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NikaShilobod, to ObsidianMD
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Is there a library of general templates for anywhere? Somewhere in the noggin' it rings a bell.

ninokadic, to philosophy
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Am I the only one who unequivocally thinks that philosophy has made progress? Perhaps I have a different definition of what progress means, but surely I can't be the only one?

The number of theories and arguments that philosophers uncovered, as well as the clarity and breadth of their analyses, is certainly progress.

@philosophy @academicchatter

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NikaShilobod, to random
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King Kahuna the Tuna Luna on this fine

Gogs, to random
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I’m not saying traditional folk music has a monopoly, but maybe it’s time for a few more metal tracks about going for a nice walk.

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jacqueline, to random
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no centralised social network could ever produce "the taliban deleted my account". that's a mastodon special.

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NikaShilobod, to random
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I've been so afraid of graduating without publications and finally have a few things in the pipeline, ironically all wildly different from each other, I'm quite grateful. 🥹 My CV is going to be full on jack of all trades, master of none though. 😅

lauren, to random
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My new policy is to immediately block users who reply to my posts with what I consider to be hyperbolic comments. They are of course free to take their carefully considered missives to other places where I'm sure they'll be welcome, but not on my threads. Thanks for your understanding of this policy.

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Protecting your brain should be normalized.

futurebird, (edited ) to random
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I was going for a “fall of Rome” theme for their outworld but I don’t know if it works. Maybe a statue with broken arms? A charred miniature building?

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Needs an invading Goth.

NikaShilobod, to ukteachers
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"One of our greatest tragedies..."

NikaShilobod, to climate
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What to do when you’re completely overwhelmed by #climate #anxiety

Act local, think global. ;)

StillIRise1963, to random
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People want to SKIP to the HISTORICAL analysis part of this situation INSTEAD OF acting in the PRESENT. YOU ARE PART OF THIS SITUATION.

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Something something "End of History" 😴😴

NikaShilobod, to random
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"We are indeed fortunate."


My long-time partner was in a shipwreck (demasted) in the South Pacific a few years ago. It is such a crazy story... That is the blog his mom wrote after the incident. One day, I hope we can get out to see those islands he stopped at after for repairs; he said the locals were so kind and down to earth. Dreams we have on a rainy, grey day.

jonny, to bluesky
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Compare figure 3 here in the #atproto / #bluesky paper
To the diagram here:

The paper figure is a lot cuter, but by linearizing it and presenting it as two parallel tracks they have obscured the most salient feature of the network: the big relay in the middle. Beyond "centralization bad," that pins down most of the undesirable and dangerous features of the protocol, and makes it seem like theres a lot more choice than there is.

Since the design purposefully hides the architecture: you dont know where your feed generators are drawing from, or those used by your friends. So you cant know what the effect of choosing a different relay would be, aka the main relay is always indispensable. Importantly the relays subscribe to you, you dont push to the relay, and since you arent really supposed to operate your own data store, you can be dropped from the network without knowing - the relay serves as an unaccountable point of moderation.

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@jonny You probably saw this today, but if you need some vindication, read the between the lines in the top comment. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=39274882 - Hilarious thread.

NikaShilobod, to academia
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I am looking for and and people who want to do some AMA-style events on Lemmy. The few I ran on Reddit were fun, and it makes an excellent opportunity for public outreach as people feel comfortable in an informal space, ECRs especially. These are great if you have a paper you want to rizz too. It's a good outreach thing; I always think 1:1 talking to people is the most successful and impactful. @phdstudents @academicchatter

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Yes, yes, yes! Perfect! I only noted ECR to encourage beginner voices, but anyone is welcome. I'll send you more information tomorrow if that is ok? My brain is turned off for the night, haha! :)

NikaShilobod, to academia
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I am looking for that would like to do some AMA-style events on Lemmy. The few I ran on Reddit were fun, and it makes an excellent opportunity for public outreach as people feel comfortable in an informal space. ECRs especially. These are great if you have a paper you want to rizz too. It's a good outreach thing, I always think that 1:1 talking to people is always the most successful and impactful. Please shoot me a DM! @phdstudents

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petergleick, (edited ) to random
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So Tucker Carlson is in Moscow. Some are speculating he's there to interview Putin.

But maybe he's there to get his latest instructions and paycheck.

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@petergleick If it walks and quacks like a duck, ya know...

LeftistLawyer, to random
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Imagine if lead were still in gas and the feds tried to make it illegal today.

Guarantee you conservatives would be straight up huffing the shit on Fox News.


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Let's Enron this b*tch.

NikaShilobod, to Metal
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"Extreme skills linked to intrasexual competition, but not mating success"

I am screaming.


NikaShilobod, to fediverse
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Looking for more good content on the #Fediverse? Find other #Shovelbums with the #Academics of Mastodon #Archaeology List 🏺


An extensive list of more #academic disciplines here:


Please spread the word!

#Archaeologist #Archaeodons #Prehistory
#AcademicChatter #PhD #Histodons #twitterMigration #introduction
#History #GLAM #Heritage


NikaShilobod, to climate
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Beware : The most ardent deniers of anthropogenic climate change today will become the climate theorists of tomorrow.


I do not think my fellow folk have a grasp of what is coming, and I wish we took more advantage of the arts.

We live to tell each other . This is what and are built on. They are reflections of the stories we tell ourselves of the proper way to live a good life at a given time...

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@BashStKid @jaztrophysicist I wish STEM would take the arts more seriously because they are our propaganda wing and are underutalised.

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