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And I can’t exploit enough of you, baby, can you exploit enough of me?

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Something has gone fundamentally wrong regarding upbringing, school and mental health if a 12-year-old gets access to a gun and starts shooting innocent people as a means of “revenge”.

QuentinCallaghan, (edited )
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Of course our country is the happiest when all the severely unhappy people kill themselves. Also our current government is garbage and has several Nazis among its ranks. There is a brilliant editorial about the subject in English, this is the first that came to my mind: www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/…/8733706

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And regarding homelessness in Finland: here it takes actual effort to be homeless, as in living in the streets. I knew one person several summers ago who lived in a hammock because of a complicated scheme involving violence and money. One female friend broke up with her BF and lived with her friends until she got an apartment from another city, so she didn’t have to live on the streets.

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Lapsiperheiden ja keski-ikäisiä vanhempien kohdalla perinteinen lineaarinen TV varmasti pitää pintansa. TV:tä katsoin aktiivisesti viimeksi kun asuin porukoilla, sen jälkeen netti on hyvin pitkälti ajanut saman asian.

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Mielenkiintoisempaa olisi jos ne katsoisivat logaritmista televisiota.

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Been playing Vanquish. The game feels like a Japanese take on then-popular cover-shooters like Gears of War, but with faster pace and mechanics like sliding that incentivize not relying on covers too much. Like with Platinum’s titles, there’s deep mechanics and really getting into the game starts when replaying the game’s missions.

U.S. Measles Cases Surpass 2023 Levels, C.D.C. Says (www.nytimes.com)

Many cases reported in the United States this year were linked to international travel, according to the C.D.C., as travel destinations such as Britain, Austria and the Philippines have had outbreaks. Many of the people in the United States who have been infected have been unvaccinated children age 12 months and older.

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Just read that Candace Owens got fired from The Daily Wire, apparently her anti-semitism was enough for them.

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The compilation is however a bummer as it doesn’t have “The Eternal Idol” from 1987. It had something to do with releasing rights from Vertigo and IRS Records.

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