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I came over from a long-time lurker reddit account when Apollo shut down. I have really enjoyed my time here so far and I hope to contribute some fun content when I can.

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Gura Did A Solo Stream! (lemmy.world)

Goobs is back! At least for member-shrimps. I would have just shared the clip but it’s only viewable for those with a YouTube subscription to Gura’s channel. Hopefully it’s a taste of things to come and she’s feeling up to some more streaming soon. I put the link below but it only works for people with a subscription :)...

Jon Stewart Returns to ‘Daily Show’ as Monday Host, Executive Producer (variety.com)

After scuttling a months-long search for a new host, the Paramount Global network said it had enlisted Jon Stewart, who presided over the late-night mainstay’s most popular era, to serve as its host on Monday nights throughout the 2024 election cycle and to run the program. He is expected to oversee the program through 2025....

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Soooooo that’s what happened to Bloop! 🥪

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That’s wild! At that point is the hobby flying or building/designing sim cockpits?

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My mother started raising chickens and now I collect chicken memes to share with her. Strange days 🐓🦖

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Ya beat me by seconds. Lemmy is truly blooming lol

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I always thought panache was more of something you could add to yourself like a fancy coat.

Like a feather boa would give someone panache but maybe charisma would be the ability to attract with a smile. I know nothing, just guessing.

Happy New Year 🦈 (lemmy.world)

Just stopping by to say I am not gonna be posting here much more. Joining Lemmy and starting this community has been such a great learning experience and I thank you all for participating. It has been a wild 6 months but I have a ton going on in real life and I just don’t have the time anymore....

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