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Nucleic Acids #Chemist, #Biochemist, #Food & #Drink Lover - not always in that order.
Formerly @KitchenChemProf (Twitter)
#Homeschooling Dad of teens. Trying to read more recent SF&F - read a lot in late 80s to 90/00s.
Personal, not research lab account.

#FoodScience #Chemistry #Cooking #Gastronomy #FlavorScience #Taste #BBQ #Curry #Science #RNA #DNA #KitchenChemistry #KitchenScience #Academia #Cocktails #Parenting #Kids #Homeschool #Travel #Japan #RoadTrip #Music #Movies #SF #SFF

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NicoleCRust, to random
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If you were to recalibrate, what would you do?

I always suspected I would do something like study those amazing desert ants that navigate via the earth’s magnetic field. But when thinking through the question “How do you want to spend the next 10 years?” more seriously (pretending there are few constraints), that’s not where I actually point myself.

Acknowledging that it’s a tremendously priveleged (and emotional) thought experiment, What would you do with your next 10 years, assuming that thing needs to be useful enough that it’s reasonably supported (and you would continue to get a paycheck)?

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@jonobie 🙌🏽 awesome ! More power to you!


NicoleCRust, to random
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the volunteer body that administered the 2023 Hugo Awards appeared to have directly engaged in self-censoring the nominees over political concerns about the host country, China. The emails allege members of the Hugo administration team succeeded in keeping certain books off-ballot because they wanted to operate under Chinese laws related to content and censorship

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@computingnature @NicoleCRust
Horrible situation - for those who were cut out and also for the winners.
Good write up by Scalzi following the Barkley Sanford report

skinnylatte, to random
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I just saw a post about an American who is so disgusted by the political shift to the right that he moved to.. wait for it.. Italy

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@skinnylatte perhaps as public transport and other services (health etc) go it is much more 'socialist!' but yes depends where.

rsagarcia, to random
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HOLY CRAP, I WON!!! 'Tantie Merle and the Farmhand 4200' is Uncanny Magazine's Readers Poll winner for 2023.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and congratulations to all the finalists! I'm humbled and honoured to be among you.


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@rsagarcia Well deserved! It's such a fun read!!!! 🙌

(And as I read I could hear it in the voice of a Trini friend's mom ssshhh 😀 )

kitoconnell, to security
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Y'all know not to use right? Right???

Temu app contains ‘most dangerous’ in circulation: class action lawsuit | Fashion Dive

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@kitoconnell App?! App?! There's an app?! It's so annoying I don't even click on the ads.

psychoalpastor, to random
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Saw a total failure of a pizza on BlueSky via the Random Restaurant Bot (attached below), and it prompted thoughts:

I'm not a purist about pizza toppings but there's some things where execution is key, and others that are simply too high a climb & suggest you don't even like pizza. Potato of any sort is an execution one.

Example: you want potato on pizza? Try this!

Chicago deep dish crust. Mozz, small roasted potatoes smashed & tossed in garlic herb butter. Panchetta, scallion, cheddar. Top w/ alfredo sauce, Ranch herbs, smoked bacon & parmesan.
Loaded baked potato pizza!

Or this!

NY thin crust. Brown beef gravy used as sauce. Mozz, chunks of braised beef short rib, shredded potato (like hash brown style). Bake most of the way, add cheese curds near end to just warm em. Garnish w/ herbs.

Don't just throw fries on a pizza and call it good! THINK about the dish!

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@_L1vY_ @psychoalpastor @WackyIdeas indeed
available in pizzerias and in store freezers - but young people mostly apparently - not the ones who kvetch about Hawaiian 🍍 pizza

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@_L1vY_ @psychoalpastor @WackyIdeas as per the op - spot on its the execution. It sounds or sounded totally weird but quite a few years ago [2016] on a trip to NJ, a friend told me about pasta pizza. Tried a slice and it was actually good. The slight chew and caramelization of the baked pasta worked well in the topping. Pizza was well made that helped!

Bottom of a slice of pizza - brown and crusty
Pizza slices with penne topping on a tray and displayed.

SRDas, to random
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boozyANDsour, to cocktails

Today's is the

60ml Cognac
22,5ml lemon juice
15ml green Chartreuse
7,5ml simple sirup
1dash Angostura bitter

Shake&fineStrain in a chilled coupe and garnish with a lemon zest.

Elegant yet potent cocktail, just close your eyes and pretend to be in a bistrot in Paris.



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@boozyANDsour @drinkstodon this sounds terrific!
I had a bijou last night, will dial one of these up soon.

Deus, to Canada

The last time I visited Sun Yat Sen street in 2014, I didn't see any young Chinese people anymore. The restaurant owner told me they'd all moved to . So, it's nice to see young people in these pictures.

Wonder if the 'Chinese Church' still exists. The 'authentic' part of the Chinese food also changed after the 1990s to cater to local taste buds. Then there were also some goon (types), I recall. College kid me once asked my cousin (studying in Jadavpur Univ) about dating Chinese women and he'd say, "Their guys are damn possessive about their women. If the girl doesn't like you, their goons will come in their RX100 and harass you. At worst, they'll beat you up." He added, "Those guys are damn good with their RX100."

/Felt a bit nostalgic with some good memories, so figured I'd share some stories 😬

RT: https://charcha.cc/objects/f1107804-b490-4b51-9374-beaa9291f790

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@Deus @Kolkata great to see the pics and the youngsters on the streets. Yes - Kolkata Chinese (food) and Tangra has changed a lot. A lot of the older generation are now in Canada - and they tend to go back in Winter - so there's better food there then... (some inside info I got on last trip in Dec 22)

SRDas, to random
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@Flop_Ysh never tried pickling these but yes I can imagine they'd be good! Will try sometime - thanks!!

astro_jcm, to physics
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I can tell you where I saw this, but not how fast I was going.

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@astro_jcm you were probably there

SRDas, to random
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Best wishes on the Lunar New Year or Tết to all who observe and all who celebrate (however you choose to)!
May the Year of the Dragon power you on!

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18+ SRDas, to food
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style [sous vide] pork belly fry side along with baked crisp cauliflower and a mixed salad with corn & hearts of palm, with rice with toor daal with spinach and mahi mahi spicy turmeric & coconut milk .
Some evenings are just magical.

Hurried pics turned out not bad either (even if I say so myself)

Overhead shot of a plate with rice with toor daal & spinach, baked cauliflower, salad with cucumbers corn olives and slices of hearts of palm, a bit of the fried pork belly in spices
A piece of mahi mahi napped in a yellow coconut milk and turmeric curry over rice

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@Deus oh wow I've never had beef in any chettinad style prep. (Tbh I've had very little beef outside of Calcutta and Kerala)

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@Deus ah yes there's that. (Though I think ok hope its not that much of an issue in TN)

SRDas, to homebrewing
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We don't #wine too often - but oh pulled this bottle out for and before lunch and it's full on lush berries and rounded. 10 mins in the glass and so different (better) - pulled out the decanter.
I might be useless (more than usual) this Sunday afternoon

SRDas, to food
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And then talked and had temaki - handrolls
Spicy mayo salmon mostly, cucumber, scallions, pickled ginger

thepoliticalcat, to random
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    @thepoliticalcat stay safe abd I hope it passes with not too much to talk about! 👊🏽

    SRDas, to Japan
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    And the next building has a more modern looking windows
    Street in

    SRDas, to food
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    Been a while since we had and partner decided why not fries with that (Ore-Ida freezer kind - these turned out great!). Homemade "ranch" with yogurt and s touch of sour cream doctored up.
    An indulgent
    (and tomorrow's tooth extraction? - ah well that's tomorrow innit?)

    Crinckle cut fries on a plate next to a bit of ketchup
    A chicken wing with part of it covered in homemade "ranch" (with yogurt and garlic) sauce - held up. The plate below has celery and fries and ketchup on it

    SRDas, to hotsauce
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    Got back home to some terrific hand pankoed mahi mahi and fried up by partner. With some shredded cabbage, red onion, jalapeño, cilantro slaw and a bit of sour cream based quick sauce made for some terrific

    Shout out to salsa huichol too. Not something I use too often, but I always have some on hand - for Mexican type seafood it's a great First had it in Chicago decades ago at a short lived but rightly buzz creating seafood taco place (Tacos del Pacifico)

    Corn tortillas with pieces of breaded fried fish and some green slaw and a messy drizzle of white and brown sauces
    Bottle with a yellow label that says Salsa Huichol hot sauce with a graphic of a person in a wide brimmed sombrero

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    Reprise of the mahi mahi tacos - fillet cut into thick pieces, breaded and fried.
    This time around with a quick margarita to go with it. (Been a while since we had one of those)
    Good 1, 2 punch for a Monday!

    Fish tacos on corn tortillas on a plate with a glass of margarita with a lemon wedge in the glass

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