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Unrelated, but I love that you discovered this image and worked so hard to figure out the answer to your question. I had also never heard of the Top View community, and it’s so interesting - subscribed! Thanks, OP :)


I’m not sure why you’re getting downvoted, but companies are looking to use hydrogen fuel cells for 18 wheelers for just this reason. They won’t have to stop for gas even on long trips because the energy density is very high and the weight is less.

Here are a few charts about it from the DOE:…/fuel-cell-and-battery-electric-vehic…


Ah - that makes sense, thank you. You’re correct, but I work in the aerospace industry with hydrogen fuel cells and green hydrogen is all I’m familiar with, but I realize now that this was bias on my part.


My cat has this! She chews on and sometimes eats anything plastic like bags, the cover over a loaf of bread, wrappers of any kind, trash bags, etc. We have to spray all of it with some bitters because that’s safe for animals and the smell discourages them from chewing that particular thing.


Hey Israel, China called. They want their “angry threats because someone recognized Taiwan” mode back.


Now do Google, Amazon, FB, etc.


This is helpful, thank you. I was only able to read the first paragraph or so before it cut out and said I needed to make an account, so I just stopped there.


Wouldn’t the difference here wrt Tom/Woody be that Tom had already played the role before so there is some expectation that a similar voice would be used for future versions of Woody if Tom wasn’t available?

Serious question, I never thought about the point you made so now I’m curious.


GOP Rep on Fox: Why isn’t Amal Clooney talking about Russia, China?


For more than 20 years, Clooney has been involved in a number of diverse causes. She works at a prestigious London law firm specializing in human rights called Doughty Street Chambers and is also an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School in New York. She has been collaborating with Prosecutor Khan for three years, when he asked her to act as special advisor to observe the humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region. In addition to creating the foundation that bears their names in 2016, the couple have made numerous donations through it, such as the $1 million they gave in 2017 to fight against racism and hate crimes in the United States, the aid project to provide schooling to 3,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, arms control or hosting an Iraqi refugee fleeing the Islamic State in their own home. The lawyer has also worked on international cases, such as the long border dispute between Vietnam and Cambodia, on the return of Greek sculptures from the British Museum to Greece; and on the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

I don’t know, maybe because she’s fucking busy doing other important shit?

Nothing is too niche for modders to remaster, not even a '90s Star Wars FPS expansion pack where you play as Luke Skywalker's weird non-canon wife rescuing my favorite Expanded Universe dork (

Luke Skywalker had a weird wife named Mara Jade who was a femme fatal ex-Sith assassin with a purple lightsaber. Chewbacca died at the age of 225 years old when Star Wars’ Aldi brand Borg dropped a moon on him. The Death Star plans were not stolen by a ragtag bunch of rebel soldiers that included beloved martial arts leading...


Same! One who I just sent this article. IIRC he had MOTS, burned it on CD, and mailed it to me in another state so we could keep playing online. Good times.


“Flamboyantly Virginal” is my new band name.

In all seriousness, what a dumb thing to get worked up about in the first place and what a mean and insulting comment to make.

PrincessLeiasCat, (edited )

You may enjoy a book that came out a few years ago by Amanda Ripley called “The Unthinkable - Who Survives when Disaster Strikes and Why”.

I can somewhat relate to what you’re describing (though maybe not to that extreme) and found that this book did a good job of helping me to understand the mindset of folks in these situations so as to ponder what I might have done had I been in their place in a somewhat realistic way.

9/11 and other plane crashes were just a couple of things that she focused on.


We’ve learned nothing from the 2021 winter storm that killed over 200 people.


Some, but there are a lot of people here who recognize the hypocrisy and trash policies put into place in the state by politicians who do not wish to govern, only consolidate power.


They do, but Texas is one of the most difficult states to register to vote. Voter suppression is real and by design.

This explains it well: Texas’s Voter-Registration Laws Are Straight Out of the Jim Crow Playbook

and Analysis: It’s harder to vote in Texas than in any other state


Thank you for the clarification.


According to Kennedy, Meta is colluding with the Biden administration to sway the 2024 presidential election by suppressing Kennedy’s documentary and making it harder to support Kennedy’s candidacy. This allegedly has caused “substantial donation losses,” while also violating the free speech rights of Kennedy, his supporters, and his film’s production company, AV24.

In this case, Meta and the Biden administration are claimed to be co-conspirators colluding to block citizens from promoting their favorite presidential candidate.

We can very much dislike both while also agreeing that this is fucking stupid. While we continue to very much dislike both, one is clearly in the wrong on this issue and pointing out the sheer stupidity of Kennedy’s actions is not “siding” with Zuckerberg.

I don’t care what his profession is/was - he’s wrong and it would be disingenuous to give him a pass because he did a thing at some point in his life that I agreed with.


The first quote is formally wrong (because Meta is a privileged entity which is a platform when it’s convenient and a private something not subject to free speech when that is convenient), but in fact almost certainly true. Even obvious.

I have no idea if it is or isn’t, but they’re both still terrible people.


I don’t think it’s productive to spend time regurgitating what’s already been said numerous times regarding his antivax beliefs and other conspiracy theories.

If you don’t think those are bad, then you do you, but I’m not going to debate it here. Have a good night.


While the flag was up, the court was still contending with whether to hear a 2020 election case, with Justice Alito on the losing end of that decision. In coming weeks, the justices will rule on two climactic cases involving the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, including whether Mr. Trump has immunity for his actions. Their decisions will shape how accountable he can be held for trying to overturn the last presidential election and his chancesfor re-election in the upcoming one.

“I had no involvement whatsoever in the flying of the flag,” Justice Alito said in an emailed statement to The Times. “It was briefly placed by Mrs. Alito in response to a neighbor’s use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard signs.”

It’s cool, guys, he had nothing to do with it. /s

Qualified experts of Lemmy, do people believe you when you answer questions in your field?

The internet has made a lot of people armchair experts happy to offer their perspective with a degree of certainty, without doing the work to identify gaps in their knowledge. Often the mark of genuine expertise is knowing the limitations of your knowledge....


Yes. I work in the aerospace industry. I’m a woman. When Space Karen first appeared on the scene, he immediately had millions of young, impressionable fanboys. Fanboys who would passionately disagree with you when you explained how something Space Karen spouted into the ether one day didn’t will it into existence. And Space Karen said a lot of dumb shit.

Nevertheless, he said it, you disagree, you are wrong because you disagree with something he said, and your education, skills, experience, and qualifications over many years are meaningless.

That went on for years before he finally showed himself to be the narcissistic manchild many of us saw in the beginning. It’s a double-edged sword…on one hand you feel vindicated, but on the other you wish it didn’t have to come to this to make it happen.


Oh I missed the green Docs - glad you pointed them out. Very nice!

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