and the meteorologist said they wanted to but there’s an approval process for communications and it takes awhile to add new services.

I’m basically completely off X (and haven’t had a Facebook account for years) but during a recent storm, I made a new Twitter account that just follows local government accounts. It’s annoying that the fastest way to find out about flooded roads and stuff is X and I really hope that changes soon.


When I visited Australia, my only complaint was that at the beach, someone told us not to step on blue snails because they’ll kill you. Like, come on. I’m not somebody who steps on snails of any color on purpose. How am I supposed to avoid the murder snails?

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